Criminals Wanted

A call to all Virtuan citizens! Recently our economy has been smashed by the crime spree of our adversaries. They shot our primary shooters dead and are making immense profit in their stead. They single-handedly caused our economy to go from a booming metropolis to a barely surviving homestead. This is unacceptable! We are Virtuans! We are United! Let us show those who wish to blow up our homes and shoot our citizens what it means to mess with Virtua!

I do not speak on behalf of the Government. I speak on behalf of Riviat, a Virtuan citizen whose trade was brought to a crashing halt because some of our primary traders were shot dead. I may not have agreed with all of their prices or trading methods, but shooting them dead, all of them dead, that is completely unacceptable. So join me in lobbying our government to allow criminals to prosper in our land. Let us take back that which is rightfully ours. Let us show the others that we are united. Viva La Virtua!