Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome to the final vNews edition of round 143! This week’s edition includes the usual lot and price statistics from Rokta, an article about the round in Centropolis from Jythier and we are waiting on the turnover statistics from the Federals.


The elections in Virtua have been wildly unbalanced this round, with only 5 total candidate vying for the position of Mayor, leading to Cashington only having a single candidate in the race for mayorship and the other Virtuan cities each having two candidates to fight it out. However, a massive 8 candidates were in the running to become President, comprising of a combination of Virtuan veterans and players newer to Virtua. vNews would like to Congratulate the new President, Naterthe new VP, Subzidy, and the three new mayors, Troel, Jythier and Forsties.


The International Court cases that have been reported on about auctions were unable to finish before the round did. The cases, of which the case between natcha12 and the Virtuan Government had progressed the most, have been a constant source of contention, with many of the citizens of the federation pitching in to a debate on the case in the public area of the International Court.


There have been some concerns about the members of the Virtuan Government this week which have mirrored the concerns of previous rounds. The Consul of Education, Bleech, has allegedly denied giving degree renewals to Andoversr(4), which sparked a discussion after multiple complaints in the Fed Request club. As well as this, the Consul of Finance, Forsties, was behind on paying salaries come the second salary payments of the round. However, on the whole, complaints other than these have been minimal.


We hope you enjoy the remainder of the edition and look forward to seeing you again in round 144!