General Update on Virtua day 12/28

Second week of the round has been a stressful one for most.

Refund was fired as Vice President, due to his involvement in the shooting of the Ibishan President The Great.

It resulted in Refund getting Criminal status, and few hours later it was requested in Federal Communication that the consul profession should be removed from Refund.(edited: Player removed the profession himself shortly after receiving of criminal status)

Felix D, took the position as the Vice President since he was 3rd in the election, Congratz to Felix D with the Promotion as he was appointed as Consul of Education after Bleech decided earlier this round to go rogue and shoot several people.

It seems to be a new thing, get into the council, get a important position and then start the crime and get fired again.

Gean Starwind has been in the court several times since week, and in the end he decided not to show up anymore? reason still unknown why, but we don’t expect the court to come with a verdict soon.

This week our court really seems to have hit its limited, we are now at the 6th day of the discussion of the Verdict between Natcha VS Moonpoker for insult in chat.

dj ricky, one of the new traders in Virtua this round was mysteries found dead earlier this week, dj ricky was FCS and Judge in virtua, but who or what killed him, is yet unknown. Some say he was shoot, others say that he got a heart attack and dropped dead.

Centropolis was the first city to get a harbour in virtua, AynRand was the one who built it, how he got the harbour lot and why, that is still unknown, but there is a court case running about it and we are looking forward to hear the verdict in that case.

No long after the Harbour in Centropolis, both Nasdaqar and Cashington got a harbour, Thanks to Tranger and Refund, Nasdaqar harbour seems to be loved and used a lot, since boats keeps going there.

With Harbours in Virtua we started seeing price drops, Iron almost dropped 2ish within the first 2 days, Bricks became 1-2 ish cheaper, Plastic became a little cheaper but not much, some Virtuans was fast to get a store in Ibisha and hell went lose.

Within the first 3 days after that harbour had been opened, Cheeseo a well known Trader in Ibisha was shoot several times, its rumored that MoonPoker was the Predator and was doing some hired work, however it seems to have stopped and they now have their own war between traders in Ibisha.

There has been a lot of shooting in virtua this week, some on contracts or most, Gean and Rico.Vito are the two persons in Virtua that has been shoot the most this week.

Cashington and Centropolis both have lot condition problems and their lot state seems to be out of control, each night it drops and when will the council step in?

Only a few law changes has been approved, they are all just corrections of former mistakes or misspellings in our law book.



The lasts news are that MIP (Miniconomy International Player) are back, and are being hosted by Bonanza in the Miniconomist, you can still nominate players for titles or sponsor awards.



General update on Virtua day 5/28

The week started really slow, already the first day there was complains about missing wood, and it only got worse over the following days.

Goudie said he would do wood(after roundstart, cause Bleech wasn’t to find online), but due to IRL stuff, he had low online time, and the wood traders around in virtua couldn’t keep the speed up, and soon wood became rare goods.

In the mean time, NSQ never seemed to be affected by the leak of wood that much, they had their own wood supplier and combined with the Plastic supplier from NSQ and the Iron supplier there wasn’t a shortage like the rest of virtua.

Gelaarsdekat was shoot bankrupt within the first couple of days, motive still unknown, and the predator(s) are still on the lose.

1987 the mayor of Cashington decided to resign as mayor due to IRL, and Nater was appointed as the new mayor.

Bleech went on a crime wagon, and decided to pull the trigger on some of his competition, that made him lose his job as CoE.

Virtua had a serious parking space problem until recent, because Gelaarsdekat was owner of the first cab mv, and after that Tuned created 1, the came Mixer and at last Teleco.

It now meant we had 4 cab companies, while only 3 of them was working.

All the cities was in a big minus for borrowing Bricks from Feds to make a new road.

In the mean time there was a drama fight in FU, where the Cyberian government decided to refuse to work with Refund(The post of refusal had been deleted later), due to yet unknown reasons, they claim its because of earlier opinions about Cyberia, however there are no resent posts from Refund about Cyberia at all?

In FU Metal Alvarez also decided to purpose a treaty which would make shooting in other countries illegal and the treasury forced to pay if a predator was proven guilt of the shooting.

Virtua turned it down yet.


Gean starwind was elected mayor of Centropolis, but already from day 1 get got in a fight with MoonPoker which resulted in a few cases(at Virtuan Court) that haven’t really started yet.

(Brendan) won the election of Nasdaqar, and he keeps doing his good job as normal.




Crime Update day 5/28

The criminal level has been higher then normal, but lower than expected.

That might be due to the slow upstart and high gunpowder prices.

