Overview Day 8/21

Hello, and welcome back to the First vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes an article about life in Centropolis before the most recent volcanic eruption by Jythier as well as the usual juicy stats from Rokta. We also have the equivalent statistics from the same time last round, allowing those interested to compare and see how the shortened round impacted prices and sales!


After the experiments of last round, iron and chip skills have been reverted back to the way they were. As well as this, we are back to a full round length (for this round at least) for reasons thought to be related to the position of Christmas in Round 146. Christmas now falls within the first week of round 146. However, issues with the Fed30 lottery seem to have arisen, with many players reporting that their tickets have been rendered invalid by incorrect numbering on the tickets.


International politics and proceedings have been slow overall this round, with very little heard from either the High Council or the International Court, with the latter yet to have a chairman appointed. However, the Federal Union has shown a surge of public activity compared to normal, with two votes already out in the open. One of these has passed, and the other has yet to be voted on.


Council Infrastructure remains quite primitive in Virtua, with two out of three Departments still not built. A temporary Department of Education has been set up within the Council Public, but Justice is yet to have an area to call its own. The Department of Finance has been built, but some topics remain messy and the club is approaching the limit of its posts.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish you good luck for the rest of the round!