Trouble in Paradise

The political scene in Virtua was very intense even before the beginning of Round 151. Five Virtuans ran for President and criminal Viraxje won by a landslide, beating his competition with more than half of the votes of all of the citizens! Chaos quickly followed as runner-up candidate, Sesam, brought to everyone’s attention that Viraxje was unable to hold the position of president because of his indulgence in criminal activities. Tempers flared as citizens and officials argued about what was right and what was legal.

Once the decision was made to appoint Sesam as President, the discussion turned to who would become Vice President. Because of multiple candidates and position possibilities, attitudes and confusion continued until the Federal Government stepped in to assist. By the time the dust settled, one president was bankrupted, the next in line was sworn in, a new vice president with no current political affiliation was appointed, and Mayors were even switched! These changes left the country in a state of disarray. Citizens were worried if there would be a functioning Council. City Officials were worried about their budgets.

Shady Mouse stepped up to the plate, taking over the half-staffed Council and promising to bring the chaos under control. As Consuls were employed and assigned duties, it appeared once again that the National Government of Virtua might become functional. After only a few days, tempers are beginning to cool.

When asked how he felt about these events, President Shady Mouse explained that he was “very surprised” at the outcome. He disclosed that while he does feel the current administration is “stable”, he has doubts of its ability to be productive in its current form. He leaves his citizens with hope, however as he states:

“Expect changes coming along.”

send and written to us by Viraxje

Skyscraper Talk

Preseason starts! Unlike last round tourists are already visiting Virtua and staying in the many hotels that already popped up. 

One of our reporters also managed to question the owner of one of the biggest hotels in Virtua.

Reporter: ‘We are standing out here with the owner of one of the biggest hotels in Virtua at the Skyscraper in Nasdaqar. Tourists are missing their bags because the tower is overcrowded, people are leaving the counter after being told all rooms except the extravagant top presidential suite is full.’

Reporter: ‘Hello Troel, thank you for making some time for us. Were you prepared for the tourists already considering last round the tourists came visiting Virtua later in the round?’

Troel: ‘Last round I was the first to build a tower, when building the tower this time I didn’t build it for the tourists at first. I built the tower for the people in Nasdaqar. I was surprised by the visiting tourists and expanded because of them.

Reporter : ‘What kind of tourists are visiting your tower, do they have a room preference?’

Troel : ‘Well I think last round tourists lost a lot of money by visiting rather late in the round as prices for rooms went up, they are looking for cheap rooms now. At this moment the tourists prefer basic and comfort rooms. My presidential suite has not been rented yet.

Reporter: ’Thank you for your time!’

Current statistics reveal that there currently are 164 floors built in Virtua, 83 floors built in Nadaqar Troel owns the tallest skyscraper, Skyscraper 17 floors. There are 43 floors built in Centropolis, Markallen3 being the biggest hotel owner with 14 floors. Cashington has a total of 39 floors with Mystq and Bleech both owning a skyscraper of 14 floors.

We have a total number of 20 skyscrapers in Virtua thus far, making the average a little over 8 floors per skyscraper.

The Vnews staff is excited to see what changes may occur during the second week and will keep monitoring the tourists which are staying overnight in the hotels.