Overview day 7/21

Welcome back to vNews!

This round, we are back in business. Due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to provide any news the last round. Most interesting news of last round was the request of Ibishan President CIT to the Virtuan Council to start discussing a fusion between the two countries. CIT felt forced to this decision due to the long lasting lack of serious activity on the tropical island. The Virtuan Council was interested in the fusion, but were unable to discuss it any further. The Federal Government declared it impossible to join the two countries.
Rumour has it that CIT might hand Ibisha now to the Alvarez clan, to be continued…

So let’s continue with an overview on Virtua.

The Virtuan economy runs smoothly and steady if not fast. All products are well covered, but there have been some issues about shops remaining empty for some time. Good news for the shops of Federal Government, bad news for Virtua’s best traders as this round will not provide a Virtuan winner.

The political scene of Virtua is stable with not much to report on, possibly because the main politicians of late have became even more inactive. Although, Virtuan President Bleech tried to improve the situation by hiring the new face asdfe as Consul of Education. As asdfe has no degrees himself, he immediately hired Bleech as National Teacher to ensure the educational standards. The collaboration between the two players is good.

On the International scene, rumour has it that there is a lot more political mudfighting going on than is to be expected. There have been heard a lot of shouting and namecursing from inside the chairmanless Federal Union until the Federal Government took over. For now, all discussion seems to be halted until there is an adequate Chairman again.