Viva la Virtua

Mystq woke up to the announcement of another competition, a triathlon of sorts. She smiled at her countrymen and looked fondly at her crown.She held the title as the previous winner. If someone won this competition other than Virtua, the crown would be taken from her. This, she could not allow.

She familiarized herself with the current rules and tasks and set to work enlisting the help of her fellow Virtuans. DJ Ricky and Viraxje knew how important it was for the three strong Virtuan cities of the Federation to win this competition. They plotted together, making trade deals, building banners to flood the streets, and gathering as many alarms as could be found across the lands.

It wasn’t always easy. There were bumps in the road from the beginning. Virtuans cannot always agree on how things should be done, but ultimately Mystq could not allow failure.

She won the first leg of the competition, somehow selling the appropriate amount of things to magically score the most points. Some would call it luck, but she didn’t believe in luck. Mystql powers were at play, but her secrets could never be shared.

As her friends set to work donning the town with her banner, more citizens took up the cause and joined their efforts, decorating the shops and lining the streets with her name. Mystq for Virtua! Even the Newspaper included advertisements for her great country to win the final prize. Things were looking golden, but there were some things Mystq had to accomplish on her own.

She set her mind on a goal and traveled far from the Federation, disappearing for a full 2 days. Friends and countrymen worried if she’d been lost in the wilderness. Would she ever come back? She couldn’t get back to her shops and without pumps and engines, machines were scarce. Across the land, trade was affected because of her disappearance. She was wandering with her husband, Aximili, looking for something special.

They came to a strange land with strange customs. As Aximili grew weary of travelling, Mystq begged him to make her a sign of home. She missed it so. Not able to see her so sad, he began working. He played with fire and spark and amazed the onlookers. Though it took time to create something pleasing to her, Aximili finally saw Mystq’s face light up as she saw her country’s name and flag, permanently shaped into metal. She would cherish it always. It gave her the courage to keep searching for what she needed to win the final part of the competition.

Finally, she stumbled upon what her heart desired: in the land far away from the Federation, in a place called ‘Texas’, Mystq found the old market booth of a screwdriver trader from years past. Long ago, Mystq knew this trader as Kitten; they were old friends. Kitten had kept her small shop open and stocked and was happy to hear of Mystq’s ventures.

She gladly put up the new banner, supporting the great country of Virtua. As Mystq said her goodbyes and headed back home to the Federation, she took a final picture of old Kitten’s shop to bring back and share, giving Virtuans hope that even outside of our world, support for Virtua can be found.

She was so glad to return to the land. Her fellow citizens welcomed her and looked over her treasures that she brought back. She gently touched her crown again, remembering her purpose, and lifted her arms high. Virtuans raised their voices with her in the call of victory: Viva la Virtua!