What has become of Nater?

During the middle of this week, people began asking questions as to the supposed disappearance of our beloved Vice President and Consul of Finance, Nater. But what has happened to him?

Many of the citizens of Virtua have attempted to make contact with him, with Dj Ricky going as far as to email him (no reply as of the time this was written), and some have seen him in other online games, but so far nobody has managed to hear his story behind his absence. Many citizens have wondered why Nater would leave Miniconomy without notice, but some of our more experienced players have noted that something similar happened in round 104, with Nater returning midway through round 108 (only to be bankrupted shortly after). Others have suggested real life problems affecting Nater, but nobody can be sure.

The repercussions of Nater’s absence were felt most strongly by traders at first, as there was little gas to be found in Virtua for most of Tuesday, but also by the Mayors of Virtua, as no budgets could be given out, leading to a nationwide shortage of exports and buildings. Lot conditions became a worry, especially in Cashington and Centropolis, as these cities have the most resident resource diggers. It is likely other areas will be obstructed by Nater’s absence, notably the International court, as Nater is the Chairman there, as well as our National Archives, and also Nater’s own project, the “Case Records Office.”

Multiple gas traders have come forward since Nater’s disappearance, as well as a Monument in memorial of our Vice President erected by Mystq, the mayor of Centropolis, and Refund has been reassigned as the temporary Consul of Finance, sparking some controversy, so all of the most pressing problems for Virtua have been solved, and life seems to be returning to normal for its citizens. One question remains though; Will we be seeing Nater return to Virtua soon, if at all?

Virtua General R111 5/21

Welcome to another round in Virtua.

The first day started out a bit slow, since we did not have a wood trader the first hour, but the new player Twistedmaniac had talked about doing wood, and he did when he came online.

The first two days went fast but there was wood problems sometimes, but most of the time Virtua was well supplied with all resources.

However everything went wrong after Nater left and we was missing Gas for several hours, not only was he the only gas trader, but he was also the Vice President, CoF and the IC Chairman.

We had cities without budget for for more then 24 hours and it left a few scares on our economy.

Our trade went back to normal after Twistedmaniac made a gas mv, which could fill the gap after Nater left us.

Bleech was fired doing the first day for having overlook a part of our lawbook, which didn’t allow him to perform crimes, sadly he learned it the hard way and was fired for hitting someone with a plank.

Cyberians has been invading Virtua with MV’s based in Nasdaqar & Cashington, Bleech said in chat that it was to get the trade going in NSQ, however many seems to think otherwise.

Our own President MoonPoker came in troubles after missing a new addition to our law book, since only allowed either the President or Vice-President to have another Council title, that meant he have been breaking the law since day 1 without even noticing it himself…


Virtua court has been busy with 6 cases, which meant that Forsties, Dj Ricky and Refund have been working 24/7 to make verdicts.



To sum up, our VP left without notice, Trade had a few problems but overcame them, Cyberians invading Virtua with MVs.

Mayor interviews

I’ve been questioning the Mayors of virtua a few questions.

Nasdaqar, Rokta is the Mayor:

Q: How does your town goes?

A: I think that our city is running well, which is good because we have very late start (two active citizens one day after round start). We now have 4 parking spaces which should prevent parking jams with MoonPoker as citizen.


Q: How would you evaluate yourself?

A: I think I did good with stuff that I had, At start there was variety of exports, I did one 1k ISH mass subsidy, which I will do earlier if I will be Mayor again. I didn’t hire any officers yet, but I also didn’t hear any complaints about crime in Nasdaqar yet.


Q: What do you think about Crime in this round?

A: As I said in previous answer there wasn’t any complaints about crime in Nasdaqar yet. I think that is because of late round start and I think that citizens of Virtua don’t like crime in general.


Q: Planning to run for any elections next round?

A: Yes, I will candidate for mayor of Nasdaqar again.


Q: Give a guess for who/how many who is at top26 turnover?

A: I don’t think that there will be much change from previous round.


Cashington, Forsties is the Mayor:

Q: How does your town goes?

A: I think that it’s going well so far.

Bad bits first: Lot condition is getting to be a bit of a worry, but I’m sure that it can be fixed over the round, especially once diamond drills are being made and eximmed. Also, I’m receiving some pretty conflicting views on the timing of the harbour auction, as well as the method of selling harbours (cough the mister cough), but I hope to have that sorted out soon.

Good bits: The citizens have to be the best part of the town. They exim everything super quick, they take initiative and they aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it, which is an underrated skill in my opinion. The only thing I would change is asking more people post in the town hall on different topics with their views (I get very lonely there :P).

In terms of exims, firstly, I can say without any doubt in my mind is that trees are quickly becoming my least favourite product in the whole of miniconomy simply because I NEVER EVER have enough of them to build parks when I want to build them.

All the other products, however, have been eximmed at double speed, thanks to some particularly vigilant citizens. I’ve had a situation at least once that exims have been snapped up before I’ve finished setting them up, which makes me confident that I’ll have all the resources I need to fulfill requests in the coming weeks.


