Economy Halted

Extra Extra, Read all About it! The Virtuan economy recently came to a screeching halt! With the recent bankruptcy of GK, Shady Mouse, and Tobilo, our economy has been hurting, especially in the area of construction. A shortage of bricks, wood and glass has caused many problems for our great nation. Fortunately, Woshiempire() has attempted to fill in the void as a wood supplier with Aximili providing bricks, but it is very difficult for them to both keep up with the demand. Currently, sales are going to foreigners who have managed to build shops and import their goods to our soil. Normally I would be fully supportive of the competition, but not when they were the cause of the bankruptcies in the first place.

Hopefully in the near future more Virtuans will step up to the plate and work together in order to bring our economy blazing into the future with many sales and grand amounts of turn over. Remember, when we work together, we all ultimately make greater profits!