Overview Day 7/21

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 128!

Due to the holidays a lot of MC players are currently enjoying their vacation after a very nice trading period, round 127. Although it’s vacation there still happened a lot of things in our federation. Here the overview for the 1st week!

The High Council has a new member. The former International Court Chairman, Andoversr4 (better known as Andoversr) will replace Forsties. The former HC Chairman who unfortunately became inactive. vNews wishes Andoversr4 the best of luck with his new position!

The International Court has a new Chairman. Switzisch will take over from Andoversr4. The protocol will stay the same in this period. Till the moment of writing no cases were requested. That’s not a big problem as the International Court only has three judges at the moment. Bleech, Rokta and The Minic.

The Focus Groups are currently not active. From the beginning of the round no new posts were made in the Focus on Crime and in the other two Focus Groups, the Focus on Economy and the Focus on Education, there weren’t made much posts either. Did the Federals stop with the project? We will know it soon.

On Cyberian soil 5 members of the parliament were fired due to inactivity! The other members of the parliament are not taking their function serious. At a post of the former Member of the Parliament, Luxorr,  KHP member of the parliament A Lontra reacted: ‘I only have to react once in the 36 hours in the parliament club but as you’re whining I’ll answer now.’.

Not only in the parliament were people fired but also in the cabinet are inactive Ministers! The 1st Minister of Justice of Cyberia, Marcello Alvarez, was fired after 4 days inactivity and also the Vice President Dr. Strangelove was replaced due to inactivity. Their replacements are Luxorr and Charleene. Both are members of the Volkspartij Cyberië.

The Virtuan politics are very stable. Only Vice President Refund were replaced due to his decision to declare him unannounced bankrupt. His replacement is sahib. No other officials were fired till the moment of writing this overview.

Last but not least some internal news! vNews is trying to get more articles and for that we introduced the same system as The Miniconomist. From now there will be a topic in our club, vNews, with hints to write about and a link to the site to send your article. There also will be newsfeedposts with announcements when we will publish our editions and links to our site. Till the end of the 2nd vNews edition you will get paid 100 ISH more for each article you will write! Of course you will also get your normal reward (ISH and/or PM days). So keep an eye on the vNews club and the newsfeed! We’re looking forward to see your article!

This edition concludes articles written by our newest writer dj ricky, Andoversr4 and an exlclusive interview! vNews thanks all players for sending their articles to us! Of course the normal statistics are also here. Thanks to the Federals!

Enjoy reading!

The vNews Team