Visit to the Dungeon

After I received the invitation to go to Federal Assistant’s house in the middle of the woods of Nasdaqar I was initially quite cautious. I had heard the stories of people disappearing for days in the dungeon, only surfacing months later to Miniconomy again, with their memories wiped on their experience and only thinking that they had been away from a game all the time they were gone. I shudder as I carry on through the jungle-like forest.

Just in case anything bad went down, I always had my trusty phone with me I bought from Flight 815 the week before. I had ran out of lots for brickstores since then but hey, you never know when a phone is handy.

I looked down at the map and note I had found in my pocket after walking around Ibisha, searching for any last remnant of ore. The map was unmarked but for a grubby thumbprint on the back, and the note simply had some coordinates and said;

Come and see me tonight.

F. Ass

Of course, Mr Ass could only be one person in the Federation.

I reach the coordinates and notice a rundown shop in the middle of the forest, looking around for any signs of life. All I saw were some Virtuan contracts covered in baby puke. It seemed the Consul of Finance Xzese and Mystq had came here earlier to the shop in the middle of nowhere, for reasons unknown. The shop door is open, almost hanging off it’s hinges infact, so I go in and find myself in a totally unexpected room.

The floor is a pure white marble, glaring with the chandelier 20 metres above me in the cavernous room. The light is no match for my tinted CBI© sunglasses though, so I carry on until I reach what looks like an office door.
Aside from the empty chair behind his desk, the first thing I noticed is the huge map of his favourite city on the wall opposite the door, Monapoli, the city of diamonds. Then I spot the open trapdoor almost concealed behind the desk, leading down into the basement. I follow the stairs down using my quality Ibishan phone’s flashlight app.

At the bottom I am met with the sight of none other then DJ Ricky JUNIOR unceremoniously taped to (a very comfy looking) chair. Federal Assistant walks in from a dark corner of the room and explains that he found a Virtuan for me to interview for Vnews with a cheerful smile on his face.

Ricky was surprisingly very cooperative in his “interview”! I barely had to give him any of the truth serum Federal Assistant left me with which was great, these days Ibisha and Virtua both import everything and you know how expensive shipping can be.

“So how did you begin in Miniconomy Ricky? What got you started?”

“I actually first started by my brother bringing me to one of the Miniconomeetings. I met some players and was even there when skyscrapers were first talked about. They talked all about new ideas and politics but at that point I hadn’t played so most I didn’t understand”

“Sounds fun! Have you gotten into politics at all since joining? Maybe tried the elections for President?”

“No not President yet, I would like to try President but right now I need a bit more experience. Next round I do plan on running for Mayor though. I’ll be doing a lot of campaigning on the chat for Mayor!”

“Nice, good to see you getting involved! Now do you have a game-plan for the rest of this round?”

“I did. I was going to move to Centropolis to make plastic but then dj ricky beat me to it. I might end up going to Cashington now. I liked doing screwdrivers this round, but I ran out of plastic and can’t make any more. Now I rely on saws to get my business back! Next round I might do pumps and engines, or something big like wood as another option. I think bombs and guns aren’t my type though, so if I stay in Nasdaqar I probably won’t trade those.”

“Thanks Ricky! I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you when Federal Assistant comes back. Good luck in the elections too!”

It was getting a bit late by then, so I decided to finish the interview to give me enough hours of light to make it back to my Farmerrari in the Nasdaqar parking lot a few miles hike away. You never can tell what might be prowling around the forests at night…

Official Press Release

Official Press Release
This is a warning to the government of Virtua, President Rokta and all citizens that think they can intimidate true Cyberians. You cannot. We are the C.U.L.T. Long before Virtua was even founded we have been active behind the scenes to bring terror upon those that are not just. As long as Cyberian citizens are not safe from the low and selfish actions of Virtuan citizens we will reign terror upon thee.

These are our demands:

1. We have identified the perpetrator who has been putting bombs on Cyberian soils. You are aware of his identity but refuse to recognise this. His name starts with a “V”. We demand his immediate execution.
2. the hawk will pay a sum of 5000ish to every Cyberian city with a harbour, as a compensation for the losses made due to his harbour policy.
3. The ridiculous “Virtuan Secret Order” must cease existence. We know your identities. Don’t make us come after you.

Unless you meet our demands your political leaders will be annihilated before the end of the round. All of them: consuls, mayors, presidents, vice-presidents and everybody who was on the list of last elections.

