Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back to the third and last vNews edition of round 127! 

The whole Federation is looking forward to tomorrow when the round will end and the trade and election results will be published! Who will win the round? Will it be (Quark), MoonPoker or perhaps goudie? Will current Vice President Refund beat the well experienced Mayor lindapinda86 in the elections? We will all know tomorrow!

In Cyberië three parties are fighting for the most amounts of votes. The partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future) led by old Digitalian Switzisch, the Elite (Elite) led by the new Cyberian citizen Dr. Strangelove and MCVooruit (MC Forward) led by the current Cyberian Minister of Finances and former Minister of Education The Minic.

In the Cyberian cities Kronenburg and Zwollar no candidates subscribed for the Mayorships. In those cities Federal Government, Federal Researcher and Federal Assistant are available for the mayorships. In Eurodam the in this round fired President whooty is the only candidate for the mayorship. In Roebelarendsveen SCOI traag begrip and current Mayor Guilio Alvarez are available for the mayorship of the next round.

In Virtua two candidates are running for the Presidency. Former President and current Vice President Refund and the overexperienced and current Mayor of Centropolis lindapinda86. Both candidates have the same ideas: a simple politic, where all Virtuans have a say.

In the Virtuan cities there are enough candidates. In Nasdaqar Rokta, when he got elected it will be his 17th time he is Mayor, and Bleech are running for the Mayorship. In Cashington the sub of Andoversr, Andoversr4, and OCMan101 are both willing to become Mayor of the Iron City. Andoversr4 gives this reason to vote for him: ‘OCMan101 will probably try to make Cashington his own mini-country Ocea. I didn’t do that once, so vote me!’. Will this reason be good enough to win? In Centropolis dj ricky subscribed for the mayorship. He will become citizen again at the roundstart. But the Federals were not aware of this and removed him from the electionlist.

In the inactive Ibisha current Mayor and President Rednax wants to run the country for another round. So not much policy will change there. Will Ibisha become active again?

The same counts for Digitalië. Current King hubinho did not request to transfer his crown to another Digitalian so next round he will also stay King in Digitalië. So in the country of crimes there won’t change much things either. Only two new Mayors will have to be elected.

Some other news than politics and candidates is the removal of the Assistant degrees of siemenrey and whooty by Head Assistant (Brendan). Due to abuse of powers. The Head Assistant seems to act stricter on that kind of cases the last rounds.

Yesterday the winners of the Virtuan Awards were announced by the organizer Bleech. The Virtuan (Brendan) won 4 from the 9 Awards! vNews congratulates all winners and thanks Bleech for organising this awesome event!

Since a few hours Podje can officially call himself the new Federal Union Chairman. The Cyberian President A Lontra was the third government leader who voted in favour for his appointment. vNews wishes him the best of luck!

In this vNews edition you can as always read our overview and enjoy the statistics!