The View From Centropolis

Looking out amidst the dead sea of oil that is Centropolis, I think back to how the round began. No mayor in Centropolis. The normally vibrant economy of the town was shot, due to a terrible lack of export opportunities, subsidies, and road lots. No parks were built or even planned for prior to Mukyrlax’s temporary mayorship, and the second road was built by the Feds, meaning it cost an arm and a leg.

As a citizen, I was very concerned. Would I have any chance to do well this round? The answer was no. No chance to win. The money in your pocket at the beginning of the round is supposed to grow exponentially throughout the round, and so not being able to invest that money meant that I was behind the 8 ball. Not enough product out, not enough shop locations, and a couple stories less on the skyscraper were all I would get out of it.

Eventually VAT was returned, subsidies paid out, exims reset. The economy started to flow better in Centropolis, but there were still problems. Throughout the round, I have taken Thor’s Hammer of parks to the enemy that is the lot state. I have not been able to recover it above 90, which was desperately needed early on when I took over. With a lack of exims for 4 days, there was no way to have the resources to build those parks. And so the lifeless lots remained so, slowly deteriorating the entire area, one lotstate at a time, with myself unable to keep up with the deterioration and the digging.

Business, however, continued to flow well for plastic, with several electronics dealers involved in the round, as well as Aximili’s Chip MV which seemed to be around all the time. Of course, nothing I threw out there could hold a candle to Aximili’s no-competition iron, and the wood he also had a pretty secure hold on.

Meanwhile, my Blue Cab MV was raking it in, except when I repeatedly ran out of gas. Gas has been hard to find all round long. themostrichestman tried to keep it stocked, but ran out of oil lots. The MVs couldn’t dig oil lots. I tried selling them oil but I ended up losing money on the deal, due to it pushing the price of my lots up, therefore pushing the price of my plastic up. I sold gas to the world for a big profit, but only because I had bad skills on it, but skills nonetheless, and the oil dug to make it.

As a mayor, I feel everyone has been really great this round helping out. Wish we could have gotten some diamonds in. As a trader, my oil got cut off in the south but there was plenty of it up north, so everything’s turned out all right so far. Trade is slowing down, now. There’s nothing much more to build.

It’s great to be back, trading, mayoring, and enjoying the community that makes Virtua the best place in the world.

Mayoral elections

This is just a list of candidates of the mayoral elections.


1987 (Mayor experience: Cashington, 4-5 days of round 108)
Bleech (Mayor experience: Gold Coast, 10 days of round 104b)
Rammi987 (Mayor experience: None)


Voterman (Mayor experience: None)
The Mister (Mayor experience: Centropolis(1),Zwollar(4),Monapoli(2))
Gean Starwind (Mayor experience: Unknown)
natcha12 (Mayor experience: Centropolis(3))



AynRand (Mayor experience: Cashington (2))
(Brendan) (Mayor experience: Nasdaqar (3), Centropolis (3))
The votings started 22.30 29.11.12