Assassination of President Sesam

President Sesam was having his usual routine of drinking coffee in his Izzy Million Chair while at the same time, reprimanding his fellow council members about their performance in a night club. However, he did not know that trouble was brewing when he suggested a total ban of an underground Mafia called Virjax. The leader of Virjax does not take any threats lightly and has been the shadow kingmaker behind the scene.

It was an odd day because all of the President’s bodyguards were on medical leave at the last minute, at the same time. The Vice President had advised Sesam to stay at home, but he threw caution to the wind and went for work in his office anyway.

It was 1pm when 3 masked men rushed up to the Council HQ armed with C4 and AK-47. They started shooting at the staff and planted C4 on the President Bunker. While the security was being breached, Sesam was caught off guard with his pants down but was too late to devise any counter-measures.

3 shots were fired and President Sesam was left lying on the floor while he witnessed the smile on his Vice President face, just before his last breath…

The Revival of the Newspapers

During the previous trading period it looked like all newspapers in the Federation passed away. Even the famous Miniconomist only published a few articles and its chief editor was untraceable.
But during this trading period it seems to be that a new wind is blowing through the Federation and brought the journalists back to the Federation.
While the TMC made a new start with a new chief editor and 10 articles earlier this week, now vNews is also making his return after an approximate break of 6 months.
Hereby I wish both newspapers a bright future.

Legally Dirty

Everybody knows it; everyone has done it at least once, if you are not completely new. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of competitors. It’s accepted by a lot of players, but the victims hate it and may do the same back to the players who did it to them. I am talking about the lot wars, specifically: “boxing in”.

It is a pretty well-known term in Miniconomy. It actually means that you box your competitor on the map. The boxed player cannot buy any more lots because all adjacent lots are bought. This way your competitor gets stuck and cannot continue his trade, because of lack of resources.

This method to get rid of competitors is the most used method. However, it is not the cheapest solution, since you have to buy all the lots around your competitors lots.

Personally, I hate it. I find it cowardly. It can be effective to box your competitor in and cut him from the resources, but doesn’t that mean that you are afraid to compete with that person? I see it that way. You can ruin someones joy in the game and/or ruin his round. This is not to be taken lightly. Instead of competing with each other by prices, marketing, setting up marketing in the shops so players will see your shop earlier, players use this ‘boxing in’ method. What is more fun than to compete with others?

I find the boxing in dirty; I would have given cheater status to players who do it. The biggest problem I see is that the method is legal. The most dirty and unfair method to compete is completely legal.

This round I am an example. I am a victim of being boxed in. I started the round with plastic, and decided to do gas with it. Some hours later, the player in question, Xzese, started to trade plastic as well, claiming he had the product earlier. I didn’t even mind that he was doing plastic. We both were happily digging oil out of Centropolis.

But after some time, Xzese started to offend me. He said to me in chat, that he doesn’t want me at his part of Centropolis. That really offended me, like I was not to be trusted somehow, and I was not even close to the place he was digging. He was digging west of the main road and I was digging east of the main road. I felt mistrusted, which was not a good beginning for Xzese with me.

I had many rounds where I was able to dig together with other oil diggers without having problems. Without saying anything we were able to dig peacefully by each others sides. But with that being said, Xzese was claiming his part of Centropolis.

But today (at the time of writing) I was shocked at first. Suddenly, someone was digging loads of lots, right beside mine. Most often that is a sign of someone boxing you in. After looking around a bit, I was indeed boxed in. But I became really agitated when I saw who boxed me in. Xzese, the one who was forbidding me to go near his lots, had bought all the lots around me, giving me no space at all to dig.

Boxing someone in is low, but forbidding someone to dig near his lots, and then boxing that player in, is way lower than low. I have no words for how dirty this trick is. Towards Xzese I said, “Screw you, Xzese. I thought you were a reasonable player, but first claiming not to get close to you and then boxing me in after, will make you no friend of mine. You can go with another bunch that deserves cheater status for the same reason. I hope you are happy with your life now.”

Now comes the tips: how to avoid being boxed in completely by players like Xzese. First, when you start buying lots, make sure you make little boxes for yourself. If you buy a perimeter around some resource lots, you are still able to dig resources, while someone boxes you in.

Secondly, make sure you have some good friends who are always able to help you out. If you find someone who can sell you a lot outside of the box, you can go farther outside the box. You could even box the player who boxed you in. In that case it will be payback.

At last, stay focused on the map. If you have the feeling someone is digging towards your lots, start digging around so the player cannot get to your lots immediately.

So these are my concerns about boxing in. I hope the honest players can use these tips and prevent being boxed in during lot wars. All I can hope for further is that it will be illegal someday.

Stats Corner

Starting from this edition I, dj ricky, will be doing research for vNews and will publish statistics every edition. Round 150, last round, has ended for 2 weeks now. To look back at that special round, we are going to take a look at the participation degrees. In round 150, you would get the Round 150 Participation degree if you managed to acquire a net-worth of 10,000 I-Shell at any point in the round. In round 50, round 75 and round 100 you were also able to get similar round participation degrees. Interesting fact is the first 3 participation degrees had 25 rounds between them. But the last one took 50 rounds to occur again.

