Turnover Statistics day 20/21

Here are the Turnover Statistics for the round so far:

Position Name Turnover City
1 gelaarsdekat1 1,072,344.87 Roebelarendsveen
2 Plastic dame 874,248.90 Eurodam
3               Refund  656,091.02 Nasdaqar
4                     Forsties 644,563.14 Centropolis
5 traag begrip 639,449.15 Kronenburg
6 Federal Government 586,544.17 Sans Francishco
7 A Lontra 562,212.00 Zwollar
8 The King 2 558,659.24 El Peso
9                  gelaarsdekat 469,755.60 Nasdaqar
10 Flapdrol 448,620.91 Roebelarendsveen
11                   the mister 447,380.32 Centropolis
12                Ephef 437,957.18 Nasdaqar
13                  You know me 433,164.75 Monapoli
14                   takenalook 389,768.09 Centropolis
15 swieber 389,067.42 Roebelarendsveen
16 E-Will 384,511.03 Monapoli
17 Veyron 383,436.54 Zwollar
18 Kippenhok97 364,775.75 Monapoli
19 nasi 337,569.35 El Peso
20 Hubinho1 333,915.40 Zwollar
21                Rokta 295,887.45 Nasdaqar
22 Tresias Aegirsson 292,022.60 Zwollar
23 COE 291,952.97 El Peso
24 Peckkoo 289,462.65 Roebelarendsveen
25 loco_tazz 288,467.14 El Peso
26 Rednax 278,970.98 Roebelarendsveen

Bold = Virtuan Citizens

Struck through  = Bankrupt player

Thank you to Federal Coordinator for providing these statistics.

City Statistics Day 20/21

Here are the City budgets for this week:

City Cashington Nasdaqar Centropolis
Mayor india2020 Rokta White Queen
Number of shops 83 78 87
Number of garages 2 1 2
Number of banks 1 0 0
Number of houses 7 10 7
Number of clubs 15 9 7
Number of harbours 1 0 0
Number of parking lots 6 20 12
Number of lots 6102 5188 7804
Number of road lots 101 116 144
Number of free lots by road 0 41 53
Number of parks 49 51 55
Number of hospitals 1 2 1
Number of monuments 0 1 1
Average lot state 93.8733 109.7296 96.5787
Federal lots sold 2495 1983 2692
Lots for sale by Federals 3465 3014 4959
Successful thefts 50 74 48
Active players 82 52 81

The Statistics in Bold represent what is used to calculate city budgets this round.

Turnover Statistics day 13/21

These are the turnover statistics for the round so far:

Position Name Turn Over (ISH) City
1 gelaarsdekat1 909,153.66 Roebelarendsveen
2 Plastic dame 630,974.20 Eurodam
3 Federal Government 524,601.79 Sans Francishco
4 traag begrip 495,721.32 Kronenburg
5 Forsties 492,366.80 Centropolis
6 Refund 471,461.62 Nasdaqar
7 The King 2 457,495.59 El Peso
8 Flapdrol 400,319.26 Roebelarendsveen
9 Ephef 371,419.94 Nasdaqar
10 A Lontra 365,967.00 Zwollar
11 gelaarsdekat 357,934.13 Nasdaqar
12 the mister 331,452.03 Centropolis
13 E-Will 327,143.18 Monapoli
14 You know me 300,551.80 Monapoli
15 swieber 290,812.77 Roebelarendsveen
16 Kippenhok97 288,879.65 Monapoli
17 Peckkoo 287,415.15 Roebelarendsveen
18 Veyron 284,704.35 Zwollar
19 takenalook 282,973.01 Centropolis
20 nasi 268,972.85 El Peso
21 loco_tazz 261,354.64 El Peso
22 Hubinho1 257,069.04 Zwollar
23 COE 251,462.75 El Peso
24 Rednax 223,890.27 Roebelarendsveen
25 Juizyboy 219,320.48 Kronenburg
26 Chiara Alvarez 218,951.59 Roebelarendsveen


Top-20 Positions!

Number of top 20 places per city:
Cashington: 2
Centropolis: 1
El Peso: 2
Eurodam: 1
Kronenburg: 3
Monapoli: 3
Nasdaqar: 2
Roebelarendsveen: 4
Zwollar: 2


Thank you to Federal Coordinator for providing these statistics.