This is our promise. You have until the end of day 14 of this round to meet our demands.

We are the CULT. Cyberian Underground League of Terror. We are legion.

Second Warning

with much interest we have r3ad the new threat from your whimsey ‘secret order’.
The person behind this has not stopped his ridiculous quest, henceforth we now make his name public and add a bounty to his name.

The person that eliminates VIRAXJE will be visited by an anonymous trader from /// Cyberia that will spend 5000 ish in your store. This will leave no trace. CBI or FCS cannot trace sale. We will know who killed VIRAXJE. We have our sources.

WARNING/// If you fail to kill VIRAXJE by monday, a massive amount of bombs will go off in the streetz and in your SHOPS.
Our WareHouzes Have 50+ b0mBS r3ady To use on Virtuan TARGETS.

Thank you.

Cyb3rian Und3grouNd L34ague of T3rR0r

Announcement from the Virtuan Secret Order

Announcement from the Virtuan Secret Order

This announcement is to be spread as an official announcement, written by members of the Order.


Last round our Order had successfully defended Virtua, something which was necessary after your government declared war upon us. By laying siege to your shops and clubs, we were able to achieve a great number of casualties and damage. We wish to remind you that these casualties were only possible due to your own actions. Although this is a new year, a new trade-period. This doesn’t mean that we have forgotten your war declaration of last trade-period.

We, the Order, hope that this trade-period there’d be no need to defend the glorious nation of Virtua. We hope that no typical Cyberian, thus dumb, actions like last round will be repeated by the Cyberian Government. We will defend our great nation with all of our resources if needed. This message should be perceived as a warning. A warning for the current government and Cyberian citizens not to mess with Virtua.

Hail Virtua. Hail our great leader the President.

written by the Virtuan Secret Order

Skyscraper loans

Since this round skyscrapers were added to the game. Houses don’t exist anymore. To open a bank account or to be partially save, you can live in a skyscraper. To fasten the build of skyscrapers at the start of the round, the federals allowed the national governments to hand out loans for these skyscrapers. But are they as good as they needed to be? 

To start off with, the skyscrapers are not cheap to build. For the first 10 floors as a base it will cost 20.000 to 25.000 ISH to build. You can build a smaller skyscraper, then you will save money on the first (base) build. But the problem i think that will occur is that an expansion of your current skyscraper is more expensive. So to start with and at the most cheapest is it better to build the first 10 floors for that 20-25k.

Now national governments can give loans up to 30.000 ISH to get skyscrapers early in the round quicker. But there are some things i and some others have noticed with the loans. First, to hand out the loan the treasury should have enough money to give the loan. At the start of the round, this is one of the hardest things. At the start of the round the treasury doesn’t have enough money to be able to give a loan. On the second day of the round it is possible, but only 1 loan. While the round is going the treasury should be able to hand out more loans.

But by the time the treasury has enough to hand out more loans, players themself are already able to build a skyscraper without a loan. The skyscraper loans are not necessarily needed anymore, altho you could use the loans to furnish the rooms better.

Another problem with the skyscraper loans is the interest that has to be paid everyday. The responsible official for the finances needs to give the order everyday to give a fine for the interest to the person who has the loan. Hereby the official needs to keep in mind the height of the loan. In Virtua the interest was adjusted when a part of the loan was paid back. With this, the official needed to keep a some sort of log to know if a fine was given for a certain day and/or was paid in time.

Not only the government official had a job with the loans. Also the FCS’s of a country had some work. They were the players that had to hand out the fines everyday and check whether the fine was paid on time. The FCS also had to give a fine to pay back a part of the full loan.

This sounds pretty easy to do, but it isn’t when you need to keep track of, for both the government official and the FCS. If a fine is not given for a day, it can destroy the whole system. Then the main problem will be, which fine is given to find out which fine is not given. When you found the missing fine, that can be solved.

Another thing is when you have multiple loans at the same time. If 1 fine is not given on time, it again destroys the whole system, but then it’s not traceable anymore, since there are more loans going. Then you just have to wonder, will the CBI or federals find the problem or not. It causes major problems if the system cannot be kept running. And it’s not easy to keep it running according to the system.

