Gas Crisis

Good Morning, Afternoon, or perhaps Evening. Recently, Virtua has befallen a new crisis. A Gas crisis. As gas becomes evermore sparse, traders are paying through the roof just for a few liters. After a few days of virtually no gas, a number of new MVs have sprung up. All offering gas. Gas prices have recently reached record highs. Prices can be seen as high as 3.89, 3.99, even 4.20.

We are uncertain at this time what sort of impact high gas prices are going to have on the economy. Some people believe it will cause more cars to be left abandoned on the side of the roadways, much like many cars have been left abandoned in Cashington. Hopefully it will not, but alas, we can only hope that in the near future, gas prices will come down and stabilize.

Robbing the Robber

Twas a hot afternoon during round 152. I found myself scouting out potential new investments in the city of Nasdaqar, quite the scenic area compared to the industrial Cashington. There I was, purchasing some lots and preparing for my move when suddenly, I heard a friend cry out. News spread fast that Axmili was being robbed. A quick look at who was about and it was quite clear that Hubinho was the culprit.

I was enraged. Aximili, my good friend, was being held up by a criminal from a foreign land. I rushed over to the city of Centropolis as quickly as I could, with one goal in mind. I was going to pay back the robber.

Unfortunately I had no weapon, but that did not stop me. I quickly located Aximili and Hubinho, situated together. in lot 599 – 866. I ran into the area and tackled Hubinho to the ground. I got a few good hits in then started yanking money from his pockets. Shortly after I was apprehended by the local police. It is interesting that only after robbing him for the second time that they nabbed me, as opposed to Hubinho who robbed Aximili four times. But alas, that is the way things are. I was issued a hefty fine and jail time, but I feel my actions were worth it if only to bring some justice to my good friend Aximili.

Ordered Effects

Hello everyone. I wanted to write this article in order to let some of you in on a little secret that many of the successful players utilize. This ideology is how some individuals are able to accrue enormous profits and turn-overs. It is also not immediately apparent like some other common tips such as “teamwork” and “specializing”. No, what I’m talking about, is Ordered Effects.

So what are Ordered Effects? Ordered Effects are the fallout of certain decisions we make, and how they impact the environment around us. People are normally highly aware of first order effects. I buy your Computer, I receive a computer and you receive 630ish. Simple enough. I will most likely hunt around for the cheapest computer I can find because that will allow me to save the most money and therefore profit the most? Right?


Let’s take this computer scenario a bit farther into Second Order Effects. Let’s say that I am a chip salesman. Vendor 1 sells his computers for 630ish each. Vendor 2 sells them for 660ish each. My initial instinct may be to buy from vendor one because cheaper, right? However, vendor 2 buys his chips from me whereas vendor 1 buys them from somebody else. By purchasing from vendor 2, I am increasing my own profits because I know he will replenish his stock by purchasing my chips. Make sense? Good. Because next we are going to talk about Third Order Effects.

Second Order Effects aren’t too hard to plan for. Obviously we want to support the vendors that buy from us because that promulgates our own sales. But what if I wasn’t a chip trader, but a wood trader? Wood has nothing to do with computers, right? Who I buy my computer from shouldn’t matter, right? Once again, wrong.

It all goes back to that supply chain. The computer vendor has to get chips from Supplier 2. Supplier 2 uses my wood to dig his gold for his chips which he sells to Vendor 2. By purchasing from Vendor 2, I am benefiting myself in the long run, because the Third Order Effect is that I am part of the supply chain for that computer.

It goes deeper then that. There can be fourth, fifth, even sixth Ordered Effects. Understanding how everything weaves together is how many of the skilled players form their trade alliances in order to maximize their profits. By carefully examining the Ordered Effects and understanding where your product fits in, you too can begin to make even greater profits and hopefully land your name on the leaderboard.

Best of luck to everyone and I hope my article was helpful to a few, if not many.


Opening Word 1st Edition of Round 152

Welcome back to another vNews! The first week of Round 152 got off to a good start in trade. Many new players returned and showed excitement for the round.

Politically minded citizens were bustling to share their opinions this week as the Federals decided to do away with the former High Council and Federal Union and replace them with the Council of Veterans (CoV). At first, a sense of chaos ensued, as some voiced their confusion and concerns. Then tempers flared a bit as citizens argued about how things should be and how they could be. loco_tazz, Tuned, and Mystq are tasked with operating the CoV. Who knows what will happen next?