City Statistics day 13/21


Here are the city statistics for this week:

City Cashington Nasdaqar Centropolis
Mayor india2020 Rokta White Queen
Number of shops 78 69 81
Number of garages 2 1 2
Number of banks 1 0 0
Number of houses 6 8 6
Number of clubs 12 8 7
Number of harbours 1 0 0
Number of parking lots 6 7 9
Number of lots 6102 5188 7804
Number of road lots 101 116 144
Number of free lots by road 8 78 66
Number of parks 32 40 32
Number of hospitals 1 1 1
Number of monuments 0 1 0
Average lot state 93.1858 106.9611 93.4371
Federal lots sold 1829 1649 2086
Lots for sale by Federals 4148 3372 5581
Successful thefts 26 60 31
Active players 68 38 68

The Parts in Bold are used to calculate the city budget that is given.


Overview day 13/21

Hello again, and welcome to the second vNews edition of the round!


First of all, we would like to give a warm Congratulations to our new Ibisha and Digitalie correspondant, Tortaam. You will be able to find his first article in this week’s edition.


A Federal press conference about the Mystery product was held earlier this week. Although the Federals are still yet to tell the Federation what this product is, they did set a special challenge for the players of the federation:

“If at least one mystery product can be found in every city in the federation, then the product will become worth 80,000ish and everybody will be granted an extra 250ish at the start of next round. If not, every mystery product is worth nothing.


Which leads us on to our next story; Virtua’s first Mystery Product was built this week! Ephef announced to the public that he had created one of the mystery products earlier this week. We at vNews would like to congratulate Ephef on building the first one in Virtua, and we hope to see more being built over the next few days.


The court saw more than it’s fair share of controversy this week. Multiple issues have been raised about how bias judging, the volume of cases opened, and of course, the infamous deleted verdict in one of the cases, which sparked multiple other cases. It certainly appears that the judges and the Consul of Justice and Safety have their work cut out for them this week.


There was also plenty of Virtuan activity in the International Court, which marked the first cases it had handled this round. MoonPoker has opened two PI requests regarding the Virtuan Government and the court, and Andoversr requested a case against the Virtuan lawbook for discriminating against Nasdaqar citizens. This was later corrected to the Virtuan Government to avoid confusion.


This week saw the unfortunate demise of Virtua’s own budding criminal, bell 2. bell 2 was shot dead in Digitalie by PHANTOMVIS, after he tried to steal from multiple shops there. bell 2’s demise was ultimately caused by him being jailed, which gave the Digitalians time to gather their weaponry and start shooting. bell 2 was banned from a total of 100 shops , even days after the event, after his crime wave hit Virtuan traders in all three cities.


Following the article written by (Brendan) in last week’s edition, a discussion topic was opened up to the public to present their views on the education system we have in place. If you have any views on the matter, please visit the Council Public club and join in the discussion.


We have seen plenty of discussion in the FU 2.0 club this week, specifically on the topic of how to make the idea better, after Tresias Aegirsson announced that the idea would be put on hold. The main discussion was about country representation and how the voting would work in different countries, to which a solution has not yet been found.


It was proposed to the Federal Union to allow players to commit crimes with more than one account. The idea, put forward by Bleech, noted how you could have multiple accounts performing jobs but not commiting crimes around the federation.


This round has seen a surprising lack of foreign shops being set up in Virtua. This is likely due to the protests going on in Ibisha about the fines placed on Ibishan players last round, as Ibishan traders are often the first to set up shop. However, we have also seen a distinct lack of foreign shops from Cyberie and Digitalie since the harbour has opened.


Good luck to Virtuan Traders for the final week! Let’s get some good positions on the board!


Court Overview

This week saw a very busy court, to say the least. A total of 24 cases were requested this week, leading to two expansions of the court, leaving it only 5squsts away from the maximum size. As well as this, a new judge, (Brendan), was hired after the resignation of Tortaam from the judging panel. It appears the Consul of Justice and Safety, splodge, has his work cut out for him in the coming week to make sure all the verdicts are posted in time.