Some solutions appeared after the problem was known. Players started thinking on how to make this more easy for everyone. A solution was that you have a FCS responsible for every city where loans are handed out, or a FCS on 1 loan. The problem is, in Digitalia and Ibisha, this can be done, there are only 2 cities in Digitalia and Ibisha speaks for itself. But in Cyberia and Virtua, this is just not possible. The International Law only allows to have max 2 FCS’s in each country. Since Cyberia has 4 cities to keep track of and Virtua 3, this is just not possible. Or the law should be adjusted, that allows more FCS’s each country.

Another solution was using the same loan system for banks, but make it like in the playermanager, where a player can request a loan, the government gives the loan and everything goes automaticly. Or the government official is allowed to open a bank with a mv and use that bank as government bank. How the interest system works on the banks is something i’m not sure of and if this would help with the loans.

We will see what the federals will do to solve these problems. One thing i know and what i can tell you is that with the skyscrapers loans currently, makes just a mess. Something has to be done, before the loans are doable for everyone and before big fines from the federals or CBI will show up for the national treasury or the player self.

vNews will keep you up-to-date.

Return of the Old Virtuans to the New Virtua

After a long time lost on a remote island and hidden by the vegetation of the Duku river, I have finally discovered my way back to Virtua.
Along the way I also found Oscar123, my wife and a former Mayor of Cashington, and together we were able to find our way back to the Virtuan city we been living before traveling up the Duku.
When entering the city limits we meet Tuned, a former President of Virtua, who was himself returning from an undisclosed location after also many rounds.
Riemer_1990 has also returned to the Federation, unfortunately due to the strong currents of the Valuta river his life-raft made a detour and he is now living in Roebelarendsveen, Cyberia, hopefully one day he will find his way back to Virtua as well.

While all of us were lost at sea for many years, and despite the rescue efforts made by many citizens of the federation, trading kept on going and many things have changed since we were last here.
The most immediate and most noticeable change is that a small diamond field has been discovered under all the trees that cover Nasdaqar, the greenest virtuan city.
This small change led to a more lenient Nasdaqar and many law changes were changed to now accept diamond derived goods, like guns and explosives, that before were consider illegal in all the Virtuan cities and that are now allowed to be traded by Nasdaqar citizens.

This easier access to weapons also paved the way for more obscure actions and Virtua started to have traders engaging in criminal activities, including mayors and government officials.
As a result of this Virtua is no longer the safe and sometimes naive country it once was. Crime has increased in all cities, especially Nasdaqar, making shop owners worry about getting security to their shops a lot sooner than before and people just don’t spend as much time on the streets because they don’t want to be mugged. In short Virtua is not the safest nation it once was.

I myself have made a steady career in Virtual and Federation politics and in the last rounds I was here, especially from trading periods 105 to 107, I has been one of the most supporting Presidents for passing law changes allowing Virtuan citizens to have more freedom. Together with other Virtuan Presidents, Consuls and many advisers we funded a lot of the investigations to study the Nasdaqar soil. Unfortunately I wasn’t here when diamonds were first gathered in Virtua and missed many of the changes resulting from their discovery.

I’ve now getting acquainted again will all this changes and also going back to school and taking exams to once again become teacher, officer, lawyer and everything else that might be needed.
I’m also trying to get a clearer view of where we were now, what we have have done before and hopefully know what we need to do to improve even more.
One thing I know for sure: it’s good to be back! Thank you all for making me fell welcomed here again.

Overview day 8/20

Welcome to the first edition of vNews for round 116!

A later edition of vNews compared to normal as our main editor is facing technical difficulties. Nonetheless, I will provide the overview of the first week of trading, politics and crime!

At the end of round 115, four candidates vied for the office that holds the Virtuan Presidential seat. Hostilities arose between some of the candidates, which erupted after the results of the voting were published. Tortaam surprised his competition by receiving 10 votes and, as Vice-President, immediately issuing a veto for the appointment of the other two candidates to become Consul even before the round had officially started. This increased the tension between Andoversr, who only got 2 votes out of 32, and Tortaam. So far, no casualties have been reported…

 (Brendan) won the election by receiving as many votes as all the others combined and, after consultation with various people, presented the following Virtuan Council:
President – (Brendan)
Vice President -Tortaam
Consul of Education – Forsties
Consul of Finance – the mister
Consul of Justice and Safety- TheCaptain
Consul of Social Affairs – OCMan101
Advisor to the Council – White Queen

(Brendan) kept himself and his Virtuan Council well informed of all the feelings of the Virtuan public by designing several small surveys. These surveys provided important information to (Brendan) for controversial topics like crime, but also proved that surveys can be a quick and solid tool to investigate the feeling of the Virtuans on specific topics.

