Mayor interviews

I’ve been questioning the Mayors of virtua a few questions.

Nasdaqar, Rokta is the Mayor:

Q: How does your town goes?

A: I think that our city is running well, which is good because we have very late start (two active citizens one day after round start). We now have 4 parking spaces which should prevent parking jams with MoonPoker as citizen.


Q: How would you evaluate yourself?

A: I think I did good with stuff that I had, At start there was variety of exports, I did one 1k ISH mass subsidy, which I will do earlier if I will be Mayor again. I didn’t hire any officers yet, but I also didn’t hear any complaints about crime in Nasdaqar yet.


Q: What do you think about Crime in this round?

A: As I said in previous answer there wasn’t any complaints about crime in Nasdaqar yet. I think that is because of late round start and I think that citizens of Virtua don’t like crime in general.


Q: Planning to run for any elections next round?

A: Yes, I will candidate for mayor of Nasdaqar again.


Q: Give a guess for who/how many who is at top26 turnover?

A: I don’t think that there will be much change from previous round.


Cashington, Forsties is the Mayor:

Q: How does your town goes?

A: I think that it’s going well so far.

Bad bits first: Lot condition is getting to be a bit of a worry, but I’m sure that it can be fixed over the round, especially once diamond drills are being made and eximmed. Also, I’m receiving some pretty conflicting views on the timing of the harbour auction, as well as the method of selling harbours (cough the mister cough), but I hope to have that sorted out soon.

Good bits: The citizens have to be the best part of the town. They exim everything super quick, they take initiative and they aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it, which is an underrated skill in my opinion. The only thing I would change is asking more people post in the town hall on different topics with their views (I get very lonely there :P).

In terms of exims, firstly, I can say without any doubt in my mind is that trees are quickly becoming my least favourite product in the whole of miniconomy simply because I NEVER EVER have enough of them to build parks when I want to build them.

All the other products, however, have been eximmed at double speed, thanks to some particularly vigilant citizens. I’ve had a situation at least once that exims have been snapped up before I’ve finished setting them up, which makes me confident that I’ll have all the resources I need to fulfill requests in the coming weeks.


Q: How would you evaluate yourself?

A: I think that I had a bit of a bumpy start, but I feel that I’m starting to settle into the job. We got our first officer, Felix D, hired yesterday, and I hope that more Cashington citizens come forward for this role. That being said, I tried my hand at being an officer last round and crime in Cashington was minimal, so I can only hope that the same again happens this round.

I have certainly attempted to set out as many exims as I can. Once again, I had a bumpy start with them, but I think I’ve got them almost succed.

Considering this is the first time I’ve tried being the mayor, I was delighted to see that I have had some positive feedback posted in the town hall saying I was doing a good job as mayor recently, and I hope that all the other citizens of Cashington feel the same way. So far I haven’t received many complaints, and I hope I can do a good enough job to keep it that way.


Q: What do you think about Crime in this round?

A: There isn’t much to say about it at the moment. As far as I’m aware, the only crime that has been committed in Cashington thus far was that somebody robbed kire1’s shop on the 21st of January. Hard to say who, the only clue given was that they are a citizen, which doesn’t narrow it down too far.

One of the common beliefs I’ve heard from citizens who I’ve chatted to about it is that when the harbour opens, crime will be on a larger scale, so one of the precautions I have set up is a housing area in the Town Hall for people who have/need space in a house. Also, I hope to have at least one more officer hired before the harbour is finished (any Cashington citizens who read this and who have an officer degree, I’d be grateful for an application in the Town hall).

However, I hope, as I said earlier, that crime will stay reasonably low this round.


Q: Planning to run for any elections next round?

A: So far, I’d like to run for mayor of Cashington again. It’s an awesome job, and It’s a nice break not having the pressures of position and making huge profits looming over you (although I have nothing against huge profits).

Council? Maybe in a few rounds time when I have more experience in the game. Next round? Definitely not.


Q: Give a guess for who/how many who is at top26 turnover?

A: Hard to say this early in the round, and I haven’t really talked to many people about it (mostly due to my lack of a position), but from what I’ve seen I’d have to pick:

Refund – Iron is a strong product, and I have no doubt he will be as big this round as he was last round.
MoonPoker – Despite the fact he moved away from what is clearly the best city in the Federation, the fact he already has mega-stores full of wood is hard to argue with.
Tuned – He managed top 10 last round, so I’m sure that he, along with his taxi MV, will comfortably be in the top 25

As I said, I haven’t paid much attention to positions so far, so I’ve probably missed a big competitor, but hey; everyone makes mistakes.


Centropolis, natcha12 is the Mayor:

Q: How does your town goes?

A:  Everything is good, exims, never full Mayor warehouse or anything bad, everything is just good.


Q: How would you evaluate yourself?

A: If i could change it, i would have another officer instead of so high subsidies.


Q: What do you think about Crime in this round?

A: Same as other rounds, but without a harbour requirement. As long towns/shops are secure I expect to see a little change.


Q: Planning to run for any elections next round?

A: I hope I do well enough to warrant another opportunity as mayor.Its up to the citizens of Centropolis.


Q: Give a guess for who/how many who is at top26 turnover?

A: Not me. Though i have hopes for gelaarsdekat, Refund and mystq.


Thank you to all our Mayors for taking their time to run the city and also for answering this.

Mayoral elections

This is just a list of candidates of the mayoral elections.


1987 (Mayor experience: Cashington, 4-5 days of round 108)
Bleech (Mayor experience: Gold Coast, 10 days of round 104b)
Rammi987 (Mayor experience: None)


Voterman (Mayor experience: None)
The Mister (Mayor experience: Centropolis(1),Zwollar(4),Monapoli(2))
Gean Starwind (Mayor experience: Unknown)
natcha12 (Mayor experience: Centropolis(3))



AynRand (Mayor experience: Cashington (2))
(Brendan) (Mayor experience: Nasdaqar (3), Centropolis (3))
The votings started 22.30 29.11.12