Criminals Wanted

A call to all Virtuan citizens! Recently our economy has been smashed by the crime spree of our adversaries. They shot our primary shooters dead and are making immense profit in their stead. They single-handedly caused our economy to go from a booming metropolis to a barely surviving homestead. This is unacceptable! We are Virtuans! We are United! Let us show those who wish to blow up our homes and shoot our citizens what it means to mess with Virtua!

I do not speak on behalf of the Government. I speak on behalf of Riviat, a Virtuan citizen whose trade was brought to a crashing halt because some of our primary traders were shot dead. I may not have agreed with all of their prices or trading methods, but shooting them dead, all of them dead, that is completely unacceptable. So join me in lobbying our government to allow criminals to prosper in our land. Let us take back that which is rightfully ours. Let us show the others that we are united. Viva La Virtua!

What does Woshiempire() have to say?


I welcomed Woshiempire() here today to sit for a short interview about his opinions on multiple topics. As a newer player, his opinion is valuable. As Vice President of Virtua, his experience can be helpful for others who are interested in government affairs. What was meant to be short and sweet turned out to be informative and long, as I found that Woshiempire() has passionate opinions and was eager to share them with us…

Mystq: First, I want to know what made you run for office last round. Why did you have an interest in politics?

Woshiempire(): Well, I’ve always had an interest in political-economic games; that’s why I play MC (Miniconomy). It offers more to do than just trading and I believe that communication and making yourself known (in politics and in conversation) will be helpful in trading. I believe that economies do not work in isolation; mutual gains and cooperation between players is essential.

What other games of this style have you played and how does Miniconomy rank compared to those games?

I’ve played quite a few, some that I’ve already forgotten the name of. In terms of economic module, MC ranks better for trading simplicity and also free market concept. Some games only allow for an average market price and prices cannot be determined by players themselves, but instead have a generated average market place.

However, for the political module, MC does lack much as compared to other games. The political function is too basic and not as deeply linked to the game. There doesn’t seem to be much political game function other than player-driven “forums”. On top of that, there is not much of an “International Game Feature” such as in other games.

I think the credit pricing is reasonable. I choose not to play other games because of expense.

Excellent Feedback! So overall, would Miniconomy make it onto your top 10 list of favorite economic games, considering all of the aspects?

Yes, but there aren’t many economic games available online.

I’ll be more direct. Would you consider Miniconomy to be your favorite game? You’ve been willing to devote many hours. Have the social aspects influenced that decision?

That is why Miniconomy motivates me to try again. My first experience of MC was around round 50. At that time, the game was quite daunting for new players and time consuming for raw materials traders. I made many mistakes.

I do now consider MC as my favorite economic game due to its uniqueness, but I believe that the game needs updates as well (It is 99% the same even after several years). The social aspects motivate me to devote more time. If it is just a trading game, without interaction, the game does not entice me to play. I would just “click and logout”. I believe that a game community is important for players to feel involved, then they will spend time and money on it. No one will spend money on a game in which they mindlessly trade and logout.

This is why I feel the education system is important. The game community and culture will have an impact on how players feel involved. If players cannot be involved, they feel left out. They will think that jobs only cater to veterans and that they, as new players, won’t fit in anywhere.
I think the education system should move beyond just getting degrees and renewing them. It should be a place where Veterans identify new potential players and try to get them more involved in the game, influencing them to become a Premium Member.

I also think that the National Governments should have more in-game features to support their roles. Some examples would be: preventing other nationality’s products selling outside one’s own borders, being able to have closed borders for personalities, and imposing tariffs on products coming from overseas, if they are allowed. I think that these 3 features will help define what a country is and allow players to have more control over international trade, bringing new dimension to international politics and trade.

Thank you for all of your feedback. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. 

As we can see, Woshiempire() is very passionate about these topics. He is taking his job as Vice President very seriously and considering the political aspects here. He is obviously taking his player status very seriously, as well.

vNews Announces!

The staff at vNews is happy to announce:

DJ Ricky is the Most Valuable Writer of Round 151!

Congratulations, DJ Ricky! Enjoy your prize!

We are honored to see another article of DJ Ricky’s this round, as well. Keep them coming!

You can become vNews’s next Most Valuable Writer! Submit your articles for review!

Opening word day 21/21, Round 151

Welcome to the third and last edition of this round.

As you probably all know by now it’s the third week of the round again. The time where activity on the chat is about the same as the resources left on the city maps and you’re happy with any sales you get. Attempts by the game leaders to increase third week activity seem to have failed.

When we look in to politics this round, what started with a bang ended with a whimper. Shady Mouse, who gained Presidency after the unfortunate bankruptcy of Sesam took over and appointed some new Council members. After appointing though little seems to have happened, in fact, we still do not have a Virtuan Court, nor has there been any approved law change. Over the last couple of days it seems President Shady Mouse wants to make up for some of the lost time this round trying to push some laws through the voting process.

As promised before this edition we also selected a vNews writer of the round. With a number of very interesting articles which required quite some preparation this rounds vNews writer of the round is : dj ricky!!
The staff is excited to be able to congratulate dj ricky and hopes there are more articles to come from this great writer.

