Stats Corner

Starting from this edition I, dj ricky, will be doing research for vNews and will publish statistics every edition. Round 150, last round, has ended for 2 weeks now. To look back at that special round, we are going to take a look at the participation degrees. In round 150, you would get the Round 150 Participation degree if you managed to acquire a net-worth of 10,000 I-Shell at any point in the round. In round 50, round 75 and round 100 you were also able to get similar round participation degrees. Interesting fact is the first 3 participation degrees had 25 rounds between them. But the last one took 50 rounds to occur again.

We are now going to take look at each participation round degree. We start off with Round 50. That round 259 players received the degree. Only 30 of the players holding a round 50 degree have been online this round.

Round 75 had less players who received a participation degree. There are only 148 players who received one, 26 of these were active this round.

Continuing with Round 100. Even fewer players received the degree. This time 143 players received one. Even though there were less players who received this degree, there are 42 active players this round with that degree, which is many more than active players with the round 75 degree.

At last, we have the round 150 participation degree. This round had even fewer players who received this degree.

What is interesting is that Virtua has more players with this degree than Cyberia. While the amount of degree’s decreases, there are still 71 active players this round with the degree. But we are one round after round 150, so that spoke for itself.

What you can notice is that after each round the number of given degree’s decreased. Does that mean that the requirements to get that degree are harder? Or are there just less players who are playing active and are wanting to have such degree? As an experienced player, the requirements of last round were not that hard to get. So I think it is the number of players who are active.

If this goes on like this, the future of Miniconomy is not looking good. With a drop of 60 players with a participation degree in 50 rounds, will that mean that in round 200 only 20 to 30 players will receive one? I don’t know; the only thing I can say is that we need to work on the future of Miniconomy, as this participation degree shows us the activity of players between 100 rounds.

Next week we will come with a new statistic. Then we will look into Virtuan top traders. Also we will come with a new version of the vNews Tool Ratios. Stay put and we will see you next week.

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