The Second week of Virtuan trade

VIRTUA – After a second week of trading in our beloved country, it is time to look at our gains (and losses?).
The trade this week was booming, however due to a lack of iron () the trade stalled several times, which had a negative impact on the trade in general. However, that situation has changed yesterday, when the V MV started supplying iron.

A harbour in Virtua has been build, which makes it possible for Virtuan citizens to travel to other countries in the Federation, and for foreigners to visit our beloved Republic.The Financial department of Virtua stated that the budgets of both country and cities are excellent, due to that the Virtuan government employees were paid 50% extra bonus for two weeks already! It is important if you have not done yet, to request your national subsidy, this is possible to do in the Virtuan DoF-club.The second week of trade was lovely, with a few bummers of course. What will the third week bring? Keep the I-shells rolling, Virtuans!