vNews edition 2 round 152


Hi and welcome to a shortened version of vNews.

As some of you may know I, viraxje, was bankrupted this round.
Turns out having a newspaper is a lot less interesting when you are bankrupt.
I found it difficult myself to still log in and keep encouraging players to write articles for the paper, Hence also this short edition(which I apologize for).
To be fair I haven’t done much of the work this round,  I am very grateful to both Riviat and Mystq this round for keeping the activity going behind the scenes. Actually Riviat managed to write articles his fourth edition in a row now, which is quite the achievement! Therefore Riviat is winner of the vNews Writer of the Round award!
I also wish to thank Mystq for publishing edition 1 this round whilst I was on vacation.

Since my holiday period is coming up I won’t be able to spend as much time on vNews as I have been able to last round.
However I do find it very beneficial for the English community to also have a newspaper in English around, therefore I ask you to contact me if you’re interesting in helping out ensuring the continuity of vNews.