Overview Day 8/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes the usual juicy statistics from Rokta, as well as the turnover statistics, courtesy of Federal Researcher.


Virtua’s government has seen a lively start to the round, with President Mystq resigning from her position via bankruptcy mid-way through the week. Some mysterious magic, the powers granted by the mighty Wouter upon his chosen few, managed to speed up the former president’s hospital treatment and ensure a speedy return. In the mean time, Vice President Bleech has taken over Mystq‘s office, with Sesam taking over the vacant Vice President position.


There has also been a clash between the Virtuan council and the mayor of Cashington, Tuned, over a by-law written by the latter. The by-law in question allows Tuned to hire officers in cashington without the citizen owning an officer degree, as is the usual requirement. The Virtuan Council has challenged this so far in the International Court in the form of a Preliminary Injunction request, and has now moved onto challenging the by-law in the Virtuan Court due to the PI requests being eventually denied by the International Court.


Digitalie’s King, loco_tazz was shot bankrupt late in the week, with a party called DRK claiming credit, posting via The Reactionary, who has also been shot bankrupt since these posts were revealed. As of yet, no new King has been crowned.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish you good luck for the rest of the round!