Reader’s letter – Finances

There are two kinds of parents in this world; those that guide their children to success by giving them good guidelines and rules to follow without cutting of their air supply and suffocating the life out of their soul, and then there are those parents who have life all figured out, and tell their children exactly how to live and what to do, they give them a plethora of rules that they must follow then wonder why their children are not succeeding.

More than a few rounds ago, I helped to start the movement to include laws in Virtua’s National Law book that covered the Local Government. These laws were meant to help unify and guide the cities of our great nation, without stifling the characters of each city, and without tying the hands of the mayors.

This round I returned to a sad worn out country that is scraping for survival. They have slipped so far from success that they have even considered surrendering their national identity and merging with another nation. This is not the Proud Nation I once knew. If you look at the law book of Virtua you can start to see the problem. I admit that I may have put some of the laws there myself, and even started the ball rolling, but I never meant for it to go this far. In today’s I would not be surprised to find laws limiting the number of shops someone could own, limiting the number of words one uses in a post, that tells the mayor what he has to name his roads, and what color he should paint the FES. There are so many laws, the breath is being squeezed out of Virtua.

A great example of this can be seen in the event of early this round. Moonpoker, a mayor in this country, though abrasive and mischievous at times, yet he has a proven track record of success as a mayor, was run out of town because he didn’t follow the “regulations” setup by the CoF. Let us look at this situation a little:

1. The Mayor manual says the mayor is to have his funds at his disposal… Funds were withheld.

2. The MM states that the mayor has the right to give mass subs, and taxes.

3. The Virtuan Law Book says that the CoF is to set regulation on Financial institutions and games of chance; and, they are to set a budget that tells how the cities will be funded.

4. The CoF has not posted any regulation for financial institutions or games of chance in the DoF. He has not done his job.

5. The CoF not only set a budget plan, but also put regulation on how the money was to be used. This is not what the law state, the laws says he is to tell how the cities will be funded, not how they are to use those funds.

6. By setting these regulation the CoF has violated the MM’s law of allowing the mayor to do with his funds as he pleases.

7. Moonpoker gave mass subs to help his city get going, then the CoF “punished” him (and his city) by withholding future funds because of this. As a result MP had to raise his VAT and tax his citizens to raise funds for exports. (Which he is legally allowed to do)

8. Because of MP’s legal actions that were a result of the CoF’s illegal actions the Council had him fired.

Do we see a problem? I hope it is clear to you now, many of the current council do not have the best interest of Virtua in mind, but only their own interests and designs for Virtua. They don’t care about Virtua and you, all they care about is things being done the way they want it. AND THEY WONDER WHY WE CAN’T BREATH!

I propose to you that we need a legal revolution! By that I mean two things: 1) the revolution must be legal. 2) The revolution is not a revolution of taking over a nation, but of liberating a nation at its foundation, at its roots, at its Law book! I propose that Virtua needs to tell its leaders “ENOUGH”! Enough of your tyrant ways, enough what your stifling “regulations”, enough of YOU! WE want our country back, we want to be proud of being a Virtuan, we want freedom, and not slavery.

Join me in pressuring our government to reform its detrimental ways, and into liberating the people and their cities!

Nater, A Virtuan for Virtua!