Crime rates in Virtua are stated to be at an ‘all-time high’. Many citizens witnessed as an Officer and multiple players were shot bankrupt in town. Over 100 shots could be heard through the night. Bank busts and personal robberies have ensued, putting the country on high alert. Without enough Officers to watch over and protect all three cities, what new crimes with be reported this next week?

An exciting NEW development appeared this round; for the first time in Miniconomy history, Premium Members are able to select multiple lots from which to harvest resource. This new feature saves time, but comes with risk as excess resources that do not fit in one’s warehouse will be lost forever. Many watched in excitement as this new element was revealed.

This edition features multiple articles on the above topics and more, plus statistics, charts and an interview! Read on and enjoy.


Economy Halted

Extra Extra, Read all About it! The Virtuan economy recently came to a screeching halt! With the recent bankruptcy of GK, Shady Mouse, and Tobilo, our economy has been hurting, especially in the area of construction. A shortage of bricks, wood and glass has caused many problems for our great nation. Fortunately, Woshiempire() has attempted to fill in the void as a wood supplier with Aximili providing bricks, but it is very difficult for them to both keep up with the demand. Currently, sales are going to foreigners who have managed to build shops and import their goods to our soil. Normally I would be fully supportive of the competition, but not when they were the cause of the bankruptcies in the first place.

Hopefully in the near future more Virtuans will step up to the plate and work together in order to bring our economy blazing into the future with many sales and grand amounts of turn over. Remember, when we work together, we all ultimately make greater profits!

Turnover Stats! Day 7/21 Round 152

Total shop revenues: 14,217,395.83 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Tranqer 973,476.49 El Peso
2 Tyc00n 591,100.74 Ibisha
3 You know me 581,978.60 Monapoli
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 580,904.74 Ibisha
5 natcha12 571,536.16 El Peso
6 De Vier Digies MV 511,041.87 El Peso
7 Fiorelli Alvarez 489,982.70 Ibisha
8 nasi 421,544.06 El Peso
9 BolleTripolire 408,553.95 El Peso
10 The Socialist 394,637.33 Ibisha
11 El tomacho 384,020.92 El Peso
12 gelaarsdekat 334,359.47 Cashington
13 Federal Government 333,078.05 Sans Francishco
14 Aximili 311,640.67 Centropolis
15 martijn5 309,061.75 Kronenburg
16 el-capo 295,393.20 Roebelarendsveen
17 Woshiempire() 285,984.75 Cashington
18 The King 2 280,068.41 El Peso
19 desmalen 278,693.26 Kronenburg
20 Giulio Alvarez 232,587.35 Ibisha
21 the mega handelaar 228,466.64 Kronenburg
22 Plastic dame 226,968.75 Kronenburg
23 Shady Mouse 226,493.03 Cashington
24 Tobilopeso 225,786.75 El Peso
25 A Lontra 222,860.99 Zwollar
26 MR electro 204,049.51 Ibisha

Stats Corner: Top-10 Country Player Base

Today is another day for a statistics article. Today we are going to take a look at how many players are in each country in Miniconomy. I used the statistics page for this article and there is a note: “The countries are shown as entered with registration. This will not be completely accurate, but should give a good indication of where players live.” Let’s get it on!

To start this article off, it is no surprise that the country with the most payers is The Netherlands. The Home-base of Miniconomy, where it was born. There are 53.952 players based in The Netherlands.

Following the second country, which was to my surprise: the United States, a non-European country.I was expecting Belgium to be second, as a big part of Belgium is dutch. But the facts say something else. I think it’s good; Miniconomy is an international game, and with having lots of players in the US, is even better for the international status of Miniconomy. The US is known as a big country, with lots of people living there. But, the player group based in the US is very small compared to the number of people living there. 11.880 players are based in the US.

At third we have Belgium, and to be honest, it doesn’t have much difference with the number of players based there as in the US. 10.931 Players are from Belgium.

The United Kingdom is following Belgium, but with way less players than Belgium has. 3.985 players, that is almost 6000 players less than Belgium.

Something I really did not expected to be in the top-10 is Afghanistan. The country that is in war for years now. And still 1093 players are based in that country.

