Election list and President Articles


Tranq, Experience: unknown.

The Mister,  Experience: Several times as mayor.

Natcha12, Experience: few times a mayor

mystq, Experience: None

Andoversr, Experience: He say several times a mayor.




Forsties, Experience: Round 110



Rokta: Experience: Round 110



President Candidates:

dj ricky, Experience: unknown


Nater, Experience: Few times as President, but also as VP and in the council.


Hello My Fellow Viruans!

I am once again running for president of our fine nation! I won’t be as long winded as usual, as I think you are getting to know me well.

There are two things I would like to work on in the coming round if you honor me with being your president.

1) The economy – In honesty I think our economy is doing quite well. Yet as it it such a crucial part of the game, I don’t think we should ever stop working on it. I would like to see Virtua have all products covered early on in the round, and I would like to see Virtuan being more international in the trading of her good. I will endeavor to help push Virtua in that direction.

2) The safety of our government and way of life. We have seen recent attacks on your way of life in Virtua. People who don’t like the way we do things and want to changes us. Either by pushing is in a certain direction, or by taking over our country and changing our laws. I want to work at strengthening the security of our government from being exploited, while still preserving the freedoms we have.

I hope that I can count on your vote in the elections, and your support next round in creating an even better Virtua!




MoonPoker, Experience: Once as VP and several times in the council.


Hello People.

I will be running as President for next round.

Justice: I will be looking into our court system and hoping to close a few holes and change a few laws to ensure a better trial.

Economy: I will look on it and see if it need changes, it might or it might not, but you can never be to careful, since economy is one of the most important things in MC.

Education: I will be looking into the laws and maybe suggest laws against the use of schools and to improve the government owned eduction.

Else I wish everyone a good round in 111.




Aztech, Experience: unknown.


I am officially throwing my hat in the ring again. I support lower council salary’s, a more person to person governmental policy, Interactive schools and exams, small town economics and Big Stick, soft voice National security.


Virtua, End of round 110

Round 110 has bought many fun things and the trade has been flowing and we haven’t really experienced the problems from earlier rounds with slow or no trade in a long time.

However Nasdaqar was a bit dead doing the first week, but there came more activity in the second week.

It has been clear in virtua that many of the basic products were covered by few, and it gave some problems.

Wood was hard to get in Centropolis some days and the same went for Iron.

Following players was on the basic in round 110 in Virtua.

Wood: MoonPoker and Aqib

Iron: Felix D and Refund

Bricks: Nater and Mystq

Plastic: gelaarsdekat and Refunds MV.

Our President doing the whole round has been (Brendan) and Nater was our Vice President.

Refund as CoF, he faced challenges this round with two active cities and one that was less active, it was also this round that playermanager was made public.


Centropolis with natcha12 as mayor has been burning through money and it was clear that with their 96 “active” players that they would need more than the rest. Natcha12 did a good job as mayor of Centropolis, though he and refund had their clashes about the budgets.


Cashington with Forsties as mayor did a really good job and through Cashington had bought Iron and Brick traders, Forsties managed to keep the lot state close to 100 most of the time. Cashington has a few problems with the budget the first couple of days but was quickly solved.


Nasdaqar with Rokta as mayor had a rough couple of days in the start with 1-3 active traders, which meant that it was close to a ghost town, however it seemed that trade picked up after both Refund and MoonPoker moved there, and stores was built. Nasdaqar never had budget problems and enjoyed the life of being the rich city in Virtua.


There has been close to no crimes in virtua, a few small traders tried the way of being criminal, and some had more luck than others.

As a closure, it seems it has been a good round and we hope to see a few of our traders in top 25.

Law changes of round 110

Please note its copied direct from Council Room

Paragraph 1.1.1: Definitions

– Virtua: A country in the Federation with 3 cities: Centropolis, Cashington and Nasdaqar. Secession from Virtua in any of its forms is impossible. This includes, but isn’t limited to: renaming a city, physically removing state or city property or grounds to abroad, declaring your independance from Virtua or removing Virtuan citizens and/or grounds from the authority of the Virtuan National Government and/or the Virtuan National Lawbook. Any attempted secession will be punished by the removal of all Government jobs of the person(s) attempting to secede from Virtua.