On a different note, to fill this edition we once again had support of some great writers. We have Mystq writing about her conquest to keep the Mrs MC title, Riviat sharing interesting lottery information, Woshiempire() with has second article of the round and more!

Our reporters also told us that the Federals might not have been able to respond in person, but they managed to get some interesting information. There will be something happening to resources to resolve shortage issues and shooting damage this round was not accurate and will be tested again, so there will be some changes to that as well next round.

Enjoy reading! We will be back next round!

Game community

I believe that in any game, its game community has a heavy influence on retaining its players. That is why I think Miniconomy should work towards that direction. Attracting new players is important, but retaining existing players holds more value for the game itself and for other players.

Browser strategy games are a dying breed of games in a generation where iPhone and iPad are gaining dominance for those mobile players that cannot be tied down in an MMORPG game. This means that to attract new players in this generation, Miniconomy needs to have a presence in the App store/Google Play store that is set for an international audience.

In an attempt to spice up the gameplay and feeling lonely, I am married to DJ Ricky JUNIOR. But we didn’t have any physical touch yet. :p

Viva la Virtua

Mystq woke up to the announcement of another competition, a triathlon of sorts. She smiled at her countrymen and looked fondly at her crown.She held the title as the previous winner. If someone won this competition other than Virtua, the crown would be taken from her. This, she could not allow.

She familiarized herself with the current rules and tasks and set to work enlisting the help of her fellow Virtuans. DJ Ricky and Viraxje knew how important it was for the three strong Virtuan cities of the Federation to win this competition. They plotted together, making trade deals, building banners to flood the streets, and gathering as many alarms as could be found across the lands.

It wasn’t always easy. There were bumps in the road from the beginning. Virtuans cannot always agree on how things should be done, but ultimately Mystq could not allow failure.

She won the first leg of the competition, somehow selling the appropriate amount of things to magically score the most points. Some would call it luck, but she didn’t believe in luck. Mystql powers were at play, but her secrets could never be shared.

As her friends set to work donning the town with her banner, more citizens took up the cause and joined their efforts, decorating the shops and lining the streets with her name. Mystq for Virtua! Even the Newspaper included advertisements for her great country to win the final prize. Things were looking golden, but there were some things Mystq had to accomplish on her own.

She set her mind on a goal and traveled far from the Federation, disappearing for a full 2 days. Friends and countrymen worried if she’d been lost in the wilderness. Would she ever come back? She couldn’t get back to her shops and without pumps and engines, machines were scarce. Across the land, trade was affected because of her disappearance. She was wandering with her husband, Aximili, looking for something special.

They came to a strange land with strange customs. As Aximili grew weary of travelling, Mystq begged him to make her a sign of home. She missed it so. Not able to see her so sad, he began working. He played with fire and spark and amazed the onlookers. Though it took time to create something pleasing to her, Aximili finally saw Mystq’s face light up as she saw her country’s name and flag, permanently shaped into metal. She would cherish it always. It gave her the courage to keep searching for what she needed to win the final part of the competition.

Finally, she stumbled upon what her heart desired: in the land far away from the Federation, in a place called ‘Texas’, Mystq found the old market booth of a screwdriver trader from years past. Long ago, Mystq knew this trader as Kitten; they were old friends. Kitten had kept her small shop open and stocked and was happy to hear of Mystq’s ventures.

She gladly put up the new banner, supporting the great country of Virtua. As Mystq said her goodbyes and headed back home to the Federation, she took a final picture of old Kitten’s shop to bring back and share, giving Virtuans hope that even outside of our world, support for Virtua can be found.

She was so glad to return to the land. Her fellow citizens welcomed her and looked over her treasures that she brought back. She gently touched her crown again, remembering her purpose, and lifted her arms high. Virtuans raised their voices with her in the call of victory: Viva la Virtua!


Turnover stats 20/21 Round 151

Total shop revenues: 36,855,864.63 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 2,487,398.14 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 2,099,319.63 Ibisha
3 Leonardo_Alvarez 1,875,241.34 Ibisha
4 viraxje 1,696,768.40 Nasdaqar
5 The Ibishan Boss 1,259,099.96 Ibisha
6 Flight 815 1,250,833.18 Ibisha
7 Plastic dame 1,214,947.18 Kronenburg
8 AynRand 1,171,427.26 Ibisha
9 Tresias Aegirsson 1,153,108.72 Roebelarendsveen
10 Samurai02 971,177.70 Cashington
11 Mystq 792,984.03 Centropolis
12 Zoe gek wie sjek 754,568.38 Ibisha
13 Federal Government 715,953.09 Sans Francishco
14 dj ricky 707,016.74 Centropolis
15 traag begrip 694,710.18 Roebelarendsveen
16 desmalen 620,081.83 Kronenburg
17 azarik 616,774.13 Nasdaqar
18 Riviat 599,161.11 Cashington
19 el-capo 593,089.12 Roebelarendsveen
20 The Badass 536,975.00 Ibisha
21 Tobilo 512,045.77 Nasdaqar
22 martijn5 472,217.51 Kronenburg
23 jackot 457,495.41 Roebelarendsveen
24 Rats! 452,911.57 El Peso
25 dalor 422,955.34 Kronenburg
26 katchitonme 417,782.46 Nasdaqar


[Day 18/21]

Do you like money? Do you like paying small amounts of money for larger amounts of money? Do you like striking it rich overnight? Well then do I have good news for you!