The court also bore some controversy after the verdict for the case against Rokta was deleted and changed. The original verdict had given Rokta a 500ish fine and 10 criminal points. However, this was quickly changed to just a 150ish fine. Another part of this verdict was to have the budget of Nasdaqar slashed by 50% for the next three budget rounds, adding additional woes to the city, which had already been struggling with budgets due to the volume of exports being used by the citizens there.


There were also related discussions in the Council Public club about ways in which the court system could be improved, be it via making lawsuits cost money to open, thus avoided frivolous lawsuits, or how to judge whether a judge is biased, and even how judges could be appointed in future.


Join the discussion in the Council Public club to have your views heard!

News from Abroad

This article was written and sent to us by Tortaam



Digitalie seems to slumber yet again. A large part of the most feared Criminals seem to have forgotten how to respond a threat. Earlier, the Cyberian bandit Siemenrey claimed some kind of superiority, which got himself one of the laziest manhunts Digitalie has ever seen. Rumour has it, that Siemenrey was never seen as a threat in the first place, but more like a puppet of the Cyberian politics. The Digitalian Public Relations officer, COE, made it very clear to the Cyberian Government that the Digitalians are not amused by this puppet show.


Cyberian President Ralgon almost got himself marked by claiming he only accepts statements of the Digitalian King, which was responded by a ‘Respect my authority!’ by the Majestic You Know Me. The Cyberian President then cowered behind the good relations between Digitalie and his Cyberie. Yet again, the Cyberians try to solve issues with fairy tales. However, these fairy tales never seem to end well, in this case particularly for Siemenrey. May he rest in pieces.



Instead of the usual sounds of protest from the Spanish Colony, the remaining inhabitants of this island now protest in silence. In contrary to their expectations, everybody seems to enjoy the silence. Only a few explosions and gunshots are heard now and then. The currant President, Marcelbuter, claims that this is the work of the terrorist De Nada and his companions. Unfortunately, De Nada was not available for comments, as he seemed to be very busy in the computer room of his house.


We would like to thank Tortaam for taking the time to write and send this article to us. Tortaam will join the team soon.

Turnover Statistics day 6/21

Here are the Turnover statistics for the round so far:

Position Player Turnover Home Town
1 gelaarsdekat1 445,825.54 Roebelarendsveen
2 Federal Government 405,191.67  Sans Francishco
3 Flapdrol 205,104.66 Roebelarendsveen
4 traag begrip 194,186.04 Kronenburg
5 Plastic dame 189,681.00 Eurodam
6 Forsties 187,125.72 Centropolis
7 E-Will 179,047.14 Monapoli
8 Refund 152,088.33 Nasdaqar
9 gelaarsdekat 148,714.05 Nasdaqar
10 Ephef 147,110.10 Nasdaqar
11 The King 2 142,378.67 El Peso
12 Kippenhok97 135,870.50 Monapoli
13 Peckkoo 133,003.74 Roebelarendsveen
14 Chiara Alvarez 132,260.89 Roebelarendsveen
15 Juizyboy 127,918.70 Kronenburg
16 Lepejian 116,780.35 Cashington
17 the mister 116,266.44 Centropolis
18 Bleech 116,235.36 Monapoli
19 Tresias Aegirsson 111,052.25 Zwollar
20 A Lontra 109,294.50 Zwollar
21 Veyron 108,184.73 Zwollar
22 swieber 106,274.47 Roebelarendsveen
23 takenalook 103,869.32 Centropolis
24 Miquel Alvarez 103,709.22 Roebelarendsveen
25 hubinho2 102,578.80 Monapoli
26 martijn5 99,371.25 Kronenburg

Thank you to Federal Coordinator for providing these Statistics


Top 20 positions!