– Virtuan Cities: Centropolis, Cashington and Nasdaqar together form the Virtuan Cities.

– Virtuan Citizens: Persons whose hometown is based in Virtua.

– Hometown: The town where the warehouse of a person is located.

– President: Person elected by Virtuan Citizens.

– Vice President: runner up in the National elections to the President

– Consul: Person appointed by President to serve in the Council.

– Council: The President, Vice President, and all Consuls. The Council is the National Government of Virtua.

– Advisor to the Council: Is appointed by the President, and has access to the council room for the purpose of giving advice on topics being discussed therein. He does not have any voting rights, nor can he make a direct legislative proposal.

– National Elections: Elections where Virtuan Citizens choose one fellow Virtuan Citizen to become

– President. National Elections are hosted by the Federal Government or the Council.

– Local Elections: Elections where Virtuan Citizens choose fellow Virtuan Citizens to become Mayor in the city which hometown is the same as the Virtuan Citizen who votes. Local Elections are hosted by the Federal Government.

– Restricted goods: products that can only be produced and sold by residents of Nasdaqar, which are: Explosives, guns and gunpowder.

Paragraph 1.1.2a: Elections: Right to Vote

Every Virtuan Citizen has the right to vote in National and Local Elections, who are not in conflict with IL Article 5.

Paragraph 1.1.7a.: Status of Government Employees

All citizens employed by the Virtuan Council or Virtuan Mayors are not allowed to:

– Have a criminal status (With the exception of the Positions listed in VL 1.1.7b)

– Have a cheater status or who’s alter-ego has cheater status

– Have their home town outside the Virtuan Cities.

– Participate in the planning, executing or any other form of supporting criminal activities (With the exception of the Positions listed in VL 1.1.7b)

Any violation will lead to immediate dismissal and a 500 I-Shell fine. This can be overlooked for the remainder of the round if there is an emergency situation as described previously.


Paragraph 1.1.7b: Employee Exceptions for Criminals

Criminals may function in the following capacities:

– Advisor to the Council

– Mayor of NSQ (must be in compliance with VL 1.3.1)


– National Teacher

– Head Archivist

– Archivist

– Secretary of Register of Eligibility


Paragraph 1.3.1: The Mayor and Criminal Activities

Mayors are not allowed to perform criminal activities or to subsidize criminal activities, unless in a state of emergency declared by the council, and a majority of the council sanctions these activities.


Paragraph 1.3.8: Mid-round elections

Elections taking place during the round can only be organized by the President. Organizing of mid-round elections is as follows:

– The President must request mid-round elections if no mayor can be appointed under VL 1.3.6 within 24 hours.

– Candidates to the mayor position can sign up to be elected for 24 hours.

– Candidates need to have their hometown in the city of where they are candidates and can’t have cheater or criminal status, although Nasdaqar candidates with criminal status are able to apply.

– The voting procedure will last 24 hours. Votes outside of the time limit will not be counted.

– In case of a tie between two or more candidates the President may choose the next mayor from the tied winners of the mid-round election with an approved Council majority.


Paragraph 1.3.9a: Gunpowder License

The gunpowder license can only be given by the Mayor of Nasdaqar to a MV in Nasdaqar. The Mayor can’t charge the MV for the Licence.


Paragraph 1.3.9b: Gunpowder License Removal

The gunpowder license can only be removed by the Virtuan Court. The Mayor of Nasdaqar has to agree with the removal of the gunpowder license and post his/her accept in the Virtuan Court.


Paragraph 1.3.9c: Gunpowder License Deferral

The National Government may defer the granting of the Gunpowder License by the Mayor of Nasdaqar. This deferral can only be made in the first week by a majority vote of the Council, and cannot extend beyond the end of the seventh day of the current round. The deferral must be posted in the NSQ town hall, and must be confirmed by the President and Vice President.


