Visit to the Dungeon

After I received the invitation to go to Federal Assistant’s house in the middle of the woods of Nasdaqar I was initially quite cautious. I had heard the stories of people disappearing for days in the dungeon, only surfacing months later to Miniconomy again, with their memories wiped on their experience and only thinking that they had been away from a game all the time they were gone. I shudder as I carry on through the jungle-like forest.

Just in case anything bad went down, I always had my trusty phone with me I bought from Flight 815 the week before. I had ran out of lots for brickstores since then but hey, you never know when a phone is handy.

I looked down at the map and note I had found in my pocket after walking around Ibisha, searching for any last remnant of ore. The map was unmarked but for a grubby thumbprint on the back, and the note simply had some coordinates and said;

Come and see me tonight.

F. Ass

Of course, Mr Ass could only be one person in the Federation.

I reach the coordinates and notice a rundown shop in the middle of the forest, looking around for any signs of life. All I saw were some Virtuan contracts covered in baby puke. It seemed the Consul of Finance Xzese and Mystq had came here earlier to the shop in the middle of nowhere, for reasons unknown. The shop door is open, almost hanging off it’s hinges infact, so I go in and find myself in a totally unexpected room.

The floor is a pure white marble, glaring with the chandelier 20 metres above me in the cavernous room. The light is no match for my tinted CBI© sunglasses though, so I carry on until I reach what looks like an office door.
Aside from the empty chair behind his desk, the first thing I noticed is the huge map of his favourite city on the wall opposite the door, Monapoli, the city of diamonds. Then I spot the open trapdoor almost concealed behind the desk, leading down into the basement. I follow the stairs down using my quality Ibishan phone’s flashlight app.

At the bottom I am met with the sight of none other then DJ Ricky JUNIOR unceremoniously taped to (a very comfy looking) chair. Federal Assistant walks in from a dark corner of the room and explains that he found a Virtuan for me to interview for Vnews with a cheerful smile on his face.

Ricky was surprisingly very cooperative in his “interview”! I barely had to give him any of the truth serum Federal Assistant left me with which was great, these days Ibisha and Virtua both import everything and you know how expensive shipping can be.

“So how did you begin in Miniconomy Ricky? What got you started?”

“I actually first started by my brother bringing me to one of the Miniconomeetings. I met some players and was even there when skyscrapers were first talked about. They talked all about new ideas and politics but at that point I hadn’t played so most I didn’t understand”

“Sounds fun! Have you gotten into politics at all since joining? Maybe tried the elections for President?”

“No not President yet, I would like to try President but right now I need a bit more experience. Next round I do plan on running for Mayor though. I’ll be doing a lot of campaigning on the chat for Mayor!”

“Nice, good to see you getting involved! Now do you have a game-plan for the rest of this round?”

“I did. I was going to move to Centropolis to make plastic but then dj ricky beat me to it. I might end up going to Cashington now. I liked doing screwdrivers this round, but I ran out of plastic and can’t make any more. Now I rely on saws to get my business back! Next round I might do pumps and engines, or something big like wood as another option. I think bombs and guns aren’t my type though, so if I stay in Nasdaqar I probably won’t trade those.”

“Thanks Ricky! I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you when Federal Assistant comes back. Good luck in the elections too!”

It was getting a bit late by then, so I decided to finish the interview to give me enough hours of light to make it back to my Farmerrari in the Nasdaqar parking lot a few miles hike away. You never can tell what might be prowling around the forests at night…

The Joys of Miniconomy

I’m sure many of us are here because of our Economics/Business teachers. But I am also sure that we are all learning so much from the experience. I will admit I was hesitant at first, but now that I can understand the layout and how everything works, I am enjoying my time so much. I have learned how to trade, and how producing a good requires so much more than originally thought. I have learned to trade civilly with friends, and also how to understand VAT and other costs associated with producing and selling. I have understood how an economy works, and how buying and selling can fund everything we want and need. I have also learned how we all need to work together to produce our goods, and good bargaining and understanding of auctions are a must! I wish you all the best of luck in enjoying this tremendous activity.

Japanese Man

Oh, little Japanese man, with your little orange hat. Why do you make me feel so warm and welcome? You sit there all day, giving such a nice and polite bow. I just want to spawn millions of you and watch you all bow in unison. Thank you, little Japanese man, with your little Japanese hat. You’ve impacted my life, if not but enough to bring a smile to my face. Keep doing what you do, little Japanese man, with the little orange hat. And thank you [japan].

Corrupt Mayors

It’s 4:30. You’ve just finished a hard days work of trading. As you finish restocking your shelves, you go to your backyard and grab your bundle of trees that have been sitting there since day 1. You toss them in your truck and drive to the townhall, hoping that today, you will be able to export them to the Mayor’s warehouse. As you pull up, you read over the list of goods currently being accepted for export. Only iron again for the fourth day in a row. That’s strange. You check the lot map. You notice the mayor owns a lot right next to your neat little parcel on the southeast side of town. That’s weird. You don’t think much of it and go home for the night. Tomorrow you come into work and low-and-behold, all of the property around you has been bought. You’ve been boxed in.

This would never happen, right? Mayor’s would never abuse their powers, right? Think again.

It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes Mayors put their own interests ahead of those of the city’s and their people. Take round 149 for instance. It was discovered that the Mayor of Centropolis was not only saving the most profitable exports for only himself, he was also over-paying with city funds for his own property while refusing to build parks for citizens unless they made purchases from him. Even worse, he would threaten and also attempt to box his own citizens in by utilizing the ability of the Mayor’s account to buy lots far away from his own, sell them cheaply back to himself, and then proceed to try to box in his citizens.