We are now going to take look at each participation round degree. We start off with Round 50. That round 259 players received the degree. Only 30 of the players holding a round 50 degree have been online this round.

Round 75 had less players who received a participation degree. There are only 148 players who received one, 26 of these were active this round.

Continuing with Round 100. Even fewer players received the degree. This time 143 players received one. Even though there were less players who received this degree, there are 42 active players this round with that degree, which is many more than active players with the round 75 degree.

At last, we have the round 150 participation degree. This round had even fewer players who received this degree.

What is interesting is that Virtua has more players with this degree than Cyberia. While the amount of degree’s decreases, there are still 71 active players this round with the degree. But we are one round after round 150, so that spoke for itself.

What you can notice is that after each round the number of given degree’s decreased. Does that mean that the requirements to get that degree are harder? Or are there just less players who are playing active and are wanting to have such degree? As an experienced player, the requirements of last round were not that hard to get. So I think it is the number of players who are active.

If this goes on like this, the future of Miniconomy is not looking good. With a drop of 60 players with a participation degree in 50 rounds, will that mean that in round 200 only 20 to 30 players will receive one? I don’t know; the only thing I can say is that we need to work on the future of Miniconomy, as this participation degree shows us the activity of players between 100 rounds.

Next week we will come with a new statistic. Then we will look into Virtuan top traders. Also we will come with a new version of the vNews Tool Ratios. Stay put and we will see you next week.

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Turnover Statistics Day 7/21 R147

Turnover Statistics Day 7/21 R147

Total shop revenues: 16,732,823.95

# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Tranqer 849,308.50 Ibisha
2 Zwollar Boomloos MV 831,774.48 Roebelarendsveen
3 martijn5 824,928.42 Kronenburg
4 Mukyrlax 675,221.86 Zwollar
5 T Iron MV 573,895.23 Ibisha
6 Leonardo_Alvarez 558,615.45 Roebelarendsveen
7 dalor 464,863.01 Kronenburg
8 Marcello Alvarez 451,893.45 Ibisha
9 Federal Government 446,391.41 Sans Francishco
10 Tresias Aegirsson 389,102.26 Kronenburg
11 Giulio Alvarez 369,694.60 Ibisha
12 Troel 340,310.66 Kronenburg
13 Plastic dame 320,962.89 Kronenburg
14 Hubinho1 304,609.23 Zwollar
15 jorref 292,276.79 Kronenburg
16 gelaarsdekat 285,322.11 Centropolis
17 CIT 275,739.00 Ibisha
18 gasherbrum1 265,589.85 Kronenburg
19 fisher 247,261.89 Kronenburg
20 Aximili 245,643.43 Cashington
21 Frankeur 241,932.08 Kronenburg
22 Minimize 232,154.68 Monapoli
23 Grease 225,002.97 Ibisha
24 UWQ 224,302.57 Kronenburg
25 Plastic Fantastic 215,527.16 Roebelarendsveen

(I’ll make the table nicer looking soon, going to bed now!)

Overview day 7/21

Welcome back to vNews!

This round, we are back in business. Due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to provide any news the last round. Most interesting news of last round was the request of Ibishan President CIT to the Virtuan Council to start discussing a fusion between the two countries. CIT felt forced to this decision due to the long lasting lack of serious activity on the tropical island. The Virtuan Council was interested in the fusion, but were unable to discuss it any further. The Federal Government declared it impossible to join the two countries.
Rumour has it that CIT might hand Ibisha now to the Alvarez clan, to be continued…

So let’s continue with an overview on Virtua.

The Virtuan economy runs smoothly and steady if not fast. All products are well covered, but there have been some issues about shops remaining empty for some time. Good news for the shops of Federal Government, bad news for Virtua’s best traders as this round will not provide a Virtuan winner.

The political scene of Virtua is stable with not much to report on, possibly because the main politicians of late have became even more inactive. Although, Virtuan President Bleech tried to improve the situation by hiring the new face asdfe as Consul of Education. As asdfe has no degrees himself, he immediately hired Bleech as National Teacher to ensure the educational standards. The collaboration between the two players is good.

On the International scene, rumour has it that there is a lot more political mudfighting going on than is to be expected. There have been heard a lot of shouting and namecursing from inside the chairmanless Federal Union until the Federal Government took over. For now, all discussion seems to be halted until there is an adequate Chairman again.


This round, your vNews reported has travelled around for a bit to get the latest insights from one of the more experienced people around. First off is gelaarsdekat!

It was quite difficult to actually find his house, if you can even call it a house. The taxi dropped me off at the address, in the middle of the forest of Centropolis. No house in sight. I call gelaarsdekat and his secretary tells me to go down the street for a bit and walk up the lane to the house. The lane was flanked by fountains and trees of at least 50 meters. After walking several kilometres, I finally reached the place gelaarsdekat lives, but I wouldn´t call it a house. With a house it won´t take you a 1 hour walk just to walk around it… When entering the mansion, the largesse of wealth becomes apparent. Now the question remains, is this all a facade of decadency, or will I be in the presence of a financial mastermind?