Paragraph 2.1.2b: Salaries

The Consul of Finance is obliged to pay these salaries once a week.


Salary per function:

– President: 2,000 I-Shell

– Consul & Vice President: 1,700 I-Shell

– Mayor: 1,500 I-Shell

– Advisor to the Council: 1,000 I-Shell

– National Officer: 1,200 I-Shell

– Local Officer: 1,000 I-Shell

– Judge (with lawyer degree): 400 I-Shell and an additional 400 I-Shell for each case he/she has functioned as a Judge

– Judge (without lawyer degree): 200 I-Shell and an additional 200 I-Shell for each case he/she has functioned as a Judge

– FCS: 700 I-Shell

– National Teacher: 400 I-Shell and an additional 200 I-Shell for every exam corrected

– Head Archivist: 700 I-Shell

– Archivist: 500 I-Shell

– Secretary of Register of Eligibility: 500 I-Shell


Any other citizens hired by the National Government of Virtua will receive a salary of 600 I-Shell per week, paid by the CoF unless decided otherwise by a majority of the Council.

The Council may bey majority vote award one bonus per week to all Government employees. This bonus may be up to, but no more than 50% of their regularly earned salaries.




Paragraph 4.2.6b: Authority of the Court

The Virtuan Court has the authority to issue a punishment for any law that is ruled as violated in the Virtuan Court, whether they are the stated enforcer or not.


Article 5.1.: Injury and Burglary

Paragraph 5.1.1.: Fines

The fines stated in paragraphs 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 can only be issued by the Federal Government. And will be automatically issued by the Federal Government.


Article 5.2.: Fines

Article 5.2.: Fines

Paragraph 5.2.1: Restricted Goods

The producing and trading of illegal restricted goods by citizens of Cashington and Centropolis is prohibited. An Officer is allowed to remove the restricted goods from a shop of non-NSQ residents and fine the owner. The fine for breaking this law is 300 I-Shell per crime, to be paid by the owner of the shop. Explosives, guns and gunpowder are considered as restricted goods.


Paragraph 5.2.2: Obscurity

Offering or asking for criminal services in clubs and the Virtuan Chat is not allowed. If identified in a club, the court or an Officer is authorised to fine the offender a 100 I-Shells claim. If identified on the chat the court or an officer is authorised to fine the offender 100 I-Shells per instance. In the case of a club being used for this purpose with approval of the administrator of that club, it can be closed by a judicial order or the CBI and the owner will be fined 500 I-Shell.


Article 5.3.: Cheaters

Paragraph 5.3.1.: Cheaters

Any citizen with a cheater status loses the right to post news feeds, to work for or to be part of the government.





General Adjustments and Loophole Closures:

Paragraph 1.1.1: Definitions

– Vice President: runner up in the National elections to the President.

– Council: The President, Vice President, and all Consuls. The Council is the National Government of Virtua.


Paragraph 1.1.2a: Elections: Right to Vote

Every Virtuan Citizen has the right to vote in National and Local Elections, who are not in conflict with IL Article 5.


Paragraph 1.1.3a: Justice

Paragraph 1.1.3b: Right of Defence

Paragraph 1.1.3c: Jurisdiction of the Virtuan Law


Paragraph 1.1.5: Freedom of speech in public clubs

Public clubs are:

-City Town Halls


Paragraph 1.1.6: Prohibitions



Paragraph 1.2.2a: The President

– To hold local elections


Paragraph 1.2.3d: The Dismissal of the Vice President

Paragraph 1.2.3e: The Appointment of a new Vice President


Paragraph 1.2.3f: Dismissal of a Consul by the Court

… For the sake of IL 12.3 abuse of power is defined as: an act that is carried out with a criminal- or malicious intent. It is a blatant and intentional breaking of the law.