Q: How would you evaluate yourself?

A: I think that I had a bit of a bumpy start, but I feel that I’m starting to settle into the job. We got our first officer, Felix D, hired yesterday, and I hope that more Cashington citizens come forward for this role. That being said, I tried my hand at being an officer last round and crime in Cashington was minimal, so I can only hope that the same again happens this round.

I have certainly attempted to set out as many exims as I can. Once again, I had a bumpy start with them, but I think I’ve got them almost succed.

Considering this is the first time I’ve tried being the mayor, I was delighted to see that I have had some positive feedback posted in the town hall saying I was doing a good job as mayor recently, and I hope that all the other citizens of Cashington feel the same way. So far I haven’t received many complaints, and I hope I can do a good enough job to keep it that way.


Q: What do you think about Crime in this round?

A: There isn’t much to say about it at the moment. As far as I’m aware, the only crime that has been committed in Cashington thus far was that somebody robbed kire1’s shop on the 21st of January. Hard to say who, the only clue given was that they are a citizen, which doesn’t narrow it down too far.

One of the common beliefs I’ve heard from citizens who I’ve chatted to about it is that when the harbour opens, crime will be on a larger scale, so one of the precautions I have set up is a housing area in the Town Hall for people who have/need space in a house. Also, I hope to have at least one more officer hired before the harbour is finished (any Cashington citizens who read this and who have an officer degree, I’d be grateful for an application in the Town hall).

However, I hope, as I said earlier, that crime will stay reasonably low this round.


Q: Planning to run for any elections next round?

A: So far, I’d like to run for mayor of Cashington again. It’s an awesome job, and It’s a nice break not having the pressures of position and making huge profits looming over you (although I have nothing against huge profits).

Council? Maybe in a few rounds time when I have more experience in the game. Next round? Definitely not.


Q: Give a guess for who/how many who is at top26 turnover?

A: Hard to say this early in the round, and I haven’t really talked to many people about it (mostly due to my lack of a position), but from what I’ve seen I’d have to pick:

Refund – Iron is a strong product, and I have no doubt he will be as big this round as he was last round.
MoonPoker – Despite the fact he moved away from what is clearly the best city in the Federation, the fact he already has mega-stores full of wood is hard to argue with.
Tuned – He managed top 10 last round, so I’m sure that he, along with his taxi MV, will comfortably be in the top 25

As I said, I haven’t paid much attention to positions so far, so I’ve probably missed a big competitor, but hey; everyone makes mistakes.


Centropolis, natcha12 is the Mayor:

Q: How does your town goes?

A:  Everything is good, exims, never full Mayor warehouse or anything bad, everything is just good.


Q: How would you evaluate yourself?

A: If i could change it, i would have another officer instead of so high subsidies.


Q: What do you think about Crime in this round?

A: Same as other rounds, but without a harbour requirement. As long towns/shops are secure I expect to see a little change.


Q: Planning to run for any elections next round?

A: I hope I do well enough to warrant another opportunity as mayor.Its up to the citizens of Centropolis.


Q: Give a guess for who/how many who is at top26 turnover?

A: Not me. Though i have hopes for gelaarsdekat, Refund and mystq.


Thank you to all our Mayors for taking their time to run the city and also for answering this.

Degree Fees face opposition

Calls for a review of the pricing of degree renewals were called for earlier this week by Consul of Justice and Safety, lindapinda86. In the Council Room, lindapinda86 said that it would be cheaper for Virtuan citizens to go over to Cyberië to get their degree renewal, rather than purchasing the degree renewal from the state of Virtua.

Shortly after this comment was made in the Council Room, citizens of Virtua drove to the Council Public to join in the debate about how much degrees should cost, if anything at all.

Some citizens initially slammed the renewal system for its expensive fees (especially in comparison with every other country in the Federation). It was questioned why the cost of renewing a degree is more expensive than actually taking the exam. One Virtuan citizen said: ‘I think it is stupid having the renewal cost higher than it is to take the exam. The hard part is passing the exam, so the rest should be easier…cheaper’. A few other citizens were seen agreeing with this statement, while protestors outside chanting ‘Free Education Now!’ were moved on by officers of Virtua.

President Tuned, who some would call a diplomat, stepped in to the debate by giving a bit of logic behind the current law (which says the cost of renewing a degree is 500 I-Shells), saying it would be better for people to take exams rather than just renewing their degrees as it retests their knowledge of the specific field, this would imply that we would have more qualified professionals. The President had already agreed with lindapinda86 in the Council Room, saying action was needed regarding this topic – for him the options were negotiating with Cyberië on prices or allow Virtuan degree renewals to be free. President Tuned has also expressed concern with the potential lack of people with degrees if people are put off acquiring degrees.

