Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! After last round’s inactivity (mostly due to holidays and issues with getting organised) we are back in action and hope you will enjoy! This week’s edition includes the turnovers, Rokta‘s signature statistics and an article about political issues in recent Virtuan history.


The Mr./Mrs. MC contest has returned once again! The winner of the prestigious contest this round will receive:

  • The Mr./Mrs. MC-degree
  • 100.000 I-shell
  • An extra tourist for his/her country in the next round

Which makes the prizes this time round more focused on the person than the country. There were some issues with candidacy from Cyberie but that has now been resolved leaving the four candidates as:

  • Joep Eerlijk of Cyberie
  • Torpedo7 of Digitalie
  • CIT of Ibisha
  • gelaarsdekat of Virtua

All of which are hoping to gain the award which was most recently won by Mystq.


After an usual starting 72 hours without a council, Virtua has had a new president, Podje and a new vice president, lindapinda86. They quickly named a new council consisting of:

  • Consul of Education – Bleech
  • Consul of Finances – Forsties (who had been granted access to the financial manager by the federals prior to this)
  • Consul of Justice and Safety – Tuned


After the Federal Union failed to come to an agreement as to who the new chairman would be after chairman MoonPoker‘s final round, the Federals opened up the voting to the citizens of the federation as to who the new chairman would be. After a few days of voting, The Minic came out on top, with 14 votes, closely followed by Tresias Aegirsson on 8 votes.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and good luck for the rest of the round!