The Virtuan Criminal Council

A group of Virtua’s most infamous criminals came together this week to create a concept called the Virtuan Criminal Council, or VCC for short. The VCC is a seperate council that allows a vote to players with the Criminal Mastermind status, and those with Gangster statuses are allowed to view the club.

The VCC has already caused quite a stir, having now posted two proposals in the Council Public club. The first proposal is based around a new lawset the focuses on a criminal’s Moral Code, and when it is OK to commit crimes. The second is to ask for their club to be reset-proof and for the Virtuan City of Crime club to stop being so.


The first proposal has sparked much discussion as it appears the more important. People have discussed how the laws are written, and whether they should be implemented at all.


However, the second proposal, although seemingly small, may be the more important one. By effectively deleting the Virtuan City of Crime club, the City of Crime idea would effectively cemented into the Virtuan culture,despite the fact that the general public seems to still be undecided about the idea, as shown by the research done by (Brendan) last round.

 Want your Views known, or just want to know more about the proposals? Head over to the “Council Public” club and check out the “Virtuan Criminal Council Proposals” thread!