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Hello and welcome back to the first brand-new vNews edition of round 133. This week quite some things passed in our tiny digital Federation. In this article a small summary of things which happened.

To kick off, this week the Federal Government announed to organise a new edition of the Miniconomy Stay Awake Contest. In this contest people will have to answer one question per hour 24/7. As long as they answer on time (within the hour in which the question was asked) they will still be in the race but if not, they will be one of the losers. The min. amount of MC-players to subscribe a team is two and the maximum amount is five. Several teams have been subscribed yet like for example ‘Team Old School’ which is led by the Digitalian Troel.

Second, it’s special that the International Court, which is already open for around seven days till this moment only has two judges. The Minic, which is also Chairman and handles the PI’s and Tresias Aegirsson. Certain people are worried about the diversity in the team of the International Court. For example: the two judges the IC has are both Cyberian, both Captain of Industry, they both have a ‘T’ in their names etc. There also is a bigger chance now that they could be bribed. Well, time will learn and we do not expect that those two, well experienced players, will abuse the beautiful justice we have in our Federation.

In this edition there are statistics from Rokta(v), an article from Riviat to look back into the situation of Cashington previous round (R132) and of course the turn-over statistics. Have fun reading!

– The vNews Team