What has become of Nater?

During the middle of this week, people began asking questions as to the supposed disappearance of our beloved Vice President and Consul of Finance, Nater. But what has happened to him?

Many of the citizens of Virtua have attempted to make contact with him, with Dj Ricky going as far as to email him (no reply as of the time this was written), and some have seen him in other online games, but so far nobody has managed to hear his story behind his absence. Many citizens have wondered why Nater would leave Miniconomy without notice, but some of our more experienced players have noted that something similar happened in round 104, with Nater returning midway through round 108 (only to be bankrupted shortly after). Others have suggested real life problems affecting Nater, but nobody can be sure.

The repercussions of Nater’s absence were felt most strongly by traders at first, as there was little gas to be found in Virtua for most of Tuesday, but also by the Mayors of Virtua, as no budgets could be given out, leading to a nationwide shortage of exports and buildings. Lot conditions became a worry, especially in Cashington and Centropolis, as these cities have the most resident resource diggers. It is likely other areas will be obstructed by Nater’s absence, notably the International court, as Nater is the Chairman there, as well as our National Archives, and also Nater’s own project, the “Case Records Office.”

Multiple gas traders have come forward since Nater’s disappearance, as well as a Monument in memorial of our Vice President erected by Mystq, the mayor of Centropolis, and Refund has been reassigned as the temporary Consul of Finance, sparking some controversy, so all of the most pressing problems for Virtua have been solved, and life seems to be returning to normal for its citizens. One question remains though; Will we be seeing Nater return to Virtua soon, if at all?