This was a little bonus section sent to us by Federal Coordinator. Naturally, the players who qualify cannot be named, but nonetheless this may give you some insight into how you are doing:

Number of top 20-citizens if the round would end now:
Eurodam: 1
Kronenburg: 2
Roebelarendsveen: 2
Zwollar: 2
Cashington: 3
Centropolis: 2
Nasdaqar: 2
El Peso: 2
Monapoli: 4
Ibisha: 0

Thank you to Federal Coordinator for providing this information

The Value of Education

Note: This Article was written by (Brendan), not me, I just couldn’t figure out how to put his name up there ^ instead of mine 😉


The value of education is a subjective matter, one which has been the subject of debate for rounds in Virtua. The opinion of what a degree means in our society, within the Federation differs from person to person. While some think that it is necessary for those competent to hold a degree, others believe it is just a waste of time and only really a novelty.

You may be initially wondering why we have an education system. The education system in Virtua could be viewed as the foundations of our society, it allows us to view who is capable of what duties and possibly how we can compare candidates for certain roles such as politicians. The officer, teacher and lawyer degrees are given by an examination system which shows that a person holding a degree has been tested for it and has shown knowledge related to the degree. The degree should not only show direct knowledge of that subject but it should also show that that citizen holds desirable skills which he can apply to certain situations. For example, a desirable quality in a politician is that he can produce well written, non-conflicting laws. Since knowledge and interpretation of laws is required to be an effective lawyer, the lawyer degree should also reflect such traits.

It is true that the education system does currently provide a barrier between those who are competent and those who are not (yet) competent. Over the past 4 trading-periods, the first-time pass rate in all examinations has been around 75% which does show that the exam system does sometimes work and manages to filter out the best employees. However, the standards of the exams are not checked and therefore are wholly regulated by the Consul of Education system who is subject to change each round. Along with the Consul of Education changing, so does the standard of exams – whether this be for better or worse. The view could be held that exams with no standards are basically pointless and therefore the degree only stands as a novelty, with no true value.

Over the past few trading-periods, the attitude towards degrees and education does seem to have considerably deteriorated. With the introduction of (free) renewals, people don’t really seem to have the desire to retake exams – and this is inevitable. We now have people constantly renewing their degrees who no longer need to be tested. Not only is this dangerous if we consider the fact that if someone was given a degree through an exam of poor standards then they can keep onto the degree, but also people who hold the degree don’t need to be retested on information that has changed. The Federation and law book are constantly evolving and it could be seen as a necessity that citizens need to be retested frequently. On the other hand, one could also say that renewals consequent in a nation full of qualified people who are ready to take jobs that require qualifications. However, the more people with a degree, the more that degree becomes weaker. Especially if a lot of people holding that degree aren’t truly competent and deserving of that degree.

Systems in Virtua have reflected the attitudes towards education in recent times. One can now become a judge of the Virtuan Court without actually holding a lawyer degree. This is quite a modern take on the requirement of a judge in Virtua and although those with the qualification do take priority over those without (as defined in the law book) it is still a huge leap forward (or backwards).

Essentially, this is an hard problem to solve. To increase the value of education we must ensure everyone holding a degree is competent. We could remove all degrees and retest everyone using the an agreed high standard (although this would obviously provoke public backlash). There should really be some form of regulation in exam standards, as in Virtua education standards lie solely in the hands of the (potentially inefficient) Consul of Education who doesn’t really care about anything other than his wage at the end of the week. Things need resolving and we need to promote a more positive mindset towards education and those who are educated. There has been some debate within the Council this round already. If you have a view on the education in Virtua then you can put your view to the Virtuan government by using the Council Public club.


This Article was written and sent to us by (Brendan). We at vNews would like to thank him for taking the time out of his day to write an article to such a  high standard 😀

The [?]

During this week, a new mystery product appeared, ready to be created during the round. The product needs 1 skill to master (reduces production from 1ISH to 0.1ISH), and requires the following products to produce:

  • 40 Computers
  • 40 Phones
  • 5 Machines
  • 100 Screwdrivers
  • 100 Glass
  • 40 Cameras
  • 250 Chips
  • 5 Ovens
  • 5 Bombs
  • 50 Pumps
  • 50 Engines


As of yet, it is Unknown what function this product holds, though some of the most popular ideas seem to be that it is either a plane or a large bomb of some kind. No Federal insight has been given, although Wouter did say that it looked like “a colourful box with a black question mark on”.


Who will be the first to produce this product, and will its function be revealed to them when they do? Will it be worth the monumental (80k +) expense required to make it? Only time will tell.