Few players has been targets for the shooting this far, and some shooters are still unknown.

Here is a list of people that has been shoot, and the known shooters.

Gelaarsdekat – Unknown Shooter’s

Nater – MoonPoker claims to be behind it.

Forsties – MoonPoker claims to be behind it.

Andoversr – MoonPoker claims to be behind it.

cedric – Unknown shooter, through Bleech claims to be behind it.

Tasha Yar – Unknown shooter’s.

Aztech – MoonPoker claims to be behind it.

Walrus  – Unknown shooter’s.

MoonPoker – Loco_Tazz claims to have shoot him while having fun in his house


Criminal Points list:

Djglekke – ? (rumored to be around 400)

Loco_Tazz – 324

Sugarfree – 220

MoonPoker – 138

Singularis – ?

Bleech – 22

Fine – ?

Tranger – 15



Powder/Guns/Explosive trader:

Sahib – Guns, Powder

Singularis – Guns


Mayoral elections

This is just a list of candidates of the mayoral elections.


1987 (Mayor experience: Cashington, 4-5 days of round 108)
Bleech (Mayor experience: Gold Coast, 10 days of round 104b)
Rammi987 (Mayor experience: None)


Voterman (Mayor experience: None)
The Mister (Mayor experience: Centropolis(1),Zwollar(4),Monapoli(2))
Gean Starwind (Mayor experience: Unknown)
natcha12 (Mayor experience: Centropolis(3))



AynRand (Mayor experience: Cashington (2))
(Brendan) (Mayor experience: Nasdaqar (3), Centropolis (3))
The votings started 22.30 29.11.12

Presidential elections

The round is near the end. The elections is coming. We have 7 candidates signed for the presidential election.

1st Candidate – Tuned

Tuneds promises is following:

– An opportunity at the end of the round for all citizens in which they can give feedback, suggestions and discuss the experiment. The Virtuan Government will follow the discussion and make adjustments. If the experiment is considered a total failure then Nasdaqar will be returned in its original state (illegal goods back, no more gunpowder licence)
– When negative effects arise, a immediate response of the Council and President to minimalize or even nullify these effects.
– An open culture, the Virtuan Government will be open to all suggestions, feedback, … about the experiment in Council Public.

(Source: A President for Virtua – Tuned, Club of Tuned))

2nd Candidate – Andoversr

Andoversr want to:

– Keep Virtua free of crime
– Reinvigorating the Virtuan education system
– Return Virtua into true democracy
– Help new players become educated.

(Source: Virtuan Prosperity, Club of Andoversr).

3rd Candidate – Refund

Refunds ‘why choose me arguments’:

– More tailwind on the bike roads.
– More money you our disabled citizens.
– Better way to chat with each other.
– We’ll be ready for the next round – prepared!
– I’ll do my best to keep Virtua safe – Spite of the risk from Nasdaqar next round.(a lot of ‘s)
– I like everyone to have a nice game! Also then English-speaking criminals. They should have the same chance.

(Source: Campaign of Refund – President, Club of Refund)

4th Candidate – Aztech

Aztechs arguments to elect him as president:

– I want to bring back schools to directly educate student and boost the passing rate.
– I want to repeal the crime city law and make sure that if anything like that is put forward then the people will vote on it.
– I want a referendum system so that any changes that will greatly affect you, you vote on the outcome.
– I want to reform the government so you elect a consul from you city and I appoint the rest so you have a representative.
– I want to reform the court system so there are guidelines to follow time limits and clear procedure to make the court become more efficient.
– If elected I will take into mind everyones opinion and will be strong and stand for my opinions.

(Source: Speech by Aztech send to )

5th Candidate – Maisic

Maisic have mayor experience what have led me to my points:

– Mayors should be free to have policies, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.
– Virtua should be more free, restrictions removed.
– Crime-city? Unable to answer that due to Virtuan Court-case.

(Source: Speech by Maisic send to

6th Candidate – MoonPoker

MoonPoker is obviously just joking, again. Due to his criminal status, he can not be on the ballot.

(Source: MoonPoker, MC-chat)

7th Candidate – Felix D

No contact yet.


I’ve contacted our President(Bleech ,R108) to hear his view on the upcoming elections. Here ill bring the interview.

Which of these candidates do you find most competent to run Virtua?

“What everybody wants is a clean nice game without hassle. The bureaucratic crap in the plans of Andoversr and Aztech is one of the many reasons why they, in my view, should never become President, or have any other Governmental job other than our National Garbagepicker.

