Virtua, End of round 110

Round 110 has bought many fun things and the trade has been flowing and we haven’t really experienced the problems from earlier rounds with slow or no trade in a long time.

However Nasdaqar was a bit dead doing the first week, but there came more activity in the second week.

It has been clear in virtua that many of the basic products were covered by few, and it gave some problems.

Wood was hard to get in Centropolis some days and the same went for Iron.

Following players was on the basic in round 110 in Virtua.

Wood: MoonPoker and Aqib

Iron: Felix D and Refund

Bricks: Nater and Mystq

Plastic: gelaarsdekat and Refunds MV.

Our President doing the whole round has been (Brendan) and Nater was our Vice President.

Refund as CoF, he faced challenges this round with two active cities and one that was less active, it was also this round that playermanager was made public.


Centropolis with natcha12 as mayor has been burning through money and it was clear that with their 96 “active” players that they would need more than the rest. Natcha12 did a good job as mayor of Centropolis, though he and refund had their clashes about the budgets.


Cashington with Forsties as mayor did a really good job and through Cashington had bought Iron and Brick traders, Forsties managed to keep the lot state close to 100 most of the time. Cashington has a few problems with the budget the first couple of days but was quickly solved.


Nasdaqar with Rokta as mayor had a rough couple of days in the start with 1-3 active traders, which meant that it was close to a ghost town, however it seemed that trade picked up after both Refund and MoonPoker moved there, and stores was built. Nasdaqar never had budget problems and enjoyed the life of being the rich city in Virtua.


There has been close to no crimes in virtua, a few small traders tried the way of being criminal, and some had more luck than others.

As a closure, it seems it has been a good round and we hope to see a few of our traders in top 25.