Paragraph 1.2.6b: Limitation of Filling Multiple Consul Positions

Only the President and Vice President are allowed to fill more than one Consul position. Additionally, only one of the President or VP may fill more than one Consul position at a time.


Paragraph 1.2.7: Number of Consuls

The main consuls’ include but are not limited to: President, Vice-President, CoF, CoJS, and CoE.

There must always be at least 3 Consuls (not including the President) before any legislative proposal can be approved and a maximum of 10 Consuls. If the number of consuls is below 3 the President has 72 hours to find a new consul or make a worthy effort to find one before he can be prosecuted.


Paragraph 1.2.10b: The Appointment of a new Vice President

If a Vice President is dismissed or any other case that leads to the Vice President to lose his/her title of Vice President then the person with the most votes after the dismissed/former Vice President will become the new Vice President of Virtua. A majority of the Virtuan mayors (2/3) can block the appointment or fire the newly appointed Vice President within 72 hours after the new Vice President has been appointed. If there are no candidates left, the President must appoint a new Vice President, with a majority approval vote from the council.


Paragraph 1.3.2: The Mayor and Inactivity/Power Abuse/Dismissal

If the mayor is abusing his power, using it in a way that is not for the good of Virtua or is unable or unwilling to do his duties for more than 24 consecutive hours in the first two days and 36 consecutive hours during the rest of the round, the President can ask for the dismissal of the mayor. The Federal Government will determine if the actions of the mayor require dismissal and will be carried out by them if they find it necessary.


Paragraph 1.3.5: Duties of a Mayor to his citizens

In addition to the obligations of the Mayor Manual, a Mayor is obliged to:

– Follow policies of the Virtuan Council and its Departments.


Paragraph 1.3.6: Dismissal of the mayor


Paragraph 1.3.7a: Appointing a new mayor

… The President must organize a mid-round election and can also appoint an interim mayor until a new mayor is appointed.


Paragraph 1.3.7b: Interim Mayor


Paragraph 1.3.7c: Requirements for Appointing a New Mayor

To be appointed as mayor a candidate must:

– be of Virtuan nationality and live in the city where he would perform as mayor;

– not have been fired and/or resigned as mayor in the same trading period;

– have been signed up for the previous mayoral election and received over 3 votes;

– be active and willing to perform as mayor.


Paragraph 1.3.7d: Appointing a new mayor

If all none of the conditions in paragraph 1.3.7c are fulfilled, the President must organize a mid-round election in accordance with the proceedings stated in VL 1.3.8. After the election the President must request for the winner of the mid-round election to be appointed as mayor.


Paragraph 1.3.7d: Appointing a new mayor

If all of the conditions in paragraph 1.3.7c are fulfilled, the President must organize a mid-round election in accordance with the proceedings stated in VL 1.3.8. After the election the President must request for the winner of the mid-round election to be appointed as mayor.


Paragraph 1.5.1.: Priests

The President must appoint one priest, …


Paragraph 2.1.2b: Salaries

The Consul of Finance is obliged to pay these salaries once a week.


Salary per function:

Any other citizens hired by the National Government of Virtua will receive a salary of upto 1,500 I-Shell per week, as determined by a majority of the council, paid by the CoF unless decided otherwise by a majority of the council.


Paragraph 2.3.3: Overdue fines

All given fines are to be paid within 48 hours. If a person does not agree with the fine given, they can challenge the fine in court. If the fine is less than 500ISH they must pay the fine before a verdict has been reached in the lawsuit.


Paragraph 3.2.2.: State exams

The Consul of Education decides and is responsible for how the state exams are organized and must provide at least one Exam Room per degree that requires an exam.


Paragraph 3.3.3: Score Announcement

After every exam in which the student passed, the teacher should announce that the student passed in the club “Education Department”. Failure to do so will result in a reimbursement of the cost of the exam to the student in which the teacher who graded the exam is responsible for providing.


Paragraph 4.2.5a: Binding verdicts

Judges are required to take the Virtuan Law and the superior International Law into consideration when giving a verdict. Fines imposed by Judges are claimed by a FCS.


