Overview week 1

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of Round 131! Our excuse for the delay but all our editors were a bit busy the last time. In this overview we say goodbye to YAN as interim maineditor of vNews and there’s a small summary of news which happened last week. Enjoy!

First of all this will be my last edition as internal maineditor of vNews. I published vNews for about 5 rounds till the moment. Together with Refund I came to the conclusion that it has been nice but as I’m too busy in real life and also have to do a lot of other MC stuff I decided to quit the job. I will continue writing for vNews on a regular base though. In my period I experienced a lot of fun and respect from fellow players that were happy to read their newspaper, thats where you do it for. Although most people were very positive about vNews there was always one person who did not really appreciate our work.. Indeed, that person is oscar123. Oscar, you were the biggest whiner in my period, though I always experienced a kind of fun when I discussed with you about it. I want to thank all writers and readers for their faith in me and see you soon again!

Second, there are a lot of cases requested in the International Court. Also PI requests have been made. There are currently +-5 cases pending, with a judge panel of 4 judges, COE, riemer_1990, viraxje and natcha12 the IC needs to work very hard to handle this cases all as well as possible, International Court Chairman riemer_1990 reacts about the high amount of cases requested with the following: ‘Well, as the Dutch speakingword says ‘Ik heb voor hetere vuren gestaan’ which means that he once handled much more cases.

Some Consuls of the Virtuan Council are getting inactive. Examples are dj ricky, oscar123 and AynRand. The President reacts: ‘It is unnaccaptable that people are getting inactive and I will always try to prevent them from getting to. The Consuls have a public function and in my eyes they will always need to be active. I will of course take action if this will become worse.’.

In Virtua there are a lot crimes taking place. Therefore the Council declared a State of Emergency (SoE) two days ago. Several Virtuans like Likemyitem, Podje, YAN, spainman0, OCMan101 or AynRand are being robbed, shot and bombed. The State of Emergency gives the President the right to hire criminals to shoot and maybe bankrupt the other criminals. Sources are telling far the most amount of crimes are being executed by Digitalian King and most wanted Criminal Mastermind (according to the newsfeed) hubinho.

In the Federal Union some governmentleaders are argueing about an education proposal which was proposed by Virtuan Consul of Education and President, YAN. The governmentleaders of Digitalia and Ibisha, hubinho and rokta(v) are not willing to support any laws which will give students more money for earning a degree (that will stimulate education for newer players) if they will not feel any profit of it. Cyberia did not react yet. Will the Federal Union Chairman, Tresias Aegirsson, proof that the FU works and prevent the leaders from a ‘bitchfight’ all the time?

He better would as the Virtuan riemer_1990 is inviting a lot of people to the CoV discussion club. A lot of people recognize the Council of Veterans as an real alternative which may work for the Federation. A lot of important politicians like former President of Cyberie Dr. Strangelove and current President of Virtua YAN believe the plan may work and want to investigate the options. How would that end? Will the FU be dismissed and the CoV join us? The inventor of the FU, The Minic, is very sceptical about the ideas. He wants to name it the ‘Friend Zone’ which suggests the CoV will become corrupt (in which it also ended when it was dismissed by the Federation rounds ago), though his own invention doesn’t work properly as well. Maybe it’s time for change, time will learn!

Last but not least vNews and a lot of other players think that Virtuan/Ibishan/Digitalian Tranqer will win this round easily. He invented a very nice trade tactic, which consists of a lot of ships, international trade and both Virtuans and Digitalians are buying his goods. Will he reach the 1.000.000 ISH networth at the end of the tradingperiod (round)? We are all curious and looking forward to know!