Here is the chart for the top-10 countries with most players.

image (8)

We will see you next week again. Have fun and good luck in the round!

Criminals Wanted

A call to all Virtuan citizens! Recently our economy has been smashed by the crime spree of our adversaries. They shot our primary shooters dead and are making immense profit in their stead. They single-handedly caused our economy to go from a booming metropolis to a barely surviving homestead. This is unacceptable! We are Virtuans! We are United! Let us show those who wish to blow up our homes and shoot our citizens what it means to mess with Virtua!

I do not speak on behalf of the Government. I speak on behalf of Riviat, a Virtuan citizen whose trade was brought to a crashing halt because some of our primary traders were shot dead. I may not have agreed with all of their prices or trading methods, but shooting them dead, all of them dead, that is completely unacceptable. So join me in lobbying our government to allow criminals to prosper in our land. Let us take back that which is rightfully ours. Let us show the others that we are united. Viva La Virtua!

What does Woshiempire() have to say?


I welcomed Woshiempire() here today to sit for a short interview about his opinions on multiple topics. As a newer player, his opinion is valuable. As Vice President of Virtua, his experience can be helpful for others who are interested in government affairs. What was meant to be short and sweet turned out to be informative and long, as I found that Woshiempire() has passionate opinions and was eager to share them with us…

Mystq: First, I want to know what made you run for office last round. Why did you have an interest in politics?

Woshiempire(): Well, I’ve always had an interest in political-economic games; that’s why I play MC (Miniconomy). It offers more to do than just trading and I believe that communication and making yourself known (in politics and in conversation) will be helpful in trading. I believe that economies do not work in isolation; mutual gains and cooperation between players is essential.

What other games of this style have you played and how does Miniconomy rank compared to those games?

I’ve played quite a few, some that I’ve already forgotten the name of. In terms of economic module, MC ranks better for trading simplicity and also free market concept. Some games only allow for an average market price and prices cannot be determined by players themselves, but instead have a generated average market place.

However, for the political module, MC does lack much as compared to other games. The political function is too basic and not as deeply linked to the game. There doesn’t seem to be much political game function other than player-driven “forums”. On top of that, there is not much of an “International Game Feature” such as in other games.

I think the credit pricing is reasonable. I choose not to play other games because of expense.

Excellent Feedback! So overall, would Miniconomy make it onto your top 10 list of favorite economic games, considering all of the aspects?

Yes, but there aren’t many economic games available online.

I’ll be more direct. Would you consider Miniconomy to be your favorite game? You’ve been willing to devote many hours. Have the social aspects influenced that decision?

That is why Miniconomy motivates me to try again. My first experience of MC was around round 50. At that time, the game was quite daunting for new players and time consuming for raw materials traders. I made many mistakes.

I do now consider MC as my favorite economic game due to its uniqueness, but I believe that the game needs updates as well (It is 99% the same even after several years). The social aspects motivate me to devote more time. If it is just a trading game, without interaction, the game does not entice me to play. I would just “click and logout”. I believe that a game community is important for players to feel involved, then they will spend time and money on it. No one will spend money on a game in which they mindlessly trade and logout.

This is why I feel the education system is important. The game community and culture will have an impact on how players feel involved. If players cannot be involved, they feel left out. They will think that jobs only cater to veterans and that they, as new players, won’t fit in anywhere.
I think the education system should move beyond just getting degrees and renewing them. It should be a place where Veterans identify new potential players and try to get them more involved in the game, influencing them to become a Premium Member.

I also think that the National Governments should have more in-game features to support their roles. Some examples would be: preventing other nationality’s products selling outside one’s own borders, being able to have closed borders for personalities, and imposing tariffs on products coming from overseas, if they are allowed. I think that these 3 features will help define what a country is and allow players to have more control over international trade, bringing new dimension to international politics and trade.

Thank you for all of your feedback. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. 

As we can see, Woshiempire() is very passionate about these topics. He is taking his job as Vice President very seriously and considering the political aspects here. He is obviously taking his player status very seriously, as well.

vNews Announces!

The staff at vNews is happy to announce:

DJ Ricky is the Most Valuable Writer of Round 151!

Congratulations, DJ Ricky! Enjoy your prize!

We are honored to see another article of DJ Ricky’s this round, as well. Keep them coming!

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