Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome back to the third and final vNews edition of round 142! 


The feud between Andoversr and Bleech mentioned in the last edition has since continued, as it was revealed that Andeversr required degree renewals immediately for both Andoversr and Andoversr4, as they would be expiring at the end of the round. Because of this, Andoversr has since posted multiple times in the chat and fed request club about the Federals needing to testify in the Virtuan court case set up to solve the alleged post ban in question, though has received no such testimony from the Federals.


natcha12 has set up a new news organisation known as “the Ibishan News Network and Weather,” or INNeW for short. The club is currently a little bare, but natcha12 has already begun forecasting the weather for the citizens of the Federation in the newsfeeds, and looks to be searching for news/articles and interviews to complete the show.


A large amount of newer and/or less active players have been bankrupted while in Centropolis, due to the large number of explosions seen throughout the city in the last week or two. The explosions are allegedly due to the actions of gelaarsdekat, who was seen in the chat explaining he wanted to break the lot condition to below 90 in the city with the explosions alone, supposedly due to his task of gaining criminal points. Though there have been plenty of injuries, mayor Mukyrlax has successfully managed to combat the damage to the lot conditions with the help of exports from his citizens.


We wish you all the best of luck in the results and hope to see you in R143!