Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes the lot and product based statistics, courtesy of Rokta, as well as the turnover statistics, provided by Federal Assistant.


Having opened applications for new members without providing some further detail into the reason, the High Council finally announced this week that they would regretfully be losing dj ricky from the team due to a prolonged period of absence. The applying members have been asked a series of questions in public with the probable aim of avoiding inactivity in the near future.


There have been complaints to the Federals/CBI over a change in the maximum price of diamonds purchased for use in a diamond deal. The new maximum of price of 15ish, lowered from 25ish, has been set due to an apparent increase in the yield of diamonds from lots, most notably in Monapoli. Many cities in recent rounds have needed or requested permission for a diamond deal due to low lot condition, creating a large demand for the precious gemstones.


In Virtua, many of the issues reported in last week’s edition have been settled between the traders. Recently, however, there has been a clash between Andoversr and the Virtuan president, Bleech, which resulted in the former being post-banned from the Council Public club, and the latter becoming the accused in one of the few lawsuits the Virtuan Court has seen in recent rounds for doing so.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish everyone the best of luck for the remainder of the round!