Robbing the Robber

Twas a hot afternoon during round 152. I found myself scouting out potential new investments in the city of Nasdaqar, quite the scenic area compared to the industrial Cashington. There I was, purchasing some lots and preparing for my move when suddenly, I heard a friend cry out. News spread fast that Axmili was being robbed. A quick look at who was about and it was quite clear that Hubinho was the culprit.

I was enraged. Aximili, my good friend, was being held up by a criminal from a foreign land. I rushed over to the city of Centropolis as quickly as I could, with one goal in mind. I was going to pay back the robber.

Unfortunately I had no weapon, but that did not stop me. I quickly located Aximili and Hubinho, situated together. in lot 599 – 866. I ran into the area and tackled Hubinho to the ground. I got a few good hits in then started yanking money from his pockets. Shortly after I was apprehended by the local police. It is interesting that only after robbing him for the second time that they nabbed me, as opposed to Hubinho who robbed Aximili four times. But alas, that is the way things are. I was issued a hefty fine and jail time, but I feel my actions were worth it if only to bring some justice to my good friend Aximili.