The changes in the Central Bureau of Investigation

Since a few rounds the anti-cheating organisation Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has to deal with a lot of criticism of players. But why? What happened with the old beloved CBI? vNews is going to find that out in this edition!

Round 125, some alert citizens of the Federation noted that the CBI appointed two new Special Agents. Harisson Ford, the current spokesman for the CBI, and Alonzo Harris were hired by the Federals.

In the same round quite some Cyberian citizens were complaining in the CBI Public as they didn’t agree with the fine issued by the CBI Special Agents. The other citizens of the Federation were thinking that those Cyberians were just whining and agreed with the CBI on the fines, which would change soon.

One round later, after the screening and clear victory of Refund, the CBI was preparing for another round of fines, warnings, you name it. The beginning of the new trading period was probably smooth for the CBI. No complaints about fines, no discussions, no postbans given. This could become a quiet period in terms of complaints. 

But that turned out to be a mistake soon. In the second week the complaints started. But now not only the Cyberian citizens were criticizing but now also Virtuan people started to ask questions about fines they received and were complaining about the way the CBI was working.

The first complaint about the CBI from Virtuan soil came from Bleech. Who posted the following:

Thank you for this most constructive remark ever. If the CBI is willing to cooperate in any way, please let me know.Bleech, at CBI Public.

The post of Bleech was a reaction on a weird reaction from the CBI spokesman Harisson Ford.

Some foreknowledge: currently Bleech is organising the Virtuan Awards. The Awards are being organised by Virtuan citizens for quite some rounds and there’s also an option to sponsor the Awards as Virtuan citizen.

As quite some Virtuan citizens were already posting that they would sponsor (higher than 100 ISH) amounts of Ishells the organizer Bleech requested the following in the CBI Public:

Several sponsorships to the Virtuan Awards have already been promised. I would like to receive guidelines from the CBI to know what is allowed and what is not. – Bleech, at CBI Public.

A few moments later the CBI reacted quick with the following:

It would be nice if you give us your idea by e-mail first before asking for guidelines. At the moment, no permission has been given to you or anyone to organise this contest. – Harisson Ford, at CBI Public.

Several players were in shock: did the CBI seriously forbid Bleech to organise the whole contest? As their job isn’t doing that, but only forbidding eventually sponsoring with ISH. A lot of players posted their thoughts about the weird post of Ford.

Refund reacted with irony: ‘So CBI is controlling contests now? lelelelelelele.’

Also Andoversr4, better known as Andoversr, the old Head Recruiter of the MCRecruitment and still recruiter reacted:

If the CBI is controlling who can run contests then you are undermining the effort’s of MCRecruitment and everyone working there trying to save this game. I post this as a long standing recruiter and former Head of Recruitment, CBI back-off and stick to issuing guidelines for contests ONLY , you do not have the right to stop players from running contests! – Andoversr4, at CBI Public.

Did the CBI seriously forbidden an award who is helping the social part of the game? Or did the CBI Special Agent, Harisson Ford, just read the post not well? Till the moment of writing this we still don’t know, and we probably won’t, as the CBI doesn’t admit her mistakes, unless not in a public club.

Another complaint came from YAN, who got fined by the CBI for selling trees for a too high price. He didn’t disagree with the fine but his main problems with the Central Bureau of Investigation were the communication between players and the CBI Agents.

An example is that the CBI sends you a textmessage with for example: ‘Dear Piet, you are selling pumps for a too high price. This will be corrected with a fine of 640. Thanks for your cooperation.’

As player you can’t see the calculation of the CBI Agent who fined you, and when you disagree with the height of the fine you can’t refuse to pay it and ask for a reaction. This is just one example of things that are,  in the opinion of several players, going wrong.

Those are only the Virtuan stories about bad communication from the CBI with players but also Cyberian citizens have complained about the way they are being threatened by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Traag begrip got fined for something he didn’t understand. He had to ask why and didn’t get any valuable information from the CBI about the products, why the auction costs were below the price he bought te products for, you name it. All those information wasn’t sent by the CBI Agents at all. Which would probably prevent the CBI from getting constantly questions about their actions.

This afternoon several Cyberian players started to post mocking messages in the CBI Public. A few shiners:

I just moved to Eurodam. That you know this, because I do not know if this is still allowed by the CBI…. – Marcello Alvarez, at CBI Public.

If you ask it of you, yes, I do have a gold collection. – Justinote, at CBI Public.

Also the former Cyberian president, whooty, and Tresias Aegirsson started to post things like: ‘Is there also a CBI application for andriod?’

A total amount of 36 posts like these two above were posted by these 4 players and they probably want to show their dissatisfaction about the actions which the CBI is taking the last two rounds.

A few moments later all the posts were deleted by Federal Researcher, who posted that the CBI Public isn’t a playground. All the 4 players received a postban and/or ban from the CBI Public club. Can’t the CBI stand critism?

We are now at the 13th day of the round and the CBI is running at full speed. Fines are being written, people are being punished by their, according to the CBI, weird trade behaviour and all that kind of things.

But since a round of two the CBI became much more stricter. Higher fines, worse communication and more complaints about their actions. Would that be the influence from the two new CBI Agents? Or from the Federals? We will probably never know.

Unless this reader is a CBI Agent of course.