Paragraph 4.2.5b: Jurisprudance

Virtuan Court verdicts shall be binding jurisprudence for a duration of three rounds, provided that a record of the case has been recorded in the Case Records Office club.


Paragraph 4.2.6a: Laws with Undefined Punishments

Election candidates?

Since the election is a week away, we would like to know who want to run for the different positions?

So if you want to be on the list, please let MoonPoker know. The page will be updated each day, and in the next editon you got a chance to get an article if you give it to Refund or MoonPoker or send it here.


Mayor – Centropolis:


Mayor – Cashington:


Mayor – Nasdaqar:





Crimes and Criminals in Virtua

Doing this week, there has been a lot of shooting going on in virtua.

MoonPoker was shoot 85 times by Tranqer and COE.

Refund was shoot few times as well by either Tranqer or COE.


Bleech was bankrupted in El Peso, we have to assume it was by his will, since he logged out there.

Virtua lost their Criminal Mastermind, and got a normal Citizen back, MoonPoker dropped all his criminal points.

There are those who now say, that he was dangerous before, but even more now.


Instead we got a new small time criminal, Woodsman managed to earn his way into the criminal world, by what we have to assume was robbery.

There hasn’t been other shooting then of the shooting in Cashington, where Refund and MoonPoker lives.

Virtua General – Day 12/21

The last week trade has been flowing good, until MoonPoker decided to move to NSQ to get more wood, it resulted in Virtua having leak of wood at some times, because our taxi companies couldn’t keep up with the tons of wood there was skipped out of NSQ.

A few days later Refund moved to NSQ, which meant a drop in wood prices and an ore MV was created. It just meant that the already limited taxi companies had a lot more work to do.

NSQ stock rised and Rokta got some work to do, instead of being on vacation, while the cash Stock dropped a little.

It was also this week Digitaliens tried to conquer our Iron and Wood marked by making an attempt to bankrupt our Wood supplier, and getting their own stores here in Virtua.

At the same time they created 2 MV’s, one to dig iron ores, and one to make iron, but Virtuans proved strong of mind and kept buying from their local suppliers.


However Centropolis’ mayor had another thing in mind, he announced that his citizens should buy wood from Tranqer(the Digitalian who shoot at MP), because the wood price MoonPoker had was a bit to expensive, That statement gave lot of problems and discussion on why he did it.

It ended with the mayor withdrawing the announcement after MoonPoker lowered the wood price, but it is forgotten? Many of the council members raised their voice and seemed to be angry about it.


This was also the week where Virtua got their first harbor, whom annoniem 2 was the owner of, He bought the harbor  lot from the former Mayor of Centropolis Rico.Vito.

Few days later Nasdaqar was fast to get their own harbor, from which Boats to Cyberia now sails daily to ensure that Virtuans can keep their stores stocked there.

It has been an eventful week in Virtua.

Criminals in Virtua

We have seen most of the criminals from all over Virtua moving out and back to Digitalie, what affect has it had on our ”criminal” community?.

First we have seen few if any criminal activities this round, we only have two known criminals left in Virtua, and they are Bleech and MoonPoker.

Bleech already said that he wouldn’t be doing any crimes this round, reason yet unknown. Bleech is trading Trees and PC’s.

This leave us MoonPoker, who is virtua’s only criminal mastermind, there are no indications if MoonPoker wants to do crimes this round, but as far we know, he has not done any yet. MoonPoker is Virtua’s biggest wood supplier and some say that he wont do crimes this round at all, do to the chance of winning.

Virtua has been a quiet place, we haven’t seen any shooting at all, it might be because we had few, if any at all living in Nasdaqar from the beginning of the round.

Its surprising to see so few robbery attempts and none of them done by our known criminals, we have not seen any shooting, bank robbery or bombing in Virtua yet, but will we see them after the harbors open?

We are looking forward to the next week and what it might bring on the crime front.