Why I play Miniconomy

I first started to play MC as I like to play (business) simulation games. What I really like in MC is that there are rounds, so new player have almost equal chance to win. For same reason it is never boring to play, although it need more randomness. MC also has great community, willing to help new players which helped me with basic steps in game. Main reason why I still play is political part of game, in which we players can change some rules how game is played. Since I started playing MC (around 2 years ago), I tried to learn all that would help me win, but even now I am not sure if I know all that is to know about MC.

Miniconomy is now in Portuguese

Miniconomy is now fully available in Portuguese.
Making Miniconomy available in other languages is one step towards the expansion of the game. By having it available in other languages we can hopefully welcome new players to the Federation, this might even help in the diversification of possible new traders.

Translations have been started by Manuel The Great several years ago, they we’re then continued and revised by Gaulamos and his absence by Minder. Minder himself is also working on making the Brazilian Portuguese translation. They have now been fully completed and anyone wanting to play in portuguese can now do it.

There’s some minor bugs regarding the portuguese layout but they don’t affect trading and hopefully will be fixed soon.
Now it’s time to teach federals to also speak portuguese so they can provide answers to anyone that contacts them in portuguese…
Bem-vindos e boa sorte a todos!