vNews’ weekly profile: natcha12

Today in vNews weekly profile: natcha12. The person who leads the Federal Union, is in charge of the justice in Virtua and is member of the High Council as well. Enjoy this interview! 

Do you think the Federal Union currently as it needs to function?
What do you think about replacing the FU for an alternative organization?

The FU is able to function. I would not say that all the time I have been watching the FU clubs it has been, especially with problems like activity and also lead flying around in Digitalia. Many don’t agree with replacing the FU as riemer wants, but those same people also put no effort into their opinion. For example, they might say riemer is crazy to try and call him an idiot, but they are not helping their cause, just damaging his. The FU is runned by people that need to do stuff :P, that stuff sometimes taking a lot longer than it should be for an organization as important as the FU. It can function, but improvements are needed that every Chairman should look into doing in their time, as who else but the Chairman would want to keep the FU?

What are your goals in the future of Miniconomy?

I still have not been President! You may not believe but I have been vice maybe 3 times but not president. I blame it on my success being mayor thinking I am trying to get the wrong job :D. After president I can relax a little on the career side. Things have changed a lot since I was away for about 10 rounds and came back during the run up to xmas. I thought I would have no chance at winning the elections as people do prefer someone who has been around a while before trust is regained, so was quite surprised really. President is the goal for me.

What do you prefer, skyscrapers or houses? Why?

Well, personally I like the addition, but do not see it as a viable replacement. I think that normal houses should remain in some sort of form, but that skyscrapers be made much better at security and features available to tenants. Houses should still be in the game but at a round start sort of level, like the market booth version of a home.

Do you think we currently have a well-functioning Federal Team?

Well, the little contact I have had in various clubs and in the chat cannot cover all Federals enough for a good summary. Knowing that FeR is (Brendan) means anything coming from him would be taken a lot more friendly (if possible :P) than the other Feds. Remco likes some fun here and there, but is pretty serious 99% of the time. The other feds I barely see or talk to. I can give a little info that 1 federal *may* be thinking about moving to Ibisha, as there are no Federals currently with their hometown there.

How do you like your tea? Milk and sugar?

I’m not picky. Milk I don’t mind, sometimes 1 sugar. Who cares, its still tea at the end of drinking it. One thing I can’t stand is it being too weak, strength is a must. If I wanted hot water I could have saved time just pouring from the kettle.

Do you have any regrets in Miniconomy?

One biggy is my timing getting into things. I look back at the unfortunate 10 round gap between joining MC in ’89 and starting in politics (I hear you laughing there!) and think now how much I could have been involved in that time. I can’t get those rounds back, but I believe I have made up for it since in various places. Yet, there is much and more to do!

What is the meaning of life?

Death, slowly, so make the best of it :-D!

What’s the most challenging situation you ever experienced while playing Miniconomy?

Over my whole time playing, one name comes to mind. I will not say the name but wow, have we had some clashes in the courts. One round we exchanged about 10 cases between us, me being relatively new at the time won none of mine, but I was fined 500 ISH. Hehe. I have not been fined in the courts since then I am happy to say, yet coincidentally we have not had any disputes since then either.

Another: at the start of the round I was ofcourse not very experienced. I was boxed in and wondered why haha, then had no idea there were other roads with cheaper peoples products on (my shop was on second, noooooob). Since then I take it all in my stride.

Do you think, the level of activity in the High Council is acceptable?

There is less activity in the HC than I thought before being part of it. It will take time to see if the new additions will bring things back to life, and cogs were moving nicely already inside the top secret dusty windows of the club when I joined. I will take some time to adjust, as ofc not many can really explain the HC without both of you being part of it. Ando got me started really well with some good advice from the beginning too, and other than the new members, I think he is the most active.

The Minic for IC Chairman at R136 or someone else?

 I don’t think it would be wise for me to answer this question. No comment.