Virtuan education renewed

With the help of Herr Direktor of the Federals, Virtua is once again able to provide education of those who are worthy enough to ask for it. With the return of the educational standards, Virtua can once again train all old and new citizens for the public services within Virtua and the Federation.

Already, two students have passed all three tests. These students are no less than YAN, the Consul of Finances, and Sesam, our democratically chosen President. Their answers were commemarable and I hope they will encourage others to take up the pen(/keyboard) and fill in their own exam forms!

Also, I wish to note that over the years people have argued that the degree system holds no merit anymore. I cannot disapprove strongly enough of such a statement. The degree and education system in Virtua ensures not only that students have the required knowledge to perform the duties of an officer well, but also have to show their understanding of the bigger picture in the game, including the use and misuse of the law. Maybe you need some maturity to fully appreciate the subtleties of these kind of know-how. It may explain a lot, as all Virtuans know that a certain level of maturity is mostly lacking in our north-western neighbours, but that’s for another discussion.

All in all, Virtua is back in business and booming!

Viva Virtua!