The Capital News (1/3)

Indeed, the Capital News is something new in vNews! This Capital News will report the mainstories from the Miniconomy Federation by using the following six important categories: national politics, justice, safety/crimes, FU/HC, trade, vNews. We hope you will enjoy! 


National politics

The Virtuan Law does not has any worth this round – YAN

We will kick off with Virtuan politics in this edition, the Virtuan Council consists now for almost 50% of Virtuans with a criminal status! Even the Virtuan President, viraxje, traded his Master of Industry status for a gray criminal status! The quote above is a common said one in the democracy. Though till this moment with a well functioning Virtuan Court no Virtuan has sued the Virtuan Government yet for these violations, probably the Virtuans are fine with it.



Today we will look into the Judges of the International Court, which is led by Cyberian The Minic this round. Till this moment several Judges died, already 2 of the just appointed Judges, to be exact loco_tazz and OCMan101 we’re killed by criminals. The Chairman now only has a team of two Judges left and some people are wondering if the High Council will react, but as it is inactive (more about that later on) that chance is small. The Chairman reacts with fun and he hopes that his Judges didn’t commited suicide because he’s their boss.



We’re only at 1/3 of this round but a lot of crimes were commited already! At the moment of writing already 400 crimes were commited in whole the Federation. Experts see a growing number of crimes this round if you compare it to the last rounds. A simple explaination for it is that the Federation got two new serious offenders of crimes: the Virtuan Consul Duups and our own editor in chief, YAN! Till this moment several of their fellow citizens were killed by them. The Virtuan Government did not declare an Emergency Situation in the country yet.



The Federal Union and the High Council are very inactive at the moment. Since a few days all the Government leaders of the country’s were present in the club but till this moment nothing usefull has been discussed and there were only 2 posts made in the Federal Union club. The Ibishan Rednax already whined about it and the Federal Union Chairman Tresias Aegirsson promised to do best he is able to to try to revive the FU and get it active again. The High Council is inactive as well, it now has 1 inactive member, Sura, and in the private club there wasn’t much discussion yet. Will these international very important organisations manage to get active again? Time will learn.



The trade in our Federation is dominated by two citizens. Indeed those two are gelaarsdekat and Digitalian King hubinho. Those two persons are in the race of winning the 132th trading period! The players are both trying to hurt the other as much as possible, today Digitalian citizens bombed and robbed GK but Virtuans bombed the shops of hubinho. This will become an interesting round as both potential round winners are Criminal Masterminds and have connections in the criminal world.



In this edition enough to read! There are articles written by RoktaThe Federals (statistics) and by YAN. Have fun!