Miniconomy is now in Portuguese

Miniconomy is now fully available in Portuguese.
Making Miniconomy available in other languages is one step towards the expansion of the game. By having it available in other languages we can hopefully welcome new players to the Federation, this might even help in the diversification of possible new traders.

Translations have been started by Manuel The Great several years ago, they we’re then continued and revised by Gaulamos and his absence by Minder. Minder himself is also working on making the Brazilian Portuguese translation. They have now been fully completed and anyone wanting to play in portuguese can now do it.

There’s some minor bugs regarding the portuguese layout but they don’t affect trading and hopefully will be fixed soon.
Now it’s time to teach federals to also speak portuguese so they can provide answers to anyone that contacts them in portuguese…
Bem-vindos e boa sorte a todos!

Mayoral elections

This is just a list of candidates of the mayoral elections.


1987 (Mayor experience: Cashington, 4-5 days of round 108)
Bleech (Mayor experience: Gold Coast, 10 days of round 104b)
Rammi987 (Mayor experience: None)


Voterman (Mayor experience: None)
The Mister (Mayor experience: Centropolis(1),Zwollar(4),Monapoli(2))
Gean Starwind (Mayor experience: Unknown)
natcha12 (Mayor experience: Centropolis(3))



AynRand (Mayor experience: Cashington (2))
(Brendan) (Mayor experience: Nasdaqar (3), Centropolis (3))
The votings started 22.30 29.11.12

Round 108 – What happened until now?

Round 108, was a round that started late due to server upgrades, which meant that the first day was a bit slow, and lot of players got on late or first the second day.

The Council members were: Bleech (President), natcha12 (Vice-President), Tuned (CoF), Gaulamos (CoE) and MoonPoker (CoJS).

Nasdaqar lost Pogo as mayor already on the second day of the round, where Pogo decided to resign after critic from Bleech.

This meant that MoonPoker took up the job as interim Mayor, only to take up the interim job after Aztech was fired after having taxed his citizens.

Later (Brendan) took over the job and has been mayor since.

Sadly this was also the week were our beloved Goudie was tried assassinated by Metal Alvares on the contract from Martijn5, however the officers of Virtua acted fast and stopped the attempt.

Our CoJS MoonPoker was sued for having illegal appointed Nishant as National Officer, however the court said that MoonPoker did nothing wrong in that case, but he was fined 150 ISH for insulting Lindapinda86 and 150 ISH for making a joke out of the court with his plea.

Meanwhile the other cities were doing well, until Refund (Mayor of Cashington) decided to resign after pressure from AynRand which called out for him to be fired.

Refund took the job as interim mayor until 1987 was elected as mayor in Cashington, which was a city in troubles; their lot condition was falling like rock from the sky.

Actions was set in motion and Refund with the help from Tuned our CoF, saved Cashington by digging 650 diamonds into the ground.

The Council was working on introducing several new laws in Virtua, which mean that Nasdaqar will from next round be a city where guns, bombs and gunpowder can be sold and found, however fines will stay the same as always, which is expected to keep the crimes actions on a low.

Many traders have shown a lot of angry emotions against the idea of experimenting with a crime city in Virtua, however the laws has been passed and right now they fight in court over whether its legal or not to approve them.

Andoversr and Nater were the two candidates from the group of traders speaking against the new additions.

Sadly our former CoJS took action in his own hand and shoot Nater before he could come on the election list, Andoversr managed to get on the list only to be found dead the next day.

MoonPoker did at the same time do something so bad, that it might go into Virtua history, he deleted all the cases in Virtuan Court and Federals have not been able to restore the cases.

MoonPoker said earlier that he now is a holy crusade for justice in Virtua, but what does that mean?

In the last week, Refund took the job as CoJS after MoonPoker resigned or some might say that he got fired.

Refund is trying hard to right all the wrongs from the time of MoonPoker as CoJS.

What will vNews be?

Refund and I have talked about virtua missing a newspaper.

So we decided to make one, where we will try to post a few articles each week while the round are running, as an update.

We will post the turnover statistics each time we post new articles.. well probably be each Thursday.

Our articles will be about everything, whats happening in Virtua, the heartbeat in virtua, we will try to keep it as neutral as possible.

If you want your president speech to be post mail it to us.

Email will come in a contact topic, where you can get in touch with us.