Overview day 7/12

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the 136th trading period! This edition includes 4 articles, from which one is an interview, the ‘normal’ statistics and the statistics from Roktav concerning lots for example. Have fun reading!

To kick off this overview we want to request all criminals to stop reading here now and to continue at the next paragraph of this article. This due to the problem that vNews is going to bring up here now. So, since two rounds now we have skyscrapers. Big nice things with which you can make a lot of I-shells, if you handle it well. Though, sometimes, I, YAN, just miss the good old houses. This for example due to the rent that you do not have to pay while in a house, haha. But yesterday, a new reason came up, the fact that you’re an easy target. People can just join your skyscraper, get in the building and rob you. That kind of things really annoy me. Maybe the Federals can give the owner of the skyscraper an opportunity to ‘ban’ certain people out of their buildings? I’d at least be a big fan of that idea!

Well, after this whining from me, I think we should go to the news in the Federation! Criminals, you can start reading here again! 😉

Troel was recently appointed as International Court Chairman. The High Council found her suitable to take over from the old Chairman The Minic, that was the Chairman for 4 rounds. A lot of people found The Minic in his last round not very good, read the second edition of last round for more information. The first problems while Troel is being the Chairman came already up though. The are currently not much Judges applying for a position in the IC. If this is due to the new Chairman, we do not know.

In the Virtuan Council it seems that President YAN made a few mistakes at the appointment of Advisors and Consuls. Around 4 consuls and advisers are inactive. The President already fired one of them, dj ricky that only posted 1 post in the Council Room in 6 days, which wasn’t adding anything. When vNews asked the President to react at this he wanted to say the following: ‘Unfortunately I have to admit that a few council-members are being too inactive. I will give those persons a ‘final warning’ before going over to action.’ Will the President be able to solve this problem? He’d better do. Because the consuls and advisers are not paid to do nothing.

Last but not least some international news. The international trade is getting up! Virtuan traders, viraxje, spainman0 and likemyitem opened several shops. On for example Cyberian soil. The grossrevenue that they make seems to be very good, but though, no one of these three traders wanted to tell vNews some details.