You are criminal in the extremely tolerant Virtua, how does this work for you?
I wouldn’t describe myself as a criminal, the only reason I went into doing crimes is because of the achievement list and someday I’d like to be on top of it. Most of the Virtuans respect me as much as I respect them and in my opinion I think we work well together.  I think that it’s different if I was a criminal that would just shoot people for fun, that would have been a whole different story.

Is it financially enticing to do crime in Virtua?
I guess it is, as crime in Virtua is not very expensive. In the past, I have argued against several Presidents to put a 10% net worth fine when you get caught in shooting, because I think it is too easy to bankrupt smaller players which is not fun for them.
Other than that, I believe that in some aspects crime should be a bit attractive so that the Federation makes some money from credit sales. That is why I did a small test last round and had four of my skills put on crime to start shoplifting. I did 50 attempts to shoplifting and managed to succeed 39 of them. So, with skills, crime is very attractive (mind that all those robberies where in shops where no officer was nearby or any cams involved).

The Virtuan trade seems slow but steady this round, what do you think that should be improved next round?
As you may know, in the past 7 rounds I have had 3 top 2 spots of which one win.  I believe that Virtuan trade only starts on day three, after the subsidies have been handed out. Virtua struggles to get an aggressive or good start at round start. When the round start for Virtua is better, I believe that Virtua could win almost every round. Just like every round Virtuas trade gets better day by day until day 14. That is when trade starts to slow down in the whole federation. I also think that Virtua could improve on the amount of skyscraper tenants build each round. I think that Virtua has not ever reached over half of the amount of skyscraper tenants build compared to Cyberia in a round.

Do you think the opening of a Virtuan harbour last week a blessing or a curse?
I myself had warned the Virtuan players not to open a harbour until the Virtuan economy was ready to. I encourage international trade, but I would like to put the Virtuan economy in front. If Virtua is not able to export their products, then we shouldn’t build a harbour. Right now Ibisha and Cyberia, who had a great first week, are out of resources and come and get it in Virtua. In my opinion, opening the harbour today, after playing a week, or maybe on Monday would’ve been a better scenario for Virtua.

With this answer, his second expensive-looking cigar is done. His secretary reminds gelaarsdekat he has another appointment, one he doesn’t want to miss. Gelaarsdekat seems to remember and concludes his goodbye with whispering he’ll have a nice interview with his mistress now…


Turnover Statistics Day 9/21 R145

Turnover Statistics Day 9/21 R145


Total shop revenues: 8,398,911.11 ISH

Position Name Turnover (ISH) Home town
1 Mukyrlax 566,285.99 Cashington
2 Federal Government 373,804.65 Sans Francishco
3 gelaarsdekat1 347,031.41 Kronenburg
4 Minimize 312,383.23 Monapoli
5 Switzisch 233,840.24 Monapoli
6 A Lontra 218,281.87 Zwollar
7 nasi 213,468.15 El Peso
8 jeroentjah2 210,380.86 Kronenburg
9 martijn5 209,830.22 Kronenburg
10 dalor 188,289.54 Kronenburg
11 Aximili 180,743.82 Cashington
12 Jythier 177,649.67 Centropolis
13 Podje 175,936.93 Nasdaqar
14 Tresias Aegirsson 175,329.00 Kronenburg
15 The King 2 174,516.63 El Peso
16 zwabber 173,294.69 Kronenburg
17 hubinho 173,213.20 El Peso
18 goed goud 162,891.29 Roebelarendsveen
19 You know me 161,234.97 Monapoli
20 Technix 159,733.51 Monapoli
21 jeroentje312 156,714.30 El Peso
22 Bleech 150,167.75 Centropolis
23 ik_zwollartje 148,248.14 Zwollar
24 CIT 140,174.65 Ibisha
25 Emma Street 130,696.65 Monapoli
26 Troel 127,896.90  Nasdaqar


Overview Day 8/21

Hello, and welcome back to the First vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes an article about life in Centropolis before the most recent volcanic eruption by Jythier as well as the usual juicy stats from Rokta. We also have the equivalent statistics from the same time last round, allowing those interested to compare and see how the shortened round impacted prices and sales!


After the experiments of last round, iron and chip skills have been reverted back to the way they were. As well as this, we are back to a full round length (for this round at least) for reasons thought to be related to the position of Christmas in Round 146. Christmas now falls within the first week of round 146. However, issues with the Fed30 lottery seem to have arisen, with many players reporting that their tickets have been rendered invalid by incorrect numbering on the tickets.


International politics and proceedings have been slow overall this round, with very little heard from either the High Council or the International Court, with the latter yet to have a chairman appointed. However, the Federal Union has shown a surge of public activity compared to normal, with two votes already out in the open. One of these has passed, and the other has yet to be voted on.


Council Infrastructure remains quite primitive in Virtua, with two out of three Departments still not built. A temporary Department of Education has been set up within the Council Public, but Justice is yet to have an area to call its own. The Department of Finance has been built, but some topics remain messy and the club is approaching the limit of its posts.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish you good luck for the rest of the round!