When looking at the local governments, it shows that White Queen and Rokta easily won the elections in respectively Centropolis and Nasdaqar. This round is Rokta’s fifth time as Mayor of Nasdaqar in only eight rounds time. The entire vNews staff congratulates Rokta for this milestone. The Mayor elections in Cashington proved to be bitter for OCman101 as his competitor Spainman0 won with only one vote difference. OCman101 was a bit put down by this result and got a pep talk from various people.

Somewhere during the week, Mayor Spainman0 took a controversial turn of events. As he did in previous rounds, he placed a road in a way that many harbour lots were free to buy for anyone, including foreigners. This resulted in Cashington being the one with the first Virtuan harbour owned by Ibishan Gandalf-the-Grey. Nonetheless, the harbour auction in Centropolis continued and ended with an astounding bid of 3000 I-Shell by Centropolis’ gas trader bytertje.

Although this round started a day later, Virtuan economy boosted tremendously. Quickly all key products were covered by Virtuans, only Nasdaqar seemed to have a slow start. Already on day three, Tortaam claimed to have a solid possibility to win this round.  He based this prediction on the he already had a 60sqst large mega and 3 MVs in Centropolis within 50 hours of trading. Foreign contestants for the title are no less than Justinote, Mr. Geld and the Ibishan account of a beloved Virtuan; Forstibies.

In this first week of round 116, Andoversr made an international casino offering a controversial way of gambling. Clearance for the casino was giving by every country, although Virtua was the last to decide. Only two days later, rumour has it that the Cyberian government is reviewing its clearance. This review was provoked by a possibly bribe of one of the countries by Andoversr to accept the casino.


The chair of the High Council, Tresias Aegirsson, made a controversial piece of advice to the Government leaders and the Federals to limit the trade of Mayors to their hometowns. He claims the High Council has the right to give this advice based on a broad interpretation of IL3.4b. However, many people, mostly Cyberians, claim that Tresias Aegirsson is stepping outside of his jurisdiction and will hear no proposal coming from him. The Virtuan Government has made no statement on this topic as of yet.


Trade statistics will be published as soon as possible.

President interview

I have been talking to our Predident (Brendan).

Q: There have been very many minor law proposals, do you think that is good or just ‘waste’ of your time?

A: Any law proposal that improves the law book is of course worth my time. Minor laws can help tidy the law book and are the key to having a good law book, if we have it all grammatically correct, up to date and consistent it is not only easier to read but also helps prevent confusion and ensures clarity. We also have big law changes running, so it works quite well to have the minor and major being proposed together.

Q: Would you like more loopholes and/or grammars to be changed?
A: Grammar can be changed when it is noticed. In a lot of cases, grammar doesn’t have an effect on the meaning of laws and can’t be used to exploit the law. Loopholes are harder to find and should be amended where ever possible.

Q: Maybe even make a Consul of finding mistakes in Virtuan Law?
A: I think it’s the responsibility of all Consuls to find mistakes in the Virtuan Law. They should be up to date with it and responsible for improving it. It’s encouraged that they find mistakes in the Virtuan Law and propose changes to the rest of the Council, even more encouraged that they check the part of the law book that they are ruled by.

Q: This round the number of Virtuan criminals have been zero, do you think it would be smarter just to remove the opportunity to sell/buy illegal(restricted items) in Nasdaqar?
A: No, not at all. The ability to sell/buy the former illegal goods in Nasdaqar wasn’t introduced to help a certain few players but to make it easier for those who wish to partake in crime in Virtua easier. Just because a few of the first few Virtuan criminals have since stopped, this doesn’t mean it can no longer run – make we could see some new criminals! However in a few rounds, it could be possible that upon reviewing the changes it may not be worth having it in place. Who knows.

Q: Refund(I) have been raging a bit in the IC, is it a reason for firing your CoF, as it is not giving a good image of Virtua?
A: First of all, I don’t agree with the bad language he used initially. However, after that happened he is now standing up for something he believes in and is strong willed. This is a good quality in a Council member. I don’t think it is giving Virtua a bad name since he may have his personal dealings without being confined to his Consul profession. Unless the situation escalated to the point where Refund was causing harm or acting against the good of Virtua then that would be the one where I review his employment.

Q: Do you plan to try make any international treaties or alike this round?
A: An education treaty is currently being discussed in the International Convention.


Thanks to our beloved President for answering.