Further initiatives were discussed by citizens natcha12 and Forsties, these initiatives would involve checking whether someone could actually do the job that relates to the degree before they could renew it. If they couldn’t do the job well then their degree could be revoked, it was said. There were criticisms to this idea such as how can we measure what a good job is and how do we ensure objectivity. It’s uncertain whether this idea will be developed at this moment. Other ideas included lowering the cost of the renewal for every round the degree is used by that citizen.

It’s likely that the government will take action about this before the end of the round, with some discussion already taking place within the Council Room. Citizens are free and even encouraged to share their opinion on this matter and how they would resolve the problem, in the Council Public.

It is still uncertain how the government will act towards this matter.

General Update on Virtua day 12/28

Second week of the round has been a stressful one for most.

Refund was fired as Vice President, due to his involvement in the shooting of the Ibishan President The Great.

It resulted in Refund getting Criminal status, and few hours later it was requested in Federal Communication that the consul profession should be removed from Refund.(edited: Player removed the profession himself shortly after receiving of criminal status)

Felix D, took the position as the Vice President since he was 3rd in the election, Congratz to Felix D with the Promotion as he was appointed as Consul of Education after Bleech decided earlier this round to go rogue and shoot several people.

It seems to be a new thing, get into the council, get a important position and then start the crime and get fired again.

Gean Starwind has been in the court several times since week, and in the end he decided not to show up anymore? reason still unknown why, but we don’t expect the court to come with a verdict soon.

This week our court really seems to have hit its limited, we are now at the 6th day of the discussion of the Verdict between Natcha VS Moonpoker for insult in chat.

dj ricky, one of the new traders in Virtua this round was mysteries found dead earlier this week, dj ricky was FCS and Judge in virtua, but who or what killed him, is yet unknown. Some say he was shoot, others say that he got a heart attack and dropped dead.

Centropolis was the first city to get a harbour in virtua, AynRand was the one who built it, how he got the harbour lot and why, that is still unknown, but there is a court case running about it and we are looking forward to hear the verdict in that case.

No long after the Harbour in Centropolis, both Nasdaqar and Cashington got a harbour, Thanks to Tranger and Refund, Nasdaqar harbour seems to be loved and used a lot, since boats keeps going there.

With Harbours in Virtua we started seeing price drops, Iron almost dropped 2ish within the first 2 days, Bricks became 1-2 ish cheaper, Plastic became a little cheaper but not much, some Virtuans was fast to get a store in Ibisha and hell went lose.

Within the first 3 days after that harbour had been opened, Cheeseo a well known Trader in Ibisha was shoot several times, its rumored that MoonPoker was the Predator and was doing some hired work, however it seems to have stopped and they now have their own war between traders in Ibisha.

There has been a lot of shooting in virtua this week, some on contracts or most, Gean and Rico.Vito are the two persons in Virtua that has been shoot the most this week.

Cashington and Centropolis both have lot condition problems and their lot state seems to be out of control, each night it drops and when will the council step in?

Only a few law changes has been approved, they are all just corrections of former mistakes or misspellings in our law book.



The lasts news are that MIP (Miniconomy International Player) are back, and are being hosted by Bonanza in the Miniconomist, you can still nominate players for titles or sponsor awards.



General update on Virtua day 5/28

The week started really slow, already the first day there was complains about missing wood, and it only got worse over the following days.

Goudie said he would do wood(after roundstart, cause Bleech wasn’t to find online), but due to IRL stuff, he had low online time, and the wood traders around in virtua couldn’t keep the speed up, and soon wood became rare goods.

In the mean time, NSQ never seemed to be affected by the leak of wood that much, they had their own wood supplier and combined with the Plastic supplier from NSQ and the Iron supplier there wasn’t a shortage like the rest of virtua.

Gelaarsdekat was shoot bankrupt within the first couple of days, motive still unknown, and the predator(s) are still on the lose.

1987 the mayor of Cashington decided to resign as mayor due to IRL, and Nater was appointed as the new mayor.

Bleech went on a crime wagon, and decided to pull the trigger on some of his competition, that made him lose his job as CoE.

Virtua had a serious parking space problem until recent, because Gelaarsdekat was owner of the first cab mv, and after that Tuned created 1, the came Mixer and at last Teleco.

It now meant we had 4 cab companies, while only 3 of them was working.

All the cities was in a big minus for borrowing Bricks from Feds to make a new road.

In the mean time there was a drama fight in FU, where the Cyberian government decided to refuse to work with Refund(The post of refusal had been deleted later), due to yet unknown reasons, they claim its because of earlier opinions about Cyberia, however there are no resent posts from Refund about Cyberia at all?

In FU Metal Alvarez also decided to purpose a treaty which would make shooting in other countries illegal and the treasury forced to pay if a predator was proven guilt of the shooting.

Virtua turned it down yet.


Gean starwind was elected mayor of Centropolis, but already from day 1 get got in a fight with MoonPoker which resulted in a few cases(at Virtuan Court) that haven’t really started yet.

(Brendan) won the election of Nasdaqar, and he keeps doing his good job as normal.