For those of you who have been trapped under a rock or perhaps in one of Xzese’s broken down cars on the side of the road in Virtua, you should come out and head over to the services section of your local Government. There you can find the largest jackpot this reporter has ever seen, possibly ever! 9,000 I-shell are up for grabs and a mere 100 I-shell is enough to earn 10 attempts to win this prize! Out of 500 potential numbers drawn, that’s a 2% chance! What are the odds of that!?!

But wait! It gets better! Some of you may be wondering how rare it is for the jackpot to climb this high. Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to get all scientific and mathematical on you!

You see, on average I would say that about 150 lottery tickets are sold or 30% of the tickets. That means the odds of someones number NOT getting drawn is 70%! That may seem quite high but here is where things get interesting.

The odds of someone’s number NOT getting drawn twice in a row is 0.7*0.7(70%*70%) which equals 0.49 or 49%! That means there’s over a 50% chance that someone wins every two draws.

This pattern goes on. Below are the probabilities that we reach certain jackpots:
1,000 I-shell = 100%
2,000 I-shell = 70%
3,000 I-shell = 49%
4,000 I-shell = 34%
5,000 I-shell = 24%
6,000 I-shell = 17%
7,000 I-shell = 12%
8,000 I-shell = 8%
9,000 I-shell = 5.7%

A 5.7% chance of a 9,000 I-shell lottery prize means this only happens once every 17.5 rounds which means that this is approximately the 8th time this has ever happened in the game! (assuming the lottery was implemented in round 1)

So head on over to your local government services, buy a ticket and make some history! (and some big bucks!)

Opening word, Day 15


With delight we present to you vNews second edition of Round 151!



Welcome back to vNews for this second edition. With the trade slowing down a little bit in Virtua we have had a relatively easy week. Resource problems were mainly felt by the oil industry and there were several days of inactivity due to the lack of Engines, Pumps, Plastic and Oil. To overcome the problems Tobilo secured ships and Virtua is back in action again. Each day over 400 squst of products are shipped to Virtua to keep the economy going.

Much like the economy things also slowed down in politics again. Whereas we saw a lot of action in the first week with shootings, a new President and Vice President. The council now seems to have abandoned their posts, after the current council was formed there was quite some activity and they seemed to be working on laws. If you take a look in the Council Room currently however you’ll enter an empty building with a small layer of dust setting in.

Internationally we see Ibisha still going strong and Cyberia and Digitalia almost abandoned. In order to keep Ibisha and Virtua going the other 2 countries are mainly being used for resources and products such as plastic which are imported back.

Where there was a big announcement of the Mr(s) Miniconomy contest this round it stays awfully quiet in the club at the moment. The only activity noticeable are the banners which are posted by the contestants ; Martijn5, Tyc00n and of course our Virtuan contestant Mystq.

Furthermore in this edition we present more statistics gathered by dj ricky, this time he took a closer look at past Virtuan Top 10 places. We also had Riviat in a writing spree, it seems each of his personalities found the time to write something for vNews, which we are thankful for of course.
We have a fresh student player explaining how he enjoyed his first week of Miniconomy, viraxje taking a closer look at the effect of Towers and of course last but not least the turnover statistics.


Enjoy the read!
By your vNews staff,

Turnovers day 14/21

Total shop revenues: 29,372,168.17 ISH


# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 1,771,017.14 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 1,603,034.36 Ibisha
3 viraxje 1,437,229.57 Nasdaqar
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 1,358,120.44 Ibisha
5 AynRand 1,035,131.28 Ibisha
6 Plastic dame 933,794.64 Kronenburg
7 Tresias Aegirsson 905,233.31 Roebelarendsveen
8 Flight 815 882,823.93 Ibisha
9 The Ibishan Boss 855,691.87 Ibisha
10 Samurai02 855,093.75 Cashington
11 Mystq 677,996.71 Centropolis
12 Federal Government 658,274.91 Sans Francishco
13 Zoe gek wie sjek 647,486.86 Ibisha
14 dj ricky 605,247.38 Centropolis
15 desmalen 539,685.89 Kronenburg
16 traag begrip 493,322.02 Roebelarendsveen
17 el-capo 478,908.00 Roebelarendsveen
18 Riviat 474,059.00 Cashington
19 Tobilo 469,225.64 Nasdaqar
20 azarik 431,172.59 Nasdaqar
21 martijn5 406,789.45 Kronenburg
22 jackot 396,504.82 Roebelarendsveen
23 Xzese 366,445.63 Centropolis
24 dalor 358,537.76 Kronenburg
25 The Badass 358,313.50 Ibisha