Presidential elections

The round is near the end. The elections is coming. We have 7 candidates signed for the presidential election.

1st Candidate – Tuned

Tuneds promises is following:

– An opportunity at the end of the round for all citizens in which they can give feedback, suggestions and discuss the experiment. The Virtuan Government will follow the discussion and make adjustments. If the experiment is considered a total failure then Nasdaqar will be returned in its original state (illegal goods back, no more gunpowder licence)
– When negative effects arise, a immediate response of the Council and President to minimalize or even nullify these effects.
– An open culture, the Virtuan Government will be open to all suggestions, feedback, … about the experiment in Council Public.

(Source: A President for Virtua – Tuned, Club of Tuned))

2nd Candidate – Andoversr

Andoversr want to:

– Keep Virtua free of crime
– Reinvigorating the Virtuan education system
– Return Virtua into true democracy
– Help new players become educated.

(Source: Virtuan Prosperity, Club of Andoversr).

3rd Candidate – Refund

Refunds ‘why choose me arguments’:

– More tailwind on the bike roads.
– More money you our disabled citizens.
– Better way to chat with each other.
– We’ll be ready for the next round – prepared!
– I’ll do my best to keep Virtua safe – Spite of the risk from Nasdaqar next round.(a lot of ‘s)
– I like everyone to have a nice game! Also then English-speaking criminals. They should have the same chance.

(Source: Campaign of Refund – President, Club of Refund)

4th Candidate – Aztech

Aztechs arguments to elect him as president:

– I want to bring back schools to directly educate student and boost the passing rate.
– I want to repeal the crime city law and make sure that if anything like that is put forward then the people will vote on it.
– I want a referendum system so that any changes that will greatly affect you, you vote on the outcome.
– I want to reform the government so you elect a consul from you city and I appoint the rest so you have a representative.
– I want to reform the court system so there are guidelines to follow time limits and clear procedure to make the court become more efficient.
– If elected I will take into mind everyones opinion and will be strong and stand for my opinions.

(Source: Speech by Aztech send to )

5th Candidate – Maisic

Maisic have mayor experience what have led me to my points:

– Mayors should be free to have policies, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.
– Virtua should be more free, restrictions removed.
– Crime-city? Unable to answer that due to Virtuan Court-case.

(Source: Speech by Maisic send to

6th Candidate – MoonPoker

MoonPoker is obviously just joking, again. Due to his criminal status, he can not be on the ballot.

(Source: MoonPoker, MC-chat)

7th Candidate – Felix D

No contact yet.


I’ve contacted our President(Bleech ,R108) to hear his view on the upcoming elections. Here ill bring the interview.

Which of these candidates do you find most competent to run Virtua?

“What everybody wants is a clean nice game without hassle. The bureaucratic crap in the plans of Andoversr and Aztech is one of the many reasons why they, in my view, should never become President, or have any other Governmental job other than our National Garbagepicker.

Maisic is my favourite Aussie, but I do feel he could use some more experience as Consul first. He does his job well, so I hope to hear more from him for sure! Felix D is ever a good and experienced player. His activity in the game is a bit more variable. If he can commit himself to do the job, he would do it well.

Best choices are Refund and Tuned. Tuneds advantage over Refund is experience and of course, he’s able to read Dutch. Refund, however, seems to be more active, daring and loved by the general population. I’ve difficulties myself to place only one vote…”

We got like 2 sides, pro-crimecity and con-crimecity. If a candidate of con-crimecity wins, do you think a fast Bylaw would be created to prevent NSQ being a Crimecity the rest of the round, as Andoversr have stated?

“A by-law wont stop the process of Nasdaqar turning criminal next round.. As stated in the Virtuan Law, no bylaws concerning chapters 1 and 2 are legal. The new Council can choose to rewind the changes blindly, but as they wont affect coming round, they would only be wasting time to see what really happens and what the people want. The Council would do well to remember that you can’t please everybody at the same time and change isn’t a bad thing by default. I, for one, hate the extreme conservatism spread by some Virtuan players, like Andoversr and Aztech.”

Where do you think we need changes next round?

“Of course we need to keep an eye on Nasdaqar. Compared to this round, Cashington and Centropolis will need more officers. I, as Mayor candidate of Cashington, will do my best to achieve this. Furthermore, discussion is desired concerning the Priest degree, the balance between Mayor and Council, the balance between President and Vice-President, the juridical system (especially running the Court) and the exam fee and bonusses.
I also hope the next CoF will keep Tuned’s policy on giving priority to Personal Subsidies of 2.5k per player with at least 200 ish per sqst shop.”
(Source: Bleechs answers for interview send to

Let the best candidate win.

The votings started 22.30 29.11.12