The anger of Bleech!

It’s the saturday on which whole the Federation is waiting, today it will be the day of a new vNews edition! 

Next to the mainoffice of vNews in Nasdaqar, the Virtuan Bleech is already waiting to buy the newest edition. Fellow Virtuans say that he has already been there since 5:00 servertime this morning, to buy the second vNews edition which was scheduled on 12:00 servertime.

He already was there since 5:00 servertime – Fellow Virtuans about Bleech

At 12:00 servertime the maineditor of vNews, YAN, opens the door. Bleech runs inside but local officer and writer for our magazine Rokta blocks his way and sends him back outside. ‘What the hack!?’, Bleech yells!

YAN starts speaking: ‘Dear people, we are very sorry but due to personal circumstances we will not be able to publish the second vNews edition in time. The edition will be published at 21:30 servertime tonight, this evening. After that announcement he runs inside again with Rokta.

vNews’ closest reader Bleech starts crying like a child, ‘they took my vNews edition away!’ he screams. ‘They will pay for this, I will sue this r*t*rds!’. This maineditor is worse than Tresias Aegirsson!’ he yells again while he walks towards the Virtuan Court.

This maineditor is worse than T.A. – Bleech about YAN

And so did he, after a few minutes the Virtuan Consul of Justice and Safety splodge knocks on the door of the vNews office. YAN opens the door, ‘I am planning to leave now so make it quick, splodge‘. ‘I think you ain’t going anywhere, you are being sued in the Virtuan Court.’ splodge repeats.

Mystq please take him away to the station and inform him about the details of the case’. ‘Yes sir!’ the NSQ officer answers.

Currently we are in the VC waiting on details about the case, sources told us that Bleech demands an 150-Ishells cost compensation for the long and cold waiting for nothing. But as we don’t have acces to the Court Room we don’t know.

To be continued…