Corrupt Mayors

It’s 4:30. You’ve just finished a hard days work of trading. As you finish restocking your shelves, you go to your backyard and grab your bundle of trees that have been sitting there since day 1. You toss them in your truck and drive to the townhall, hoping that today, you will be able to export them to the Mayor’s warehouse. As you pull up, you read over the list of goods currently being accepted for export. Only iron again for the fourth day in a row. That’s strange. You check the lot map. You notice the mayor owns a lot right next to your neat little parcel on the southeast side of town. That’s weird. You don’t think much of it and go home for the night. Tomorrow you come into work and low-and-behold, all of the property around you has been bought. You’ve been boxed in.

This would never happen, right? Mayor’s would never abuse their powers, right? Think again.

It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes Mayors put their own interests ahead of those of the city’s and their people. Take round 149 for instance. It was discovered that the Mayor of Centropolis was not only saving the most profitable exports for only himself, he was also over-paying with city funds for his own property while refusing to build parks for citizens unless they made purchases from him. Even worse, he would threaten and also attempt to box his own citizens in by utilizing the ability of the Mayor’s account to buy lots far away from his own, sell them cheaply back to himself, and then proceed to try to box in his citizens.

Although I do not believe any of the current mayors are this bad, I do believe it is the responsibility of Virtuan citizens to vote responsibly in local elections and to run in the elections themselves if they do not see any good candidates on the tickets.