Maisic is my favourite Aussie, but I do feel he could use some more experience as Consul first. He does his job well, so I hope to hear more from him for sure! Felix D is ever a good and experienced player. His activity in the game is a bit more variable. If he can commit himself to do the job, he would do it well.

Best choices are Refund and Tuned. Tuneds advantage over Refund is experience and of course, he’s able to read Dutch. Refund, however, seems to be more active, daring and loved by the general population. I’ve difficulties myself to place only one vote…”

We got like 2 sides, pro-crimecity and con-crimecity. If a candidate of con-crimecity wins, do you think a fast Bylaw would be created to prevent NSQ being a Crimecity the rest of the round, as Andoversr have stated?

“A by-law wont stop the process of Nasdaqar turning criminal next round.. As stated in the Virtuan Law, no bylaws concerning chapters 1 and 2 are legal. The new Council can choose to rewind the changes blindly, but as they wont affect coming round, they would only be wasting time to see what really happens and what the people want. The Council would do well to remember that you can’t please everybody at the same time and change isn’t a bad thing by default. I, for one, hate the extreme conservatism spread by some Virtuan players, like Andoversr and Aztech.”

Where do you think we need changes next round?

“Of course we need to keep an eye on Nasdaqar. Compared to this round, Cashington and Centropolis will need more officers. I, as Mayor candidate of Cashington, will do my best to achieve this. Furthermore, discussion is desired concerning the Priest degree, the balance between Mayor and Council, the balance between President and Vice-President, the juridical system (especially running the Court) and the exam fee and bonusses.
I also hope the next CoF will keep Tuned’s policy on giving priority to Personal Subsidies of 2.5k per player with at least 200 ish per sqst shop.”
(Source: Bleechs answers for interview send to

Let the best candidate win.

The votings started 22.30 29.11.12

Round 108 – What happened until now?

Round 108, was a round that started late due to server upgrades, which meant that the first day was a bit slow, and lot of players got on late or first the second day.

The Council members were: Bleech (President), natcha12 (Vice-President), Tuned (CoF), Gaulamos (CoE) and MoonPoker (CoJS).

Nasdaqar lost Pogo as mayor already on the second day of the round, where Pogo decided to resign after critic from Bleech.

This meant that MoonPoker took up the job as interim Mayor, only to take up the interim job after Aztech was fired after having taxed his citizens.

Later (Brendan) took over the job and has been mayor since.

Sadly this was also the week were our beloved Goudie was tried assassinated by Metal Alvares on the contract from Martijn5, however the officers of Virtua acted fast and stopped the attempt.

Our CoJS MoonPoker was sued for having illegal appointed Nishant as National Officer, however the court said that MoonPoker did nothing wrong in that case, but he was fined 150 ISH for insulting Lindapinda86 and 150 ISH for making a joke out of the court with his plea.

Meanwhile the other cities were doing well, until Refund (Mayor of Cashington) decided to resign after pressure from AynRand which called out for him to be fired.

Refund took the job as interim mayor until 1987 was elected as mayor in Cashington, which was a city in troubles; their lot condition was falling like rock from the sky.

Actions was set in motion and Refund with the help from Tuned our CoF, saved Cashington by digging 650 diamonds into the ground.

The Council was working on introducing several new laws in Virtua, which mean that Nasdaqar will from next round be a city where guns, bombs and gunpowder can be sold and found, however fines will stay the same as always, which is expected to keep the crimes actions on a low.

Many traders have shown a lot of angry emotions against the idea of experimenting with a crime city in Virtua, however the laws has been passed and right now they fight in court over whether its legal or not to approve them.

Andoversr and Nater were the two candidates from the group of traders speaking against the new additions.

Sadly our former CoJS took action in his own hand and shoot Nater before he could come on the election list, Andoversr managed to get on the list only to be found dead the next day.

MoonPoker did at the same time do something so bad, that it might go into Virtua history, he deleted all the cases in Virtuan Court and Federals have not been able to restore the cases.

MoonPoker said earlier that he now is a holy crusade for justice in Virtua, but what does that mean?

In the last week, Refund took the job as CoJS after MoonPoker resigned or some might say that he got fired.

Refund is trying hard to right all the wrongs from the time of MoonPoker as CoJS.

What will vNews be?

Refund and I have talked about virtua missing a newspaper.

So we decided to make one, where we will try to post a few articles each week while the round are running, as an update.

We will post the turnover statistics each time we post new articles.. well probably be each Thursday.

Our articles will be about everything, whats happening in Virtua, the heartbeat in virtua, we will try to keep it as neutral as possible.

If you want your president speech to be post mail it to us.

Email will come in a contact topic, where you can get in touch with us.