Machine Woes

Day 10

Trade came to a crashing halt overnight in Virtua. This has left many experts wondering “What happened?” The economy was healthy, money and products were flowing, we didn’t run out of resources. What happened to trade?

In a gargantuan plot twist, it seems that the missing link to the delicate balance of trade is none other then Virtua’s very own Mr(s) MC contestant, Mystq. Mystq’s disappearance, a mystery in itself for the last 2 days, has left the nation without pumps and engines, a vital product in trade flow. Without any pumps or engines, machines cannot be produced. Without machines, we lose access to gas, plastic, chips, electronics, and wood. This domino effect has come into full swing, grinding trade to a halt.

Perhaps there is a story to be learned here. Perhaps the real news to report is simple and straightforward:

“We can’t go on without our beloved Mystq!”