Although I do not believe any of the current mayors are this bad, I do believe it is the responsibility of Virtuan citizens to vote responsibly in local elections and to run in the elections themselves if they do not see any good candidates on the tickets.

Machine Woes

Day 10

Trade came to a crashing halt overnight in Virtua. This has left many experts wondering “What happened?” The economy was healthy, money and products were flowing, we didn’t run out of resources. What happened to trade?

In a gargantuan plot twist, it seems that the missing link to the delicate balance of trade is none other then Virtua’s very own Mr(s) MC contestant, Mystq. Mystq’s disappearance, a mystery in itself for the last 2 days, has left the nation without pumps and engines, a vital product in trade flow. Without any pumps or engines, machines cannot be produced. Without machines, we lose access to gas, plastic, chips, electronics, and wood. This domino effect has come into full swing, grinding trade to a halt.

Perhaps there is a story to be learned here. Perhaps the real news to report is simple and straightforward:

“We can’t go on without our beloved Mystq!”

Welcome to the new vNews!


The staff is delighted to welcome you back after a period of absence.
After having played a very active round 150, it came to our attention that there were not any newspapers active anymore.
Therefor we want to reinstate vNews as what it was originally meant to be, the heartbeat of Virtua.
Our articles will be about everything, what’s happening in Virtua, in the Federation and in the political scene. Our team of reporters will do utmost to inform you about what is going on.

In this first edition we are covering the tale of Sesam and his bankruptcy. What really happened?
We will have interesting stats about participation degrees. Who is the most dedicated Miniconomy player?  We find out what is going in Centropolis and of course, last but not least, the turnover statistics.

On behalf of the vNews staff I wish you a pleasant read.

Trouble in Paradise

The political scene in Virtua was very intense even before the beginning of Round 151. Five Virtuans ran for President and criminal Viraxje won by a landslide, beating his competition with more than half of the votes of all of the citizens! Chaos quickly followed as runner-up candidate, Sesam, brought to everyone’s attention that Viraxje was unable to hold the position of president because of his indulgence in criminal activities. Tempers flared as citizens and officials argued about what was right and what was legal.

Once the decision was made to appoint Sesam as President, the discussion turned to who would become Vice President. Because of multiple candidates and position possibilities, attitudes and confusion continued until the Federal Government stepped in to assist. By the time the dust settled, one president was bankrupted, the next in line was sworn in, a new vice president with no current political affiliation was appointed, and Mayors were even switched! These changes left the country in a state of disarray. Citizens were worried if there would be a functioning Council. City Officials were worried about their budgets.

Shady Mouse stepped up to the plate, taking over the half-staffed Council and promising to bring the chaos under control. As Consuls were employed and assigned duties, it appeared once again that the National Government of Virtua might become functional. After only a few days, tempers are beginning to cool.

When asked how he felt about these events, President Shady Mouse explained that he was “very surprised” at the outcome. He disclosed that while he does feel the current administration is “stable”, he has doubts of its ability to be productive in its current form. He leaves his citizens with hope, however as he states:

“Expect changes coming along.”

Digitalia Deserted

The streets of Digitalia stay almost empty. Every half mile you can find back and empty shop, in which sometimes goods are sold but sometimes not. But all traders are complaining about the bad business in their country. Nothing is moving.
This is the opposite of previous trading periods. In the recent history of the country, Digitalia had 2 round winners, one of each city. The main question is: What happened with the country’s population?
Somebody who wanted to stay anonymous told us about rumours that the ship of the king and some important traders were hijacked and that because of this, the country’s trading was still very low. But later this week the king finally arrived in the country. Let’s see if this will bring business back on track and citizens of Digitalia will still be able to end in the top of the ranking at the end of this trading period.

Statistics Day 8/21

Consistent with our previous editions, vNews will also try to publish turnover statistics with every edition.
With help from the federals we proudly present the top26 turnovers.

Total shop revenues: 17,108,017.42 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 990,655.75 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 983,083.96 Ibisha
3 viraxje 858,032.08 Nasdaqar
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 727,393.95 Ibisha
5 AynRand 628,392.48 Ibisha
6 Federal Government 560,880.30 Sans Francishco
7 Samurai02 552,520.48 Cashington
8 Tresias Aegirsson 523,538.58 Roebelarendsveen
9 Mystq 513,871.31 Nasdaqar
10 The Ibishan Boss 505,428.94 Ibisha
11 Plastic dame 468,779.17 Kronenburg
12 Flight 815 401,222.96 Ibisha
13 Xzese 363,905.99 Centropolis
14 Tobilo 342,655.10 Nasdaqar
15 desmalen 319,941.03 Kronenburg
16 Riviat 290,061.20 Cashington
17 dj ricky 269,955.57 Centropolis
18 azarik 254,828.13 Nasdaqar
19 Podje 252,776.13 Kronenburg
20 martijn5 242,105.74 Kronenburg
21 el-capo 239,889.19 Roebelarendsveen
22 traag begrip 236,036.55 Roebelarendsveen
23 Iron MV 220,181.62 Nasdaqar
24 Tranqer 214,803.96 Nasdaqar
25 Zoe gek wie sjek 206,613.34 Ibisha
26 dalor 206,250.90 Kronenburg

Country top 10 turnovers 
Ibisha : 5
Virtua : 3
Cyberia : 1

Country top 25 turnovers
Virtua : 10
Cyberia : 8
Ibisha : 7

Top cities :
Ibisha : 7
Nasdaqar : 6
Kronenburg : 5

We can see after several rounds of only penguins flapping around in Ibisha, the traders present decided to take matters in their own hands again. After supposedly wiping out the entire penguin population on the island, Ibisha is booming with not less than 5 players represented in the top10 turnovers.