Virtuan City of Crime Evaluation

This week saw (Brendan) organising an evaluation for the controversial “Virtuan City of Crime” idea.


The Virtuan city of crime was first proposed a few rounds back, and was hit with both support and criticism. Supporters of the topic said that it would mean English-speaking criminals had a place to practise crime and also that it would allow Virtua to defend itself against foreign shooters, whereas Critics of the idea said that it would deter new players from Virtua, and also that it would lead to more bankrupting, and therefore less business and chat.


Now that the idea has been in place for several rounds, another evaluation topic has been opened. Similar arguments have been put forward by veteran and newer players alike, although we have seen some players who were originally against the idea now being indifferent or even supporting the idea. (Brendan) has been contacting people via chat and looking at the “Virtuan City of Crime” club for an idea on people’s views on the topic, and has posted an interesting set of findings. These statistics can be found in the “Council Room” club.


Haven’t made your views known, but want to? Check out the “R112: Evaluation” topic in the “Virtuan City